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  1. Okay how about that? Screamers spawn thanks to the heatmap. How about Vultures spawn sometimes randomely when seeds are planted. So you can loose your crops. Also make rabbits and chickens able to steal your crops let people suffer.
  2. I have lotl fully upgraded and yeah I have more than enough food, but still need to invest something to get that said food and thats nice as it is. You just can't balance out farming without food spoilage, cause no matter how hard they make it to get seeds or crops, just build more farm pots and you're fine again. Thats why I'm fine with it and you should too. this game isn't about super realistic farming, it's about fighting zombie hordes.
  3. I Love the farming change. It's more balanced than before and I like the randomness from getting seeds from farming. They did a good job and I'm glad that food doesn't spoil. That would be more survival-like, but more frustrating too...
  4. Vanilla version (no mods) So the problem is that some of the seeds I put on Farm pots are not growing. I placed them all in the Sun but only a few of them will grow while others won't. I tried to replant them, still not working. Then I took the Farm pots away, replaced them and then it was working once. Cause after it I placed more Farmpots near them and now only 5 out of 120 plants are growing. We are at Day 32 and still don't have a food source cause of this bug. It's frustrating to farm eggs and meat all day cause the farms won't grow properly.
  5. Well I looted and dismantled a lot of cars (over 100 already) and not a single bottle of acid was found. Wasn't one of the patches making the loot rate of them lower. I think thats fine but damn I wish to find at least one to know if it's worth dismantle the cars or not^^ Edit: Okay right after sending this I got one bottle of acid from dismantle. So you were right but damn is it rare
  6. Short question About that specific Book. Adds a chance to harvest acid from cars and medical equipment Does it mean chance to get it from looting Cars or does it mean from dismantle the car?
  7. I always played on nitrogen maps without Trader. The Trader kills the Sandbox feeling of the game cause he's forcing me to go for specific POIs. Also buying at the Trader feels like cheating. Thats why I hated playing DayZ with friends. Always looting, seeling at Trader, Buying stuff and repeat. Please I wish for a no Trader button when generating the world so I can force my friends and family to play without it.
  8. I wish zombies would just go beserk on loop bases..When the AI realizes that it can't reach you and always loops it should start hitting the blocks. Thats what Night of the Dead does and it's a good idea for 7dtd too
  9. If you don't want to fight the BM then disable it. fighting BM is the whole point of this game^^ Also it's pretty easy even without cheesing bases. Just use some traps and a well done design and they won't even dmg any blocks beside blades I would just Love it when the vehicles can run over anything even in BM but then it should do a great amount of dmg to the vehicle. I am totally looking forward to the dmg update for vehicles. Are there any new infos for it? getting a flat tire or the battery dies.
  10. I got that too once in a building where I got this at a power box. But nothing opened xD
  11. Well you're not wrong but also not completely right. For example the Wasteland got some nice background noises. But the rest seems a bit off thats true. I wish for a way creepier Screamer sound. But I'm sure they will do some sound changes before going gold.
  12. Yeah I'm worried about that too. The best part about them is, that you can pick them up when placed wrong...So what If I do a mistake? Will I have to destroy every misplaced block?
  13. The Key thing would be the best way to prevent it. You could just let it drop from the last zombie in the POI so you're forced to clear it^^
  14. Are these all official designs? Look at the spider zombie damn!! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/lxxwAo
  15. About all the Zombie reworks while some get physics I was wondering if the crawler could get physics for his intestines and marlene for her eye hanging out cause it's so stiff and looks kinda weird.
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