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  1. Hi MM. I have a few questions about special infected. We already know for sure that special infected will have unique behavior. Question 1. Will each infected have unique animations for normal activities like walking, running and fighting? Question 2. Will the special infected have some unique vulnerabilities? For example, the zombie Gasser could take increased damage from fire and shotgun, but would be nearly immune to bullet damage. Or a zombie with a sledgehammer could take increased damage from melee weapons, but other weapons will deal less damage to him than usual, and so on.
  2. Update v 1.4 fixed the wrong level scheme was used to create a pistol scheme reduced the number of parts that are required to study the subject To create a higher rank weapon / tool schema, a level 6 weapon / tool schema of the previous rank is required. Now, to study the top weapons, you will need to fully study the simple weapons.
  3. Update v 1.3 removed the increase in the crafting level of rocket launchers, now you can improve the quality of the created rectometers only with the help of special books. fixed english localization Sorry for this mistake, this is my carelessness.
  4. If I understand correctly, then this mod will be enough to install only on the server.
  5. Rework Repair and Learn Weapons, Tools and Armors A19 [by SURVAGER] Hi everyone! I have to you BIG UPDATE for my first MODLET "Rework Repair Weapons". UPDATES Your's "Big Thanks" please send me here: Description 1. I am very confused that the details of weapons and tools are now used only to create these things. Now you will need these items to repair weapons and tools! 2. I was also confused by the fact that a character could magically learn how to create complex weapons and tools simply by pur
  6. Update v1.3 Added unique loot lists for each zombie! (nevertheless, you still cannot swim in loot) Removed yellow bags falling from zombies. Zombie corpse lifespan increased to 180 seconds. Zombie corpse durability reduced to 100.
  7. I have a little complaint about the new nurse 😃 The new zombie nurse has a movable lower jaw and hairy tail, but the stethoscope is firmly glued to the zombie. A stethoscope, unlike a tail of hair, is constantly in front of the player's eyes, and the fact that it has no physics is very striking. Will the stethoscope have physics like this zombie's jaw and hair?
  8. It could be some secret bonuses, dispatch bonuses and so on. For example, with a certain set of clothes, a character could fall on hay from any height without taking damage 😃 It would be cool if, in addition to the existing sets with a description, there were such sets that players could open completely by accident. This would generate a lot of discussion, speculation and legends on the forums and on Steam... but only if it was not in the clear in xml. Just reasoning 😃
  9. @Madmole Now at 19 Alpha, you must complete 10 quests of a certain level in order to unlock the next trader. For instance: - to open the third trader, I have to complete 10 quests of the second level. - to open the fourth trader, I have to complete 10 quests of the third level. - to open the fifth trader, I have to complete 10 quests of the fourth level. In Alpha 20, I will be able to switch quest tabs and select low level quests. If the completion of these quests is counted without checking the level of the quest, then I can very quickly open all the traders by simply comple
  10. @Madmole You wrote that you plan to add at least 10 sets of clothes. Question: can some items of clothing participate in several sets at once?
  11. @madmole Will these new armor sets replace the old rags, leather, scrap and steel armor sets, or will the new armor sets be additional armor sets to what is already in the game?
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