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  1. It should definitely work in single player, and it's odd that some of it works but not other parts. Do you have any other mods loaded? Do you just not see the oven when you search the crafting menu?
  2. Thank you for your offer to talk to Sascha, we really appreciate it.
  3. I think we're both being polite, and just asking quite nicely if the last exp builds could be a little longer before going stable. To call that outrage is overstating it, and rather unfair. We appreciate that it would be worse if there were no experimentals at all! But there are experimentals, so why not stage them with that added consideration? Honestly, we're not asking much and I don't think we're acting entitled; we're just asking! Please compare the tone of our posts with the tone of people asking things like "why is console being neglected?" and "will this game ever be finished?" We're far from those guys.
  4. You can actually do this on purpose, with one plate on the bottom of the first block and one plate on the top of the second block, to make a gap big enough to walk through 😁
  5. Of course, but there is a way for you to release the very small change to Experimental for a day or two, then make the Stable version the same build as the latest Experimental. I don't play with C# in my mods at all, but I still like the chance to check they work a day or two before Stable pushes.
  6. Over on the Outback Decay Builder Edition, we've had a bunch of players get together to build a town. We're building houses, shops, and we've even got a pool under construction. All of the buildings are done without creative mode - building blocks and decorations all need to be crafted manually!
  7. I can definitely give it a go!
  8. Okay I haven't tested this thoroughly yet so I'm not going to update the main download link, but here's an updated version: https://downgit.github.io/#/home?url=https://github.com/saminal1/samsmods/tree/dev/SSustainableForestry I've replaced the model for the 'Dead' Sapling, treeDeadPineLeaf (which is a shape/mesh/texture) with treePlainsTree (which is a model). Hopefully this will stop the error messages; however, if the errors are being caused by trees that already exist you'll probably need to remove them if you can find them. It's also got a fix in it for the trees in the Burnt Forest, which weren't regrowing previously. The mod should be compatible enough to go over the top of the previous version - there are no blocks removed, only modified. However, it's always risky changing mods on an existing game so PLEASE if you do go for an update, take a backup and plan some downtime with your players so you can rollback if anything's broken. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  9. Doing some more testing around this, still unable to reproduce either problem even when running with several other popular mods including custom zombies, sous chef, many more recipes and skills mods, Riles Vanilla Plus and HUD Plus... Do you know if the error message started immediately on day 1, or did it pop up after a while? Is it affecting all players? Can you give me a screenshot or two of the "phantom tree"?
  10. Could you get one of the admins to comment here? I'm happy to work on a solution but I definitely need more information to do so.. I have spoken to a couple of other people who are using this mod and neither of them are reporting the issue. Unfortunately it's not a widely used mod so there's just not a lot of feedback on it yet.
  11. Can you please let me know what other mods you are running? This sounds like an interaction with another mod - or it could be a NitroGEN issue but we use NitroGEN and haven't seen this error at all. We've been running this mod on our two public servers for over 40 days with no problem at all, so it looks like a compatibility issue. In the console run version and post the output here.
  12. I'll have a look at snufkin's mod and see why it interacts with this one. I know the server-side zombies does a lot of weird XML things to create the custom entities. Thanks for letting me know which mod was causing the issue. Could you be more specific about what you mean regarding the dead tree shape?
  13. @Drazsen Fixed it, with a little help from Alter and bdubyah, I think I've got this fixed. Just a small tweak to the trigger that applies the buff. I've updated the file, the original link is still the place to go. I've tested it updating the mod on an existing save and had no issues, and the changes to the code are really minor, so you should be able to update it in place on your server - that said, please take a backup just in case! Let me know how you go
  14. Good news, I've finally had the issue affect me on my own server! Seems to happen when I'm sneaking and get a successful sneak attack on a wandering zombie, but I've not had it happen with sleepers. I've got my own configs dump to work with now, and I can check if it's related to the books I've read etc. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out what's going on soon.
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