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  1. Well I did it when a19 came out was the bug fixed at that time? What do you mean by that it's limited? aren't there like hundreds of POI's
  2. I wish it would be able to generate every POI at once in one Random World. They would easily fit on a 8k map and I don't enjoy maps like navezgane where you only have like 3-4 small town and some lonely POI's and the rest is filled with trees. I want big cities and variety with POI's. I know they tried to RWG as many different POI as possible before they show up multiple times and thats great but give us the possibility of creating maps with mega cities like with nitrogen world generator. I would use it but the maps look kinda weird cause streets are badly generated and cities/towns are filled with different height and that looks unnatural with 1 POI at +50 m and the next at +65 m and again the next somewhere else. Also Nitrogen copies POI's so much it's not even funny. Tried different maps and always seeing the same POI over and over again. Thats why I prefer vanilla generator but with more options would be great.
  3. For me it sounds like having wasteland inside burned forest biome like a bomb went down there creating the wasteland with radiation zones and around the burned forest cause of all the heat. that would be nice. they do look pretty similar so its not a big deal anyway
  4. Done! Didn't even know I can do that.^^
  5. I get them mostly after BM when looting the magic bags from the zombies :D So Try out BM every night and you get map rain
  6. I'm always playcing plates on the ground to get it smooth but you can't build on them (you can but thats levitating and I don't like it. Also I wish for dirt blocks to attach to square blocks cause it annoys me when I place blocks in the ground and around it there is this wedge. dirt should auto attack to blocks
  7. The difference between A18 and A19 is that in A19 of the gamestage on higher difficulty settings does not increase as much and in multiplayer you also have a lower group gamestage. The composition of the horde is pretty much the same. Well for me there are more reasons why I feel its different. The traps are way stronger than before. In a18 the electric fence was crap it never really stopped them but now in a19 they are all trapped in them while you can shoot the heads^^ and I play on max difficulty so there isn't more to make bloodmoon any harder and I barely use any traps. Just some fences, darts and blades in a 3 block long kill corridor so it's short^^ and still never got dmg on the doors thay I keep open to loot the bags while shooting heads easily. a18 felt harder.
  8. How about this penalty? Whenever you "die" you get "saved" from the nearest Trader. You won't really get saved directly you just need to show it like with a paper being in your inventory which says you're in his dept. So you must pay a price of dukes that depends on your level and gamestage. Something like [Level x Gamestage]. As long as you haven't paid it you can't buy/sell things to him or it's way more expensive and your selling get's like nothing. And in later Alphas or Beta when the bandits are added you can add something like a period of time (best would be 7 days ) where you need to pay it back or else they will start hunting your Base at daytime. So like a bloodmoon horde just with bandits and at daytime and every day for about 4 hours. This would also fix the problem with having too much dukes.
  9. Got the same problem... I got over 1300 h in this game and after a while I finally got my friends to play a19 with me. but they got bored extremely fast cause it was damn easy. the Bloodmoons are way too easy you can just use 1 electric fence ( you can get that pretty fast) and a stone sledge and you're fine. no dmg on the base and it's over after a short time.. they should change that cause it's why I quit too after around 200 hours... Alpha 18 kept me way longer. the nights there were so much harder
  10. cool idea I though about someting like this too but I see a problem there. First it needs a lot of time and work to get that done properly. How should the block know in which direction the dmg should be shown. Imagine the dmg gets from up to down or left to right instead of front to back like you show with your examples Also I bet that would kill too many computers that aren't high end
  11. Sounds like the forest I think they wouldn't implement it cause we can just grab water like everywhere and no one ever got problems with water^^
  12. I only can say I like the way the weapons work in 7d2d and I would never want a fps playstyle in any game cause it's unrealistic junk. I mean a sniper would never run around in near combat and do quickscopes. Also in reality being shot would never heal itself in seconds. 7d2d isn't perfect with the gunplay but it's good like it is. We don't want to see bunnyhopping quickscope sniper player on any server xD
  13. Diragor

    Damage Types

    First, Love your pic 🤤 Second, nice idea would be cool to also have different zombie types with armor or mutations that gets more/less dmg from different types.
  14. You wish for more realism. Let me ask all the reallife sniper what they think about it. I bet you won't find a single sniper in history who ever used quickscopes in any situation.
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