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  1. Can we hope that water will work like in Minecraft, being distributed between blocks when the amount of water in one of the blocks decreases? Will water be able to flow from one water area to another, located below the level? I dream a lot ... probably 😃
  2. But I did not see you mentioning me in the description of your modlet 😉
  3. You probably didn't understand me. I say that the zombies are not running towards the sound of the explosion, but towards the place from where I threw the grenade. Is it normal? Or is this a joke? 🤨
  4. Some time ago, I noticed a problem with grenades and other similar items? The problem is that after the explosion, zombies run to where the grenade was thrown from, and not to where it exploded. Is this mistake?
  5. Hey. I don't really like complex modifications and therefore prefer to collect my version of the game from modlets. Can I use your mod to create a separate weapon modlet for tubular weapons and scrap tools?
  6. Hi, tell me please, can I position the camera more accurately when using transport? I know it can be done with a parameter «cameraDistance» but this parameter only takes two values, distance at rest and distance while moving. Is it possible to specify more precise coordinates of the camera position as the first and second values?
  7. Hello XML 7 Days To Die connoisseurs. I need your help. Can I set a requirement for a recipe in XML to repair a specific item? For example, to repair an iron ax, I have to learn the recipe for an iron ax or buy a skill that unlocks this recipe. If you know how to do this, please add an example XML to your answer. Thanks.
  8. This is the only good thing in TLOU 2 😂
  9. Technically, following the logic, I proposed an option for the recipe for incendiary or explosive arrows/bolts to include a regular steel arrow/bolt instead of the materials (wood, plastic, steel tip) that a regular steel arrow / bolt is made of. You did not read my post carefully, so your comment is inappropriate By the way, there is no steel recipe in the game for a long time, you just need a crucible 😅 When you make an incendiary or explosive arrow / bolt, you logically first have to make an ordinary steel arrow / bolt, this can be seen on the icon and on the arrow / bolt model. So why, knowing how to make incendiary or explosive arrows / bolts, you can't make a regular steel arrow / bolt? You can make a separate recipe for the steel head, and the player should be able to make steel arrows / bolts without a recipe, in this case it will solve the problem of logic.
  10. Can someone explain to me the logic behind the steel arrow recipes in the game? There are three recipes for arrows / bolts: - steel booms / bolts - incendiary arrows / bolts - explosive arrows / bolts Why can't a character who has found a recipe for incendiary or explosive arrows / bolts know how to make regular steel arrows / bolts? Logically, you first need to make a steel arrow / bolt and only then make a reinforced version of this (incendiary / explosive). Incendiary and Explosive Arrow / Bolt recipe has a steel tip. Maybe it makes sense to add a steel arrow / bolt instead of a steel tip and plastic in the recipe for incendiary and explosive bolts? Or maybe you should make it so that when learning recipes for Incendiary or Explosive Arrows / Bolts, the recipe for Normal Steel Arrows / Bolts is automatically learned? But in this case, incendiary and explosive variants should be made very rare. Or, You can make a separate recipe for the steel head, and the player should be able to make steel arrows / bolts without a recipe, in this case it will solve the problem of logic. Or is there some hidden logic that I couldn't find? 😁
  11. Newbies? ))) I just don't like wasting a lot of ammo)
  12. MM, add this block shape please. This shape is sorely lacking when you make walls from plates. Thanks. Guys, leave a like if you support the request 👍
  13. I think you're right about longevity. I will change that in the next update shortly. The error is not mod related as far as I know.
  14. Люди просят добавить ссылку для скачивания на другом ресурсе (googel / yandex) так как не у всех есть тут аккаунт, а для скачивания с форума, нужно авторизироваться на форуме. И... может не стоит кардинально менять названия предметов? Из-за этого потом сложно переходить с одного варианта перевода на другой, это касается поиска предметов.
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