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  1. First you need to create a folder named Mods in the root folder of your game. There you will copy the UnnecessarybutBeautiful Folder with all it's content, so at the end it looks like this 7 Days To Die / Mods / UnnecessarybutBeautiful
  2. Puschpa

    Farm Life v2

    There is a working version for A18. Recipes needs some small tweaks to fit with A18 due to the new Farm Plots. https://forums.7daystodie.com/forum/-7-days-to-die-pc/game-modification/mods/106650-farmlifemod?p=1596091#post1596091
  3. Puschpa

    Farm Life v2

    No, because it contains assets which are not my property. So it's for my private use only. Sorry
  4. Puschpa

    Farm Life v2

    Sadly my files would be not helpful for you, since I not only merged 2 farming mods and added them to Darkness Falls but also altered the original Darkness Falls Mod to work with those farming mods, and added several 3rd party assets and modlets too. It is a complete private overhaul, so I cannot simply share parts of it.
  5. Puschpa

    Farm Life v2

    Nice! I did this for my personal use, also merged the Mod with the other Farming Mod and made it work with Darkness Falls. Lots of work, but it's totally worth it.
  6. Puschpa

    Farm Life v2

    You simply create the necessary folders and move the existing icons there. It has to be modfolder/UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas.
  7. Did you put them correctly? Folder structure for icons is modfolder/UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas.
  8. Google Drive link leads to Error 404 (not found)
  9. Do you use Compopack and it's prefablist for Nitrogen combined with the DF one? Compopacks Nitrogen prefablist above version 39 includes entries for custom town sizes as well as custom sizes for settlements and outbacks. Those entries will break the traders the way it happened for you. I had the same issue and fixed it by using the prefablist from Compopack 39 and adding new prefabs from Compopack 40+ and DF manually.
  10. Puschpa

    Farm Life v2

    Yep, folder structure for the icons has changed, so for older mods it needs to be fixed manually.
  11. That would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  12. If he installed Robelotos custom Zombies he will get errors, because the gamestage numbers will not go with to the DF ones. Those custom zombies can be added to DF, but their xml files has to be adapted manually. Which is possible, but a PITA.
  13. Integrating it into Darkness Falls is a PITA, because DF uses different Gamestage numbers. But it works with DF if done properly. Anacondas new texture looks pretty nice, even if it didn't make her more welcome ^^
  14. That would be very nice! Thanks.
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