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  1. not exactly mod related GPC but have you ever done a quest in vanilla 7days and ha the zombies not spawn for the quest building
  2. i had one of the cats circle an entire town just to sneak up on me XD
  3. just checked it and looks like their quite backed up on bugs as is 7 pending review and 18 currently under review
  4. whatever you do dont add M.O.A.B.S as ammo for the rocket launcher otherwise people will be making 50x50 holes to bedrock trust i speak from experience on that matter XD
  5. im on day 27 in my current world and i havent hit bobs boars and carls corn in 2 weeks otherwise id have 2 full chests of meat XD
  6. and part of the reason i didnt post it here mega is because few people check it much at all and i had just wanted a brief response on my question as that had never occured to me before while doing a quest That and i have no damn clue which section to post it in anyway
  7. try having a bobs boars and carls corn just down the road from your base i have an entire chest full of meat that i cant use fast enough
  8. kk thx just wondered as i had never run into that problem before and wasnt getting any errors in game either which was odd especially if it was a bug
  9. i use neither i get to motor tools ASAP
  10. Not sure where this goes TFP but i recently did a T2 clear quest on vanilla in a crack-a-book store, i started the quest and none of the zombies spawned i logged out and logged back in figured maybe that will fix it and no luck
  11. Killerbunny just wanted to let you know i havent been able to get onto the mod for a month now every time i try it completely freezes and i have to manually shut off my PC
  12. i like everything except the removal of blood moon hordes as i feel that removes an air of difficulty other than that it sounds like an amazing mod and TY for honouring the man and father that brought us zombies and made this game possible as well
  13. stop giving roland and madmole ideas <.< game is hard enough as is 😛
  14. probably another guy that couldnt dominate and didnt like it because half of what he was saying i have a feeling he wasnt telling us everything as stamina does drop by half for no reason and he clearly doesnt know the recipes 100 meat makes 20 grilled meat not 10 he probably played 2 days and quit not knowing anything at all
  15. unfortunately i think the wedge blocks have the most gentle slopes you can get
  16. yeah i havent been able to get on it the last couple weeks either which kinda sucks because its an awesome mod and makes you adjuts your play style FAST normally id barrell through a quest poi this mod ahs forced me to slow down as im getting irradiated ferals and demos already
  17. yo ucould totally make an RPG out of those items
  18. see maha this is where us mole people would be nice and cozy as we would be below the frost line
  19. how about we add zombie dragons and zombie t-rexs next or maybe a zombie trike
  20. I actually heavily disagree mega it was grandspartan that saved me from quitting 7dtd for good on my first ever blood moon horde. Watching youtubers can help new people to understand the game better
  21. Come on Roland we both know most CSReps suck ass even at the best of times their mostly useless assuming their as crazy as me and you i think we would get along just fine
  22. i thickened the walls up like you suggested and it worked altho the zombies did get odd they circled my base before finally comin in 1 of the funnel halls i have
  23. well if i wanted resident evil level of zombies id play resident evil 😛
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