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  1. I adore the new heavy animals spawns honestly. Even the big packs of dogs make me happy (as long as I can jump on SOMETHING) because it's so much rotten meat for farm plots. Honestly my husband and I got totally ripped up by a wolf pack that broke into a barn we were looting. We couldn't manage to keep them out, we almost died, and by the end of it I had a broken arm and leg and a laceration, my husband had abrasions, a broken arm and a concussion and both of us had infections. Frankly, it was more exciting than most hordes are these days! And we've never had a problem with a bear. POIs are everywhere. Get on a roof.
  2. Except... it's the same content you will have once you get T6 gear. Quests, mobs, horde, pois, mining. Literally exactly the same stuff you're doing the whole game because there IS nothing else to do. TFP have never seemed to understand that making the early game take a real long time and be super hard isn't what the game needs. It needs something to do when you've done every T6 POI a million times. The early game isn't the problem. The fact that the game is exactly the same whether you're wearing cloth or steel is.
  3. No, loot is locked behind playing. What do you consider "grinding" when everything gives you xp? You don't even have to try to level, just playing the game does it. Build a base, fight a horde, clear a POI, complete a quest, go mining. All of it gives xp, so what are you "grinding" exactly? Also, thanks but no thanks, I love this change. It means I can have level 6 padded gear with lots of mods instead of crappy grey gear while I wait to get high enough for military armor. My heavy armor peeps are wearing level 6 scrap. Low level high quality gear is an awesome change.
  4. Your video showed the lag. It wasn't nearly bad enough that you couldn't pillar up with no zombies near you. And if you managed to get a frame against the wall, they wouldn't be able to knock it down without taking out the whole wall. You turned around and decided to shoot instead.
  5. The game devs literally can't cheat. That's not how cheating works. But thanks for boiling down my long and thoughtful post to something I neither said nor implied. In order for me to tell you to "git gud" I would have to believe I'm better at the game than you, which I don't. HOWEVER. You had plenty of time to get back to safety without using the truck. I watched your video. You could easily have pillared up and jumped to your base top. Or you could just make a column nearby with a ladder on it, in case you fall. I've done both those things, and I'm not even good at this game. Should you be able to avoid the horde? Well, it's literally the whole title of the game. So if you're not turning them off, then I'd say no. Besides which you can just die then hide if you really want to.
  6. I miss the old pillar-50 fight cages we used in A16. They were so fun! Then they added more block damage and zombies homing in on a weak spot and oof, those days were over! But they were fun while they lasted! That's... just not true. A very, very basic strategy has always worked. And there's been lots of different base designs in every alpha as things change. I get annoyed when they take away something I enjoyed building (rip pillar-50 fight cages!) but it's very easy to go back to a basic, non-cheese, never fail base and then figure out more from there.
  7. You had plenty of time. You fell, you booked it out, hit a spike and turned around. There were no zombies anywhere near you. You had plenty of time to pillar up and jump back on top of your base. I've fallen, run to get round, circled around and then climbed the base so often.
