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  1. As someone else who has figured out how vehicles work I wanted to ask about your legal notice here before i post them. What do you consider "and build upon my work" to mean? Does this extend to any vehicle mod released, as you could easily argue that any vehicle mod released hence forward could be seen as building upon your work? In regards to the person sited as needing credit, you state this person must be you (me, my). Later in the thread you make reference to a team that works on the vehicles. Also you do state that many of the models were not created by you. I need a little clarification here, I'm just a little confused to why one should credit only you? In the case someone else use one of the same resources as you use, as they are freely available to anyone, what would be the outcome then? As they technically wouldn't be using anything you created but there would be no way to tell if they extracted from your bundle or not. I don't mind at all giving credit where it's due, my modlets speak that in volumes but it gets a little iffy when you start demanding credit for things you didn't make. I don't think it's fair for you to lay claim to these models, just a personal opinion. So can you please clear this legal notice up a bit for me?
  2. Khelldon

    Mod List

    I still don't know, Clockwork... What are we, a month after release and thousands of modlets deep. Kudos to you for taking this on! Not trying to nay say, just worried for you. Way bigger job than I'd ever want. lol thanks for adding my doohickies.
  3. Khelldon

    Mod List

    Wow, this is a crazy job to take on. I don't think you've reserved enough space to account for all the modlets, I don't think it's even possible in this forum setting. But here you go. These are just my modlets, I have a bunch more stuff released for the other categories but man.... It's too much to ask you to add. lol https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?99776-Khelldon-s-Modlets
  4. That's the exact reason that I refused to release that zombie model and texture pack publically. I didn't know the pimps had made that request. I just assumed, based on what I would want, that it would be a bad call.
  5. I'm confident guppy has this. I will add though that certain things are not extending properly, such as tags. Each extended entry needs it's own tags ;-) It also appears anything to do with base effects and harvest and a few other things don't extend properly. Not sure what's going on with that. Appologies if my original tutorial was misleading in that i did say you just need to do a simple extends, however a finished product needs a little extra love in the xml outside of testing purposes. Sorry about that. :-) Oh and of coarse awesome job on the zombie skins Mumpfy :-)
  6. Yup I think so. Not entirely sure the rabbit has an attack animation, but it should work yeah. You gotta make em jump at neck height though, Like in monty python. I did make a holy hand grenade modlet if you need a way to kill em.. haha
  7. You can do animals using the new method as well. So far it's working with all animals and Zombies. :-)
  8. Really nice update! Curious to what dimensions the new photo area is? It's stretching images to fit, but it would be helpful to know exactly what it's looking for. Thank you soo much
  9. Yes you'd have to create xml for each of the new zombies, but it won't be affected by updates. You'd have to do a lot more updates doing it the old way as everytime they changed the resource.asset you'd have to rebuild and reupload. With xpath you wouldn't have to worry about that. I have not noticed any framerate loss by adding new textures. But you could always just rewrite the vanilla zombies using xpath to have your new textures if you think it's a concern, then it wouldn't be adding anything new, just doing the exact same thing you did in the past just without the resource editing. Personally I think adding new zombies with new skins is better, just to preserve the vanilla zombies, but it's up to you really. :-)
  10. Heya XtraKicking. Dust2Death asked me to come share how to change zombie skins without altering the assets. It's really very easy, since I know you know most of the steps needed, to get the skins and what not... This is all you should need to know. How to add new zombie textures: - In unity set up the texture how you see fit. - Find the .mat file for the texture you just set up "materials/" - Use the sdx exporter script to export just the .mat as a .unity3d package - Add your new texture to a new zombie using this code as an example: <!-- Angry hockey mom skin --> <append xpath="/entity_classes"> <entity_class name="khelldonZombieScreamer" extends="zombieScreamer"> <property name="ReplaceMaterial0" value="#@modfolder:Resources/khelldonZombieSkins.unity3d?AngryHockeyMom"/> </entity_class> </append> If you'd like to know more, don't hesitate to message or if you want, I set up a pack with all the zombies models and textures when i figured this out. I don't feel comfortable sharing those on the forum, but it's pinned on guppy's discord. :-)
  11. Nice! I didn't know entity player was ready. Woohoo! Favourite SDX mods, all right here :-)
  12. Guppy, can you please talk to sphereii and get your modlets on the launcher, please!
  13. Excellent. You'll have to let me know how you set the lights up in unity too please. :-D
  14. Guppycur sir, I noticed when picking up the POI lanterns, you recieve the block instead of the item. So you can't use it as a flashlight until you place it and pick it up again. A little confusing. What about instead of the block being pickup on destroy that you add the "pick up" and "on pick up" properties to the POI ones? Or was this intentional? edit: sorry didn't think about how the lights work. I think it already has a pick up on it.
  15. Woohoo! Modlets are so great for updates. I am going to do my overhaul as a modlet for this very reason. Soon as i heard TFP were planning a lot of updates in the future it was the best choice of action for me. Looks like you could pretty much do the same thing at this point. Some great modlets you have here.
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