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  1. Disclaimer: forgive me if somehow I've never run across these. I've played a lot of RWG maps and haven't seen these. There are some large-style POI's that I think would give immersion and maybe another layer of depth but that I haven't seen in the game yet. Large shopping malls Airports train stations (with RWG-generated tracks!) sports stadiums RWG interstate highways that connect to the smaller roads. maybe just one such highway would be generated per map, and it would cut through more or less in a straight line. College Campus (with dorms) Farms out in the middle of nowhere with much larger fields rather than having the farm basically in-town which is kind of weird, honestly.
  2. Started back in A8, and after having taken a break after A16, after playing A19 for a couple weeks I have to say things have gotten much better all around. Most of my major gripes have all been addressed and the game is in a much more fun place than it was just a couple alphas ago which was for me, kind of a low point. So things are definitely moving in the right direction. Still had a few questions and/or concerns. One is that I still can't figure out zombie pathing...zombies sometimes will decide to beat down a 2-block thick steel wall instead of walking through a maze. i'm wondering if it's weighing the difficulty? if so, would simply making my walls thicker dissuade them, and encourage mazing? also, after reviewing the damage after my last horde night, i'm seeing evidence that one or more zombies may have spawned down inside my under-ground mine pit, below the base. How can i discourage that, beyond my one bedroll and the claimblock?
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