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  1. You can't run multiple mods that mess with forge inputs (per my main post). Their skin reduces the number of forget inputs, breaking my mod. You can use either, not both. SMX HUD is the only one compatible because that author wrote a patch that bridges support.
  2. No chance of helping you without full logs for me to review.
  3. I concur, we may need to pin a forum topic with up-to-date relevant info on 3D asset modeling (software version to use, links to tutorials and @xyth 's github, etc.).
  4. There are already mod managers that download from github directly (and automatically generate updates, etc.) Why would we need FTP?
  5. A viable workaround for the moment may be to use a modlet that shortens the enemy hand reach (as it's obnoxiously long, especially when paired with multiplayer client latency).
  6. No, 3D model assets, textures, etc. cannot be tinted via modlets (xpath mods). Also, no. Depends on use. When calculating buffs and other persistent effects, you can generate random numbers and these numbers can include decimal precision, IIRC.
  7. Updated to version 1.04: The existing 3D models for the copper and zinc boulders have been tweaked. A new 3D model has been added for the rock crusher workstation Bullet casings now craft faster (1s per casing)
  8. Updated to v1.01 with new Cannabis plant models. Thanks to @xyth for showing me what I was doing wrong in Unity!
  9. I'm working on it -- I am not familiar with Unity or working with or creating models, but I've got the basics down I think. Here's an updated model I'm using in a debug version of the mod:
  10. As mentioned before, other mods that reduce the forge inputs by reskinning are not supported. You have to go to those mod authors and have them add supports for extra inputs to the forge. https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/...e2#post1594357 MeanCloud's Mining modlet (A18) with copper, zinc, and excavators - 7 Days to Die Forums
  11. I don't understand you. If you want to report an issue to me about a mod I've written, be clear, provide details including screen shots, full descriptions of the issue or issues including how to reproduce the problem, and what you expect versus what actually happened. Try to be as specific as possible and use complete, English sentences. I can't help you if you can't give me info about the problem you're having. Finally, make sure you are experiencing the issue with only my mod loaded. I can't troubleshoot mod compatibility issues with other mod authors.
  12. See my prior replies. It's their skin that's the problem (overriding inputs).
  13. Tell them to fix their mod code that overwrites forge inputs.
  14. Yes, sorry sometimes I zip up the contents directly. The folder name doesn't actually matter so call it what you like.
  15. Thanks for the kind words, glad this mod has value to you
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