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  1. @Drazsen Fixed it, with a little help from Alter and bdubyah, I think I've got this fixed. Just a small tweak to the trigger that applies the buff. I've updated the file, the original link is still the place to go. I've tested it updating the mod on an existing save and had no issues, and the changes to the code are really minor, so you should be able to update it in place on your server - that said, please take a backup just in case! Let me know how you go
  2. Good news, I've finally had the issue affect me on my own server! Seems to happen when I'm sneaking and get a successful sneak attack on a wandering zombie, but I've not had it happen with sleepers. I've got my own configs dump to work with now, and I can check if it's related to the books I've read etc. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out what's going on soon.
  3. That's not it I'm afraid; that's the serverconfig. The ConfigsDump is a folder that lives in the Save, under World\WorldName\GameName\ConfigsDump. It'll need to be zipped up as it contains several files. It contains the XML files for the game, with all of the XML changes created by mods, and they're tagged with the mod name. If you can get me that folder, I'll be able to piece together which bits of my mod are also tangled up with another mod you're running to cause this behaviour.
  4. Just a note - you'll need to start a new game if you load this mod; unfortunately it's not possible to update the properties of trees that already exist in the world.
  5. Thanks for answering the questions. Unfortunately I still can't reproduce it with that. Were you able to request the ConfigsDump from the admins?
  6. This one's mostly aimed at server admins wanting to keep tree farms down on their servers. It may also be of interest to private players who want to harvest a lot of wood, but hate the unnatural look of tree farms right next to their base. This modlet reduces the tree seeds in game - by default, the drop is limited to a 1 in 30 chance of dropping one seed from any tree. Optionally, you can remove the seeds altogether. Instead of needing to plant seeds, the trees are replaced by a new sapling, which will randomly grow into one of the real world trees. This keeps the "natural" look o
  7. Well I'm glad you're enjoying it! I've tried really hard to reproduce this but unfortunately I failed. I tried with just my mod + vanilla, then with the main suspect in your list (custom zombies, which is the only one that would touch buffs or entities) and then with all of them that I could identify (see attached for list). Is this a dedicated server you're running, or just a local game you share? Do you know where to find the ConfigsDump for your game? Could you run the 'version' command on your server and send me the output? Also, since it's an existing game and I'm
  8. I'll see if I can reproduce it and figure out what's happening. Do you have any other mods loaded?
  9. In items.xml you're looking for the lines like: <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="base_set" value="45"/> And for grenades, there is a similar one for BlockDamage too.
  10. UPDATED: Bugfix - Shock Bolts weren't available as an ammo type for the Iron Crossbow. They are now.
  11. Fresh Wipe - Outback Decay - Glenn Robbins Edition Hey all Starting from today, we have decided to refresh our original Outback Decay server once a month, with a new map and a new save. For those who enjoy the early game most of all, and like to compete with other players from day 1, you'll have a month to show everyone what you can do. Also added as part of this wipe are the new Shock Grenades, Concussion Grenades and Shock Arrows from my latest modlet! Outback Decay: Where the bloody hell are ya?
  12. I get bored easily writing Localization, so I always have to try to keep it funny 😁
  13. A little server-side modlet that adds a few extra tactical ammo types: a concussion grenade, which knocks down enemies but does low damage a shock grenade, which electrifies everybody in a 6 metre radius shock arrows and bolts, which act like a taser - shocking and knocking down any enemy they hit a heavy snowball - a little more effective than the basic snowball, since it's got a rock in the middle of it The grenades are gated behind Demolitions Expert, or by finding the schematics, and the arrows can be unlocked by completing the Ranger book series,
  14. Ah great! Glad it's working now.
  15. Hey guys I'm happy to help out getting these working, but I might need a little more info. It sounds like you've put the ModInfo.xml and Configs straight into the Mods folder? This file and folder should go into a single SWorkingStuff folder immediately in the Mods directory. If that's what you've done and you still can't get it to work, let me know.
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