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  1. @madmole @faatal @Gazz Hi. Is there a chance 7 Days To Die will support FSR from AMD? Today it became known that Unity now officially supports this technology, and this could significantly improve optimization even on older hardware. For those readers who do not know what is it, here is the link: https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution
  2. It will not change anything. Now there is already an indicator of stealth over the indicators of health and stamina, but they do not help. At the same time, if the exit from stealth mode works with any stealth button (CTRL or C), this may well solve the problem. Isn't that easier than moving the camera and dimming the screen?
  3. Tell me how to use the Splat file. If I generate the map several times with the same settings, the objects in the wilderness remain in the same places. I take previews and connect single locations to the main road. Create splat file and add it to generator. But after generation, single locations change their location and the roads are already useless)
  4. According to your logic, character models and animations don't need to change... so they walk normally, shoot normally, look like people... from afar ))) Why improve something that already works even though it looks some wrong? )
  5. I reviewed your generator on the my youtube channel and some viewers said it was a flaw. By the way, the generator has the ability to draw a road map for the generator, but what color the roads should be, I did not find in the instructions. Wrong. This is a radiation map ( As I can see, the generator does not create dirt roads. I think such roads would be great if they connected lonely buildings and main roads.
  6. D - send the task author to hell ) If the controls in the game are interfering with the game, rather than helping, then the controls are having problems. These are not Dark Souls, where camera work and controls play a role of additional complexity )
  7. Vechicle management is configured separately.
  8. The game has two stealth buttons. One switches the mode, and the second turns it on only when the button is pressed. Why not use a button that turns on stealth while the button is pressed, instead of using the mode toggle button?
  9. You are not entirely right, as the problem really exists. The problem is that we have two buttons for stealth. The first button (CTRL) puts the player in stealth with a single press, and the second button (C) keeps the player in stealth while the player keeps this button pressed. @madmole @faatal @meganoth It would be nice if the player, after switching to permanent stealth (CTRL), could cancel permanent stealth by pressing the "C" button, which is responsible for temporary stealth, and not must to remember which of these two buttons is responsible for which stealth option. Don't you think so? I have played more than 3000 hours and I still sometimes get confused about these stealth 😅
  10. @KingSlayerGM Hello. Now the generator does not generate roads to lonely locations in the wild. Are you planning to add this?
  11. One of my folower find a bug in new block 😂
  12. Traveling to different worlds 7 Days To Die, I realized one thing: no matter how huge the variety of buildings in the game, over time they will begin to repeat. Because of this, it is quite difficult to navigate the random world, since it does not have something like attractions, each city looks like the one in which you have already been. In order to fix this, it seems to me, it is enough to create several unique locations of medium and large size, which the world generator could place in the game world just once. And for maps of different sizes, the number of such unique buildings could be different. For 6k - 30 unique buildings For 8k - 50 etc It can be some kind of statues, huge monuments, or something else that is not necessarily of interest for research. Such locations should act as simple landmarks. And if each city has several unique locations, then the cities will also become unique. In general, I believe that for the world generator, some buildings should be marked as ones that it can only use once. What do you think about this?
  13. Hi I deliberately made it so that the level of creation of the simplest weapons could not be learned. I find it illogical when a player can create a blunderbuss that is better than a double-barreled sawn-off shotgun. The best quality simple bows cannot be learned now either. This is the starting weapon, your goal should be to find the best weapon ) You may find a ratchet wrench earlier, but it will most likely be a bad key, and it will just help you learn the maximum quality of an adjustable wrench so that you can then start learning the best quality of a ratchet wrench and so on. Collecting 300 mechanical parts is not that difficult. If you allow the player to create items of the sixth level, then he will not be happy when he finds items of the sixth level ) It's always good when you can find or buy items better than you can crafting )
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