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  1. Update 0.2.1 - Add Blocks: Posters and Banners Pallet Brown Boxes Storage Pallet White Bags Storage Pallet Bricks Storage Shelves with junk Tool Box Closed Gun Rack Small Magazines Gun Rack Small Armor Gun Rack Wall 2 Gun Rack Wall Ammo Piles Large Barrel Plastic Quad Barrel Gas Quad Clothes Hangers Bookshelves Ceiling Light 2 Ceiling Light 2 Brass Ceiling Light 4 Ceiling Light 5 Ceiling Light 5 Brass Ceiling Light 7 Ceiling Fan Light Wall Light Sconce Light Porch Light Porch Light 4 Porch Light 4 Brass Desk Lamp Table Lamp End Table Lamp Street Light Street Light Classic Industrial Light Industrial Light 2 Industrial Light 2 Red Open Sign Exit Sign Work Light
  2. Update 0.2.0 - Removed recipe study book - Removed jaildoor recipe - Updata to a19 ---------------------------------- I am waiting for your suggestions on subjects. Maybe I'll add electrics and new blocks soon. Also in plans to create shelves and pallets chests
  3. alas, I don't have time for that. I would make it a pain......
  4. If I can do this, then I will update the mod. if you have the necessary information, please let me know
  5. Just change the text in the file windows.xml
  6. Info Panel Server Version: 0.0.4 Version Games: a19 Information: Press ESC to open the panel Just change the text in the file windows.xml Many thanks to user Snufkin. The basis Download: https://yadi.sk/d/W2sY-fS_brg7Qg
  7. please update a19
  8. Russian localization works without a modlet! Зачем????? Если русский работает на а18,а19
  9. Steam name: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sLimLong103 Hours played: +1385 Started on Alpha: 12-13 Discord name: sLim Long#9007 Native language: Russian
  10. I made for the sake of fan, a book for studying decor. which opens craft. about the color difference of the block, I'll see what can be done
  11. Update 0.1.1 for alpha18.1 p.s fix 0.1.2
  12. Until soon I will do for a18, write which blocks you would like to see.
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