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  1. Not really sure what that has to do with the rampant sexism, but okay kiddo. "We" aren't all guys. Also the "nurse" is basically just a "sexy nurse halloween costume." Literally no nurses dress like that. Interesting how people assume that being offended is an "act."
  2. Sigh. It would be nice if just ONCE gamers could try to buck the stereotypes. Would be cool if all the females in the game weren't 'eye candy' too. Gross.
  3. Don't have a yard. An "outer wall" is essentially useless anyway, as zombies will converge on a single spot and pour in.
  4. Count me in as another long-term player (since A9 I believe) who likes A19 much better than 16, who hated gun parts and thinks there's zero functional difference between grinding stone axes and killing zombies for xp. The only thing better about A16 was the maps, and the fact we could build pillar 25 cage bases to get down and melee zombies in the face. If they broke the pillars, you got swamped, but as long as you kept moving (and repairing) you could survive it. Now zombies swarm one spot and outer walls are useless, so I'm back up to the same thing I have been since I first started playing - solid base with a metal bar overhang, a ramp to get in and out, and my whole crafting base in a "house" on top. I have never once had zombies collapse a solid 8 x 8 block, certainly not enough to get at my stuff or break my base. A16 crybabies are like the console crybabies - they've been given an answer and they just can't deal with the fact that the answer isn't what they want to hear.
  5. My dude, please take 50 deep breaths and drink a glass of water before posting.
  6. In 173 it was awful, in 177 it was so much better, now in 180 we're back to dropping frames all over the place.
  7. Speaking of romanticizing... I miss bullet molds.
  8. That's Moses, my dude, not Jesus. Unless you're driving ON water.
  9. The difference is that I'm actually getting stronger by DOING something. Saying "it makes sense to make 500 axes and get better at making guns" and then ALSO saying "it's stupid to be able to farm screamers for xp to get better at making axes" is self-contradictory at BEST and hypocritical as all get-out. Tf is "organic" about making 500 axes to level but actually *fighting zombies in the zombie game* somehow isn't?
  10. So you think "earn xp, spend it in traits, higher traits cost more points, and perks need higher base traits to advance" is more simple than.... make 5000 stone axes and go mining to have all the xp you need to make purple gear as fast as possible? Huh.
  11. They should seriously do like WoW does and absorb NitroGen into the base game to replace whatever their RWG engine is.
  12. Streets are still not perfect grids, but that doesn't make a lot of sense anyway. I always make wide roads and make sure cities connect. I tried RWG when A19 came out and what I got was a sharp corner on the edge of an endless void soooo yeah. Nitro for me.
  13. Clubs and sledgehammers. Never really used them since... gah, I dunno, at one point I really loved a spiked club but it was a long time ago. Now a stone sledgehammer is such a great early-game one-shot that I can't not use it.
  14. Just use Nitrogen, I dunno why but the pimps can't seem to solve RWG since A16
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