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  1. It's not that the game is unplayable, it's more of a "it's been in pre-production now for almost a DECADE". The pimps have changed the way we learn stuff...how things are made (and made OF)...the generation of cities, towns and other POI's, etc... until it's NOTHING like any of the previous versions. It gets old having to re learn everything every half year. And if I want a decent map; one with believable biomes, cities (with sky scrapers n the like), roads that go somewhere other than straight up the side of a mountain, mountains that look like pointy spears jutting into the sky, etc... I'm forced to use Nitrogen or some other external program. And I believe that those are what are causing the crashes. So, again...Come on Pimps...give us the full release version. Maybe then at least, if you're unable to give us a decent RWG, then someone will be able to produce a stable, third party world generator, that gives me a world that I'd like to play in...without the crashes n stuff. I really like the idea of the game. I like the game in general. I'm just tired of 8 - 9 years of "it's coming...". And I'd like to see it before I die in REAL life.
  2. Will this game ever be released in it's FINAL form? I can't tell you how many times I've gotten into a good map only to have the latest update trash all my work. The crashes are something to look forward to too. WTF?! Please pimps...get to work and give us a game we can play for MONTHS (at least). This is damn frustrating.
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