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  1. Spider

    True Survival

    -------------------------------------------------Update-------------------------------------------------- -Fixed a few zombies giving an error when looted -Removed the ability to scrap Corn Meal into Grain Servings -Changed Corn Meal and Flour to spoil(but not as fast as other foods) -Removed the recipe to make Flour with Grain Servings
  2. Spider

    True Survival

    ---------------------------------------Update------------------------------------------ -Fixed bug where thirst or hunger wellness loss would not be removed when cured -Removed the ability of Cement and Concrete Mix to be scraped -Fixed Explosive Skill not leveling
  3. Spider

    True Survival

    ----------------------------------------------------Update-------------------------------------------------------- -Fixed Broken Arms and Legs to last through death -Fixed Sprained Arms and Legs to last through death -Fixed Abrasions to last through death -Fixed Concussions to last through death -Changed death to add 5 Injury Stacks -Fixed Gash from applying to much @konik- If a Trader POI quest doesn't seem to be working just drop it and get another
  4. Spider

    True Survival

    @konik- -Wooden Bow Handle and Cams are found in loot -Scrap Wire can be obtained with a Screwdriver not Ratchet or Wrench. It also has a chance to drop from walls -Seeds are crafted on the Drying Rack -Spike Trap Starter is not a trap it is the start of a trap. Please read its description, it must be upgraded with a Stoneaxe and Sticks -Not sure what quest you mean. If you mean one of the Storyline quest the POI's are not displayed on the map. You must find them by exploring. -"Transport located on the ground disappears after exiting and entering the game" Talk to TFP its a vanilla bug nothing I can do about it. Pick up your transportation before exiting
  5. Spider

    True Survival

    -----------------------------------Update------------------------------------- -Corrected required game settings zombie speeds in ReadMe and Launcher -Fixed Hemophobic and Medic Traits to properly effect injury tending times -Fixed error where the players Fatigue was not being taken into account for Grab chance -Fixed all bugs in True Survivals Wound System- -Anything that physically damages you (except Soft Hands Damage)will add 1 Injury Stack -There are five stages, 20 Injury Stack per stage -Bruises1-20 / Small Wound21-40 / Wound41-60 / Severe Wound61-80 / Gangrene Wound81+ -Bruises heal over time -Small Wound is treated with Bandages -Wound is treated with First Aid Bandages -Severe Wound is treated with Sanitizing Bandages -Gangrene Wound is amputated with any knife leaving a Amputation Wounds -Amputation Wound is treated with Bandages and Sanitizing Bandages -Each wound stage needs tending twice -Each successful tending will heal 10 Injury Stacks -Tended to wounds can increase in wound stage by receiving more damage -Failure to tend to dirty bandages will increase the wound stage by 1 -When receiving a wound you will also get an Alternate Injury -Alternate Injuries are Gash, Pain, Arm injuries, Leg injuries. If you have a sprained arm or leg it can also brake them -Not treating other types of injuries can add to your Injury Stacks(ie: Gash, Puncture, Burn etc) **This update is not save game safe and will need a new game**
  6. Spider

    True Survival

    -----------------------------------Update------------------------------------- -Fixed Nutrition resetting after Dead is Dead when still having the Newbie Coat on -Fixed Burn Wound not resetting after Dead is Dead -Fixed Bad Leg trait not resetting after Dead is Dead -Fixed Masochist refund -Added Traders to the POI Spawn Checker -Added letters to the quest pois in the POI Spawn Check. As long as one of each letter spawns the quest will work -Added CDC Storyline POI created by Thanimal @konik- Holding down "R" will bring up the radial menu so you can see what ammo each firearm uses
  7. Spider

    True Survival

    @konik- Profession Pages are not Knowledge Points (which are what you asked about). Knowledge Points you get when you start, Profession Pages you craft from unneeded Schematics that you scrap as you play the game. The Knowledge Points are free, Profession Pages take a lot of work. With Profession Pages you can craft/unlock a new Profession as you play. Ammo is show in the bottom right corner as a icon same as repair items. @EsTygo- Thanks for the bug report I'll get it fixed. Ill reset your player on the server when get home from work today.
  8. Spider

