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  1. Give it time. A21 just went Stable a few minutes ago. Teragon does a great job of creating maps if you're prepared to put a little time into playing with the customisation options. Even default settings were very good in a20 Teragon.
  2. A quick installation guide and some insight into the changes to the game the mod brings about. Video includes chat with the developers and some tips on getting more from the mod.
  3. Sorry I didn't get a notification for this when you posted and sorry again as I'm afraid I don't know what's causing that problem. If you hand placed the trader does he have room for his full poi footprint?
  4. A little promo video for a new overhaul Mod the TMB Community have been working on for a while now. The Wild West Mod for 7D2D rolls back time to the Mid 19th Century Wild West America. Removing features which are not time appropriate and introducing additional features to expand and complement the overall experience. New exclusive POIs, new decorative assets, new weapons, new enemy, new quests, horses, hot air balloons and a custom hand drawn map called New Frontier which is included in the download.
  5. Could it be that it is actually hanging at the command following that? A common CTD is during Create Preview where the preview calls on a file that has been turned off or not yet created. Have a look at the files referenced in Create Preview and check if there is anything that shouldn't be there. Spawn points, regional biomes, roads etc. You can always remove everything except heightmap, biomes and POIs to get a feel for your map before committing to roads. If it is the preview that's causing the crash of course. Next potential problem is that you're making a modded map and the wilderness pois are stored in a separate folder to the city POIs that isn't listed in the Add Source options. I hope some of this helps in some way. An update to wilderness POIs spawning is in progress, according to Pille in his discord channel. But who knows what other priorities there are.l that might b addressed first.
  6. Pleased you got it sorted. Not sure why I didn't get notificatuin for being tagged. The problem you were facing was the lack of alpha layer in the exported version. Editing splat3 files is best done using MapToolz to export to an editable format but then re convert the splat using MapToolz, which re places the alpha layer. I believe it also checks the bit depth but I can't confirm that.
  7. How to add the Compopack to your Teragon worlds. This method uses a preset to add the required files and settings as currently it's fairly complicated to add your own by hand. Hopefully this will become easier with an update in the future, or some simple software from a third party (there are rumours haha).
  8. Got a favourite map or made your own heightmap and want to use it in Teragon? Here are the basic instructions:
  9. Not wanting to make a 'Teragon Discussion' thread myself, I've started a thread just for the tutorials. It's not intended to be a place to discuss the use of the software, bug reports or features you'd like to see. It's purely somewhere to find the tutorials I've personally put together.
  10. Changing the settings to alter terrain and how to make stupidly massive city maps:
  11. Changing Biome settings. How to use the new Environmental Biomes, adjust them or just use a more traditional patchwork quilt version.
  12. Thought I'd post a link to the getting started guide here. There are a couple of little things worth knowing before running teragon and I've explained as best I can in the video. There are more tutorials on the way.
  13. I didn't want to start a new thread in case Pille wanted to. Shared th video in my own thread but I have no idea if anyone actually looks at that.
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