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  1. The torch now has free endless burning. To this you say YES! )
  2. Ты заметил что какой то квазимодо обсирает посты которые не нравятся разработчикам? ;)

    1. Survager


      Да, я как-то с одним из таких даже срался в личке ))) Бесполезный тип оказался, не умеющий аргументировать и воспринимать чужие аргументы )

    2. n2n1


      причем, сам он не делает посты никогда.... человек на форуме, если он реагирует на посты всегда ,когда нибудь зачет написать что нибудь ;) а если не пишет - то значит у него есть еще акаунт, я думаю так ;)

      Как только идет неугодная адекватная критика - появляется этот  квазимодо. 

    3. Survager


      Я видел, что ты его отслеживаешь )

  3. I think I will give the request of a lot of players: Joel, please stop simplifying the survival game!!!
  4. Why hackers and why Russians? I am Ukrainian. ) Many people did not know where to leave a rating about the game, other than steam. I told them where it can be done and here is the result )
  5. Two days ago, the score from the players was 6.7 and was yellow. Now the score is 7.5 and it is green) It all started with the fact that the game 7 Days To Die was not included in the TOP games about zombies and post-apocalypse on the Igromania channel. The comments below that video filled up posts in which viewers asked why 7 Days To Die was not in the TOP. I made a video on this topic, in which I considered the reasons for this situation and at the end of the video I asked my viewers to go to the Metacritic service and put their rating there if they th
  6. Maybe so, but I am quoting a post from this thread, and therefore my question has the right to be here, isn't it? )
  7. @madmole Hello. I have been pondering on this post for a while and would like to ask a question. As I understand it, the armor that we have now will leave the game and new clothes-armor / armor-clothes will come in its place. Now at Alpha 19, players can adjust the level of protection against damage with armor, and the level of protection against weather conditions with clothing. If in 20 Alpha clothes are also armor, how can players regulate the level of protection, for example, from cold or heat? Will this be done with modifications? Or are you going to add summer and wint
  8. What??? What does it mean to "remove inventory from transport" ??? Why would you turn off the ability to put something on the transport? There is no helicopter in the game, only a gyrocopter! ru Чего, чего??? Что значит "удалить товарные запасы из транспорта"??? Зачем тебе отключать возможность что-то ложить в транспорт? В игре нет вертолета, есть только автожир!
  9. Update v 1.5 Added a Drafting Table (I had to take this step, as the schemes cluttered the list of recipes in the workbench.) For the Drawing Table model, MANY THANKS to a good person with the nickname iDizor. At merchants and at locations, in places where a workbench used to come across, it will now sometimes be possible to meet a Drawing Table. The Drafting Table scheme can be purchased from a merchant, found in loot, or in broken workbenches. Added description for Drafting Table in recipe list and notes All recipes for weapon
  10. Hey. The modification, as far as I know, can only be installed on the server. To install the modification, you need to copy the folder with the modification (the folder where the ModInfo.xml file is located) to the Mods folder in the root folder with the game. Most likely, you will have to start a new game, as the static corpses of zombies in the locations that you have already visited will cause an error.
  11. Hi MM. I have a few questions about special infected. We already know for sure that special infected will have unique behavior. Question 1. Will each infected have unique animations for normal activities like walking, running and fighting? Question 2. Will the special infected have some unique vulnerabilities? For example, the zombie Gasser could take increased damage from fire and shotgun, but would be nearly immune to bullet damage. Or a zombie with a sledgehammer could take increased damage from melee weapons, but other weapons will deal less damage to him than usual, and so on.
  12. Update v 1.4 fixed the wrong level scheme was used to create a pistol scheme reduced the number of parts that are required to study the subject To create a higher rank weapon / tool schema, a level 6 weapon / tool schema of the previous rank is required. Now, to study the top weapons, you will need to fully study the simple weapons.
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