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  1. First you need to create a folder named Mods in the root folder of your game. There you will copy the UnnecessarybutBeautiful Folder with all it's content, so at the end it looks like this 7 Days To Die / Mods / UnnecessarybutBeautiful
  2. Did you put them correctly? Folder structure for icons is modfolder/UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas.
  3. Do you use Compopack and it's prefablist for Nitrogen combined with the DF one? Compopacks Nitrogen prefablist above version 39 includes entries for custom town sizes as well as custom sizes for settlements and outbacks. Those entries will break the traders the way it happened for you. I had the same issue and fixed it by using the prefablist from Compopack 39 and adding new prefabs from Compopack 40+ and DF manually.
  4. That would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  5. If he installed Robelotos custom Zombies he will get errors, because the gamestage numbers will not go with to the DF ones. Those custom zombies can be added to DF, but their xml files has to be adapted manually. Which is possible, but a PITA.
  6. Integrating it into Darkness Falls is a PITA, because DF uses different Gamestage numbers. But it works with DF if done properly. Anacondas new texture looks pretty nice, even if it didn't make her more welcome ^^
  7. That would be very nice! Thanks.
  8. Killed bandits or survivors? Maybe they count as "players" since they are human.
  9. Thanks for the info! I love this modlets.
  10. There was an issue where someone took parts of this work and published it in it's own mod collection without asking the author. So maybe he/she removed the links, sadly.
  11. I use it for all vehicles, the vanilla ones and also all modded ones. You only need to add them to the vehicles.xml in the horn modlet, f.e. like this <set xpath="/vehicles/vehicle[@name='manux_vehicleMonoHog']/property[@name='hornSound']/@value">khelldonBikeBell</set> <set xpath="/vehicles/vehicle[@name='vehicleGuppyBoat2']/property[@name='hornSound']/@value">khelldonTruckHorn</set> <set xpath="/vehicles/vehicle[@name='vehicleDirtBike']/property[@name='hornSound']/@value">khelldonMotorcycleHorn</set> etc. I also renamed the modlet to XKhelldon-GetHorny to make sure it loads AFTER every vehicle modlet, so the new sound applies properly.
  12. Yep, best horn mod out there, I use it for all vehicles!
  13. loot.xml of the Cruiser contains a typo: <append xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='vehiclebars']"> should be <append xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='vehicleParts']">
  14. Thx Now I'm jealous for the testers!
  15. Did you check the outputlog for errors regarding the prefab? Is the world new or already explored? A newly added prefab will only spawn in unexplored regions or on a freshly created map
  16. They only can be found in the radiated zone. Make sure you are playing on one of the DF Maps included in the mod download. If you create a world with Nitrogen, you need to add the Darkfall Zones by activating this option in Nitrogen.
  17. Oh, more different Supply Crates, nice! Thanks
  18. To make it work you have to change the progression requirements, since DF altered the Grease Monkey perk. I use Charger and Dirt Bike, both are working with some file modifications.
  19. Not by simply putting those mods together. You'd need to rework, balance and merge every single part of them manually to make them work together. Maybe doable, but a huge load of work. And you need to know what you are doing
  20. Did you try to fix it by changing their lootlist from 81 to something else?
  21. Yep, my crystal ball seems to be out of order
  22. The outputlog would be helpful to find your issue.
  23. I had the same issue with the small bin, switched to another mod where some loot containers get's destroyed after looting.
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