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  1. my most memorable moment would have to be my very first blood moon horde back in A14.8. I had a reinforced wood base and i died 8 tiems and my base was turned into kindling
  2. dont you ever dare think about adding resident evil style zombies 😛
  3. theres probably quite a few more that we dont know about as not everyone solely focuss on zombies some liek to build more than anything
  4. curious would finding an M60 in the shutgon messiah factory be logical or to far fetched
  5. bad idea roland i tried that when i first started and suffice to say it didnt go well i ended up dying 8 times and my wood house base was turned into kindling
  6. he doesnt stream he does regular videos at least he did last i watched him may stream now tho but he didnt when he had a 1000+ day world
  7. there is one guy i know did it quite a bit goes by Skippy0330 i doubt its windows 10 as i have windows 10 and have none of the issues OP mentioned what so ever sounds like it could be a server side issue. Are you using blue fangs for your server
  8. i think roland and madmole had something to do with it because they got tired of people asking about A20 XD
  9. im watching grand spartans latest DF stream and i looks like your RWG threw up on a blank canvas and i see you adressed the issue with spartan and his crew hiding on roof tops
  10. its in fun pimps time so possibly april 1st 2049 XD
  11. true but i feel the quest could have a lot more variety so that way the likelihood of seeing repeat rewards is slim as it sits i either get ammo med kits or iron and steel tools which are useless as i have an auger and chainsaw in both playthroughs im doing and you can only use 4k shotgun shells so fast
  12. im pretty much the same after about the first week in game i turn off air drops as they become pretty much useless at that point
  13. i do mine with an auger and honestly screamers are nowhere enar the treat they used to be auger mining and unless its extremely late game their not a danger at all really
  14. yes gazz is correct the turbo key for the copter is E but i only works when you are really high up in the air due to atmospheric pressure ;D
  15. followed by Chapter 5: the tragic end fo underground bases
  16. Roland what did you guys do to screamers they usedd to be an actual threat now their just a joke that rarely spawns anything of danger
  17. probably for the better as once i had an ammo expansion mod and it had the M.O.A.B in it suffice to say i had to delete my world the enxt day XD
  18. khaine you are falling at making spartan and his crews lives miserable in game they survived the last horde completely intact. The DF gods demand a blood sacrifice every horde night spartan does ;D
  19. Almond does the turret come with an avaiable option for nuke ammo
  20. my biggest pet peeve for the game is the god damn repetive quest rewards only thing that makes the quests worthwhile is the XP resources and food you get from doing the quest itself
  21. when first starting out i stay on default diff and only have it so the ferals can run as it doesnt make sense the regular zombies are running during the night and then at the crack of dawn they stop running horde night warning i have set for evening and i have horde size set anywhere from 4-8 as my PC cant handle more
  22. a playthrough ends maha when me and you can survive an extremely llate game BM horde in and underground horde base with full demos and feral irradiateds
  23. realistically a playthrough ends when you decide you are done with your current world some will say it ends by day 35ish some like skippy0330 played to day 700
  24. i tend to stick to 60 min days as the last time i did 2 hour days i damn near had a concrete horde base by day 7 and had a steel horde base by day 14
  25. from a pesonal stand point and logical stand point bleeding wounds should only wok on other players it shouldnt work on zombies at all as they are already dead so they cant technically bleed
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