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  1. Just standard difficulty. In later game i step the horde count up, because yeah, they are zombies not bulletproof tanks. Last game of A18 was the day 126 horde. I stepped it up to 64 count and changed the time to 2 hr days. Made for a pretty good video. Glock9 base ftw!
  2. Got a better idea, YOU show me one hunter that got mauled.. And deer are not likely to swing around and maul you. And btw, where do you get your knowledge of antique weapons from? Blunderbuss's loaded with grapeshot were absolutely devastating. That's why they were one of the preferred weapons of pirates, and criminals. Exactly, I was only like lvl 4.. total bs that they are spawning in that early as buffed as they are.
  3. Yeah, bright side.. Prob was I got jumped outta nowhere by the dire wolf, so there is no "preparing" in that situation. And they were plenty dangerous before they buffed them even more.. I'm not saying total realism, but damn.. Meat cannot take a direct hit like that without getting F'ud up. They don't even feel pain now.. And the fast attack is part of the buff according to the patch notes. Its not a bug its a feature. And I did the column thing with a mountain lion and it cut through the base in seconds. Really pisses ya off to have NO CHANCE against that kinda crap. lemme know how that works out for ya when you get jumped by a dire wolf outta nowhere..
  4. The Blunderbuss was Q2, and it was literally point blank range... And hard to run when they now have almost no cool down between attacks. How is it balanced to have 2 attacks per second, and a instant stun with the first attack? Again, TFP don't know how guns and bows work. A cape buffalo or a elephant could withstand that, but not a wolf or mountain lion. I understand they think of the player as the enemy, and want to give their creations every advantage to take the player down, but they need to check their bias and bring a bit of realism into the game.
  5. No time for a "attack strategy" when you get jumped out of the shadows like the Dire Wolf did me. I don't mind a little buff to them, but really... Do TFP not understand how guns and arrows work??? People hunt mountain lions and Kodiak bears with bows and arrows and kill them with *one* arrow.. Not to even mention how many of the same were killed by single shot black powder rifles back in the day...
  6. Both the Mountain lion and Direwolf have been made too OP. Between pain resistance, skipping attack animations, increased health, and whatever else TFP have done to buff them, there are pretty much unbeatable at early game stages with common weapons. I pelted a mountain lion with 6 arrows, and then power bashed it a couple of times with a club and it still killed me. And just shot a direwolf in the face with a blunderbuss at point blank range, and it killed me in 3 bites.. WTF!!! Nerf please.
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