  8. I mean, honestly? I play on default settings because higher settings just give you bullet sponges, which isn't harder it's just annoying. You can turn off horde night. And it's very easy to build a base that isn't destroyed every 7 days. I wouldn't call myself an expert player, despite playing from A9, because they change things up so much between alphas that you usually have to change tactics. The simplest base is a solid base, about 6 x 6 (or bigger if you like.) Make it out of brick (flagstones are stupid easy to find from POIs, or upgrade from wood to brick for lots more xp.) Upgrade the outside when you have the chance. Built a shelter on top so you don't get non-stop spit on. Put a ring of bars around the outside to stop spiders. Put a 1-deep moat around it for about 3 rows of spikes. It's very easy to build this and upgrade it as you go. You will NEVER collapse this base, playing on default settings. Ever. You will have to replace spikes and the occasional block until you get steel. You can smelt on it and screamers will die on the spikes. You can eventually place turrets on columns around the base and add blade traps and hanging dart traps. This is a very very basic base, it's worked since day one I started playing, and in every alpha. Even demolishers will not collapse it once you've upgraded to steel and as long as you don't have more than 2 of them explode in the same area. You can buy turrets, dart traps, pressure plates, blade traps and motion sensers from the traders. You never need to put points into trapmaking if you don't want. You don't even need to put points in int at all. You can buy forges, chem tables, work benches and even vehicles from traders. Put your points in salvage operations and better barter, take everything in every POI apart and sell the mech/electric/plastic parts to the traders, and do quests. You'll have plenty of dukes to buy ammo and science stuff. My husband and I took over one of the half-destroyed brick structures this game. We filled in the bottom floor, put pressure plates on the landings and dart traps where there used to be windows. We put turrets above the dart traps attached to motion sensors. Most of the horde is dead before they get up the five floors to us. We're on day 25 and have spent what feels like the majority of our time just getting food. We didn't even get a chance to mine until the third week. We only just now qualified for T3 quests because we just haven't had time. The POI held up fine with no defenses except us at the top with the top stairs knocked out, just shooting arrows and spikes in the bottom hallways for 7 and 14. Simple wooden spikes take care of screamers. We've upgraded that whole hallway with nothing more than stuff dug out of POIs, and reinforced the walls that lead into rooms we're using with 4-deep walls. Zombies will go to the path of least resistance. They don't break our stairway or our rooms because they want to get to us at the top. On my three-player game, we've built a raised kill corridor. It's basically just stairs and a built that leads to us with a drop in the middle they can't quite jump across (except spider zombies, those @%$*#!s) and we sit on a raised platform and shoot. We've built a hallway around the bridge and there'll be dart traps, electric fences and turrets up there in coming days. Playing smart means figuring out how the AI works and then using the resources you have. I hope you read through this whole post, because I'm not attacking you. You have a lot more options than you seem to think for playing with horde nights on and winning. If you'd rather escape or hide from the horde, why in the world not just turn them off? You're not getting any use out of them, and there's no one to judge you. If you hate them, turn 'em off. For me personally, they're the highlight of a game that is otherwise pretty grindy and samey.
  9. It's not even good in recipes. The fact that it was so good to eat raw was literally all that mattered about it. Well, that's less farm space to waste.
  10. Yeah, the food thing is REALLY aggravating. I don't mind food being scarce and hard to come by in the beginning, but I shouldn't have to SPEC INTO food being at all useful.
  11. I don't think I've had so many random crashes in a long time. All three of us (husband, friend and I play on a tiny server) have lots of random crashes. Sometimes the whole game just locks up. I know it's an experimental, but whew. Even A17 (which was a huge mess in the beginning) was not this just... unstable.
  12. There is a base that always works. It always had. Started playing in A9 and it has always worked. And I doubt it would be possible to "patch it out" if they wanted to, because it's zero exploits, zero AI work, none of that. A solid-bottom square base, ring of bars around the outside to shoot down on, and we added some sort of roof over head for vultures after they got rid of bees. Not as sure about a vulture design specifically now that they break blocks. A 1-deep moat all around the outside, three wide and full of spikes. But as long as the base is solid-I mean solid, 100% filled in and at least 5 x 5, the zombies will never break it. They can't get in. You can't fall. As long as at least your outer 2 layers are steel, demolishers can't destroy a significant amount. Add remote pillboxes for turrets around the perimeter if you want to. This base won't fall, won't cheese the zombies, and you won't die. You just walk around the iron bars, shooting. Like I said, this is a base that ALWAYS worked. You're here for new exciting laughs because, as you said, you JUST started playing. People who've been here for a long time enjoy a variety of things, because we're all long past that virgin excitement.
  13. If the AI is still waterfalling over stairs, no they didn't. Changing the block hitbox didn't fix the main problem.
  14. Um, spider zombies have always been here. They used to be the "screamers" too.
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