    True Survival

    @konik- You cant keep your Knowledge Points for later, you must make those choices as soon as you start the game. In its description it says "These Points will not last long, use immediately". This is to stop 1)players hunting new spawns for them 2)finding extra points dropped by others 3)stop players saving them up over many Dead is Dead Resets. No you cant get them in a current game it is like piking your player it must be done first. You only get them when you first start or when you restart by Wellness hitting 0 or eating a Dead is Dead Reset item Sinew comes from harvesting most animals but only after reaching lv 2 in its Hunting Skill Gash can be treated in 2 ways, with a Suter Kit(Sinew+Needle) or a Hot Pipe. Using a Hot Pipe will leave a Burn Wound that will need to be treated also.
  9. Spider

    True Survival

    @konik- You can use the vanilla rwg to make your own map. The required game settings are in the ReadMe File or in the description on the Mod Launcher. A TS map will have only one trader in each biome and custom/edited POI's that spawn randomly for the Storyline Quest.
  10. Spider

    True Survival

    True Survival Servers back up with new map Test Server - IP - Port. - 18733 PW - In DL ReadME
  11. Spider

    True Survival

    -----------------------------------------------Update---------------------------------------------- -Updated Mod to 19.3 -Added Alternator chance to cars -Adjusted block sizes on mutated decorations -Added new Negative Trait “Masochist” as a game difficulty multiplayer -Masochist- For those that want a harder start and game. Lowers current and max Wellness by ½. Lowers current nutrition stats by ½. -Changed Severe Thirst and Hunger to lower Wellness by 1 every 5 min -Fixed Hot Pipes healing Gashes -Added visual counter for Injury Stacks that control the Wound System they can be seen under your Nutrition Stats -Fixed Explosive damage xp gains -Added Sphereiis A Better Life Mod. Adds Fish, Birds and other creatures to the world -Added Grace to Enemy Animal spawns -Removed the ability to get Hunting xp with Crowbar -Fixed all reported Localization errors -Removed Can Sham Schematic from loot -Fixed some Action Skills ability improvements falling off after level 90 in the skill -Added hidden quest (StoryLinePOICheck)for ensuring all the Storyline Quest POI’s have spawned. -Fixed Steel Axe recipe -Changed boiling water in a can to use the can but give more water -Added Duct Tape to the Pipe Bomb recipe -Changed Honey to ounce like water -Removed Murky Water from recipes -Most of the StoryLine Quest is in now including the end game mechanics but it needs more play testing. -Added some combat events to the StoryLine Quests -*One Quest POI “The CDC” is still not finished and is not included but for now the item needed in that POI can be crafted with grass so that the player can continue the StoryLine End Game Content -The Brains -Grow 50 each of 5 types of Genetically Engineered Plants. Each only grows in a set biome and requires special Fertilizer crafted from blood only obtained by killing Bloodmoon Zombies that spawn in that plants biome -The Brawn - Craft a Sonic Projector and place it during the Bloodmoon to summon that biomes boss and defeat it. *Special Thanks to Thanimal for making the Red Mesa Installation POI for the StoryLine Quest
  12. Spider

    True Survival

    @Lumun- You can grind corn into corn meal on a stone mill(efficient) or mortar and pestle(less efficient) that you can then scrap to Grain Serving if you need. Also Wheat can be ground into Flour that counts/scraps for Grains. Also things like Chips, Cereal and Oatmeal can be scraped for Grain Servings also. Its the thing that you will struggle with until you get a mill and farm working. @MrSamuelAdam- No the mod has edited POI's and Trader locations that will not spawn correctly if you use Nitrogen. Update- I'm working on the 19.3 update and the rest of the Storyline Quest and End Game content. Should be ready soon*TM (ish)
  13. Spider

    True Survival

    @Xorian- I don't know, they might. I have not looked into what has changed yet. Best bet is to not update to 19.3 and stay on 19.2 if you want to keep playing until I update the mod to 19.3.
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