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  1. You beat me to it! I've been doing the same! I made the numbers bigger then moved the checkmark to the upper right of the icon. Hadn't got round to trying to scale anything else though. Or move it to the other side of the screen. @tdrhart you've done a much better job than I could! @ocbMaurice the edited version I've made is just for my personal use and to test if it can be made more legible (for my eyes). I think losing the checkmark and making the numbers a little bigger would be great for others who want to try it though. It's extremely useful!
  2. New episode out now introducing a mod that allows you to specify the chance of getting loot from zombies and how long the actual bag stays in game before despawning. Plus some daft fun trying to move house. What?
  3. Hi @ocbMaurice, The mod is working well for me. I like that I can keep a track of how many of each item I have while collecting. I was wondering if there's a line in the code you can recommend to change so i can zoom the pinned boxes a little? I'm running in 1080 on a 32" screen and finding the text a little small to read, particularly the number for how many of each item I have. It could be the green numbers on a green tick/checkmark that are making it harder to read. I've tried zooming the UI to 100%. Do we need the checkmark to still be there if we have more than the required amount of that item? So: Remaining required items in red = 4,3,2,1 etc. Exact amount required = green checkmark. More than required = no checkmark then numbers 1,2,3,4 etc. Sorry to bother you with this. I'm hoping to feature your mod in my next video. All the best to you.
  4. I'm from the UK and I've been on youtube for just over a year producing Tutorial and Let's Play style videos. I did the KingGen tutorial videos for King several months back and have been picking away at other mapmaking videos as and when I can work out how to get things working in a20 but still using KinGen or the tools within the program. Outside of that I run live streams and edited videos of 7dtd and thought I'd share those here. I hope that's ok. KRUNCHLAND CO-OP Here's a series I'm running with my friend Murph (from some of Vedui42's live streams) featuring Subquake's Undead Legacy Mod, on a map made by Captain Krunch for UL. The series started in a19, which we have kept sideloaded so that we can keep the series running (10 episodes at time of this post): NOMAN Vs WANDERERS I've also just started a series called Nomad Vs Wanderers where I play nomad style, no blood moons, increased zombie spawns (Jaxteller) and Wandering Horde Frequency (Khaine) increased also. No blood moon, no horde base, but more trouble in and around town. Videos include tutorials on installing and setting up the mods at the start of each episode. You'll gather pretty quickly I'm not great at 7dtd but this does seem to lead me to get into trouble which can be good fun. (3 episodes at the time of this post). I'd really appreciate any feedback in the comments of the videos, or here. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope there is some entertainment here for a few of you at least. Brad
  5. That's great. I'll have a look at Dough's mods tomorrow. I'm an old biker myself haha. Big fan of the cruisers, but a bit of dirt is good for the soul too Thanks for mentioning it Paul.
  6. I heard a rumour bdubyah's vehicle mod is working in a conversion mod. Can't remember which one. I need my early game golf cart haha. Love that mod. I need to have a look at dough's too though. Pleased you got the mountain biome snow thing working. I sort of wish I'd focused more on the extraction of a20 heightmaps before demoing what you can do with them, but what the hell, it's the holidays. I'll work backwards haha.
  7. Here's another really useful thing KingGen can do. You can extract heightmaps from a20 rwg and use that heightmap to put snow back on mountain peaks! Amongst many other things, but this video is all about fixing snow peaks. Skip the Gimp section of you just want the heightmap extraction and the nice biomes from KG. Thanks for the tip-off about raw conversion @Cpt Krunch.
  8. Oh yes, I forgot about the driveway size feature denoting the joining road size. Yes good point.
  9. Got it working. I think I'd downloaded an older version or something. Thanks for this.
  10. I've made sure EAC is off and I've also tried it with no other mods installed, just a completely vanilla game. No launcher used either. I'll keep experimenting. Thanks anyway.
  11. Hi Paul, the new roads in a20 are really nice. I have to stress that they are prefabs though. They aren't splat files at all. They are actually part of the tiles. The tiles themselves just consist of the road network with spaces for poi's to spawn within. In a20 the roads connecting cities together and Wilderness poi's are just splat files like we had in a19 and also KG. The big difference between a19/20 and KG in terms of these roads is the 1 block wide band of 'green' at the sides of the roads that gives them a verge effect. I suspect a brush could be created in Gimp or photoshop that was made up out of a red 10 block diameter circle with a 12 block diameter green circle underneath. Then this could be used for straight line roads or hand drawn curves. In terms of progress for map making over the funpimps rwg we need a system where we can start with our own heightmap then get a20 to place tiles that include a custom POI list. I've successfully used KG 13.1 to place the new a20 tiles including the new roads, but not to place poi's within the tiles. That bit has to be done in the world editor. The pimps have teased us with the tile feature where you can hit ctrl +shift and 's' (I think those were the keys?) to shuffle random poi's in a tile preview but we can't actually use the end result. Perhaps someone can extract that feature and add it to external map making software? A bit of thinking-out-loud there. I hope you don't mind! It's still early days and there are a lot of budding programmers out there that just need to be drawn into our world. All the best to you Paul.
  12. Sorry to bother you with this. I'm having trouble getting the Wandering Horde Frequency mod to work. I've tried it several times, setting the spawn time to min 1 max 2 hours, waiting for several game days, then i get the console errors about referencing an object that doesn't exist. I don't remember exactly how it's worded. The errors pop up enough that you can't continue with the game. I set the times to between 1 to 2 hours just to test if I get a wandering horde. The only other mods I'm using are your own honey, eggs and useable kitchen equipment. It's a pimps own rwg map and not customised. I've verified 7dtd files after removing the mods etc. EAC is off and it's a solo world, no server. The other mods do work fine. After removing the frequency mod the errors no longer occur. Again, sorry to bother you and thank you for the great work you're doing.
  13. Thanks Spud, just incase the link isn't working for you here's the video directly:
  14. It hasn't been abandoned. The author has a life outside of the app and the impending a20 arrival put development on hold. Kingslayer was working on kg14 before stopping to wait for a20. The massive changes to the world generation system must be quite intimidating to a programmer who had spent so much time constantly working on the software. I'm not surprised he needs time to focus on real life before committing to an huge overhaul job. Until there is official word from the developer I don't see any harm in keeping our fingers crossed that he'll come back to it.
  15. The new roads are part of the tiles. No tiles means no new roads sadly. It's early days. Give it some time and it'll happen.
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