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  1. The reason this happens , I change mod files location from Gitlab to GitHub And currently I'm working on a major Update , it will be out soon a temporary downloading link for the mod , until i release the new version https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1446
  2. you can harvest fruits and vegetables from trees and grass , and you buy them from trader
  3. you can harvest fruits and vegetables from trees and grass , and you buy them from trader
  4. to keep you updated new Major update coming soon
  5. you should change the ui size from 100% to 94% , this will fix the problem I will see what is the issue
  6. doing +60 damage in which difficulty ? / in the other hand chickens has 100 HP and can be easily killed a new update coming soon fixing all the maps
  7. wrong installation , try to install it from mod launcher
  8. Titanium tools you can't recycle it , it's intended But 9mm steel ammo , I will take a look on it Thank you for reporting it
  9. Hello , I removed a lot of laggy Poi's To make the game run better
  10. all the bugs you mentioned have been Fixed
  11. hello, sorry for the inconvenience, I am playing your mod very passionately, I am level 168 and I have noticed some forgetfulness, I wanted to bring to your attention some small changes that you have inadvertently forgotten; it is not possible to craft or find the titanium recipe, it is not possible to recycle titanium objects, there is the recipe for the advanced robotic hammer but it does not exist in constructions. Thanks for your attention

  12. yah , that's okay , it doesn't effect the game
  13. zombies can climb on each other and jump probably wrong installation , make sure Pre-sync after installing the mod
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