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  1. I've updated the text in the tutorial video description to include the new download method. Must have been a change with github?
  2. You're very welcome H4wk! The cracks look pretty good there. I took a stamp from the grand canyon and have been using that. It works so well. I'd recommend it highly! Just set your alpha to remove the high points instead of the lows that I did in the mountain video. You can string the stamps together pretty easily too.
  3. I've just drawn new maps for different sizes but just give it a go and see how it looks. Nothing to lose
  4. Ah damn I didn't check. I'll have to look in the morning. I'll ge back to you ASAP.
  5. @HB_H4wk and @GunsNerdsAndSteelProblem solved. After you have created your new map and new splat file: Use the 'splat fix' option to repair the splat 3 file and simply paste it over the one in the 7dtd new world folder. Don't regenerate your map as it'll drop different poi's in different places. We're just using kinggen to fix the splat file. Delete any splat4 and 5 files that might be there in the game folder from previously starting the map and start a new game. Biomes appear normal and roads are drawn correctly. Not ideal, but I'll spend some time on the work flow and see if I can streamline the process a little. I suspect it is the missing alpha layer that is causing the problem but I haven't had any success when I've tried replacing it. More work needed, but we have a solution anyway. However rough it is.
  6. @HB_H4wkyeah you could do that. It wouldn't change anything in the game but at least you'd have a complete preview map then. I'm just sorting breakfast then I'll make a start working out the splat issue.
  7. Sorry @HB_H4wk, I'd hoped to get back on today to look at the situation with the map appearing like a desert texture but didn't get a chance. However Krunch has suggested using the 'fix splat' option in kinggen. Also to remove any other splat files from the map folder, perhaps splat 4 and splat 5. I can't get on my pc to check the names or test the solutions. Hopefully tomorrow (Sunday in UK).
  8. Update: this only seems to happen if you edit, then replace, the road splat that kinggen creates. Will test further tomorrow so I have something solid to provide Kingslayer.
  9. You beat me to it! Just reported this after our chat. I'm going to test some more myself in the morning to double check I can recreate it.
  10. There are some great photos in your gallery there @paulj_3! They clearly show it's possible to make maps that are much more lifelike/natural than the random generated maps within the game. About the strange half-hills and rifts. I don't know but I'd guess they are a simple light weight vector shape used to just add a little variety to the terrain. They have a sand dune or snow drift shape about them. I'm not a fan of those but I don't tend to let kinggen do the terrain now. I noticed Kingslayer has put out a feeler for anyone with skills in terrain/feature creation. Perhaps he'll be adding built in mountain/lake stamps to a future version? Possible not ones we can use manually, but replacements for the unusual sand dunes/drift shapes? And! I'm with you on the hobby aspect of all of this. It isn't important, it isn't essential, but it's fun to learn new things particularly when the payoff is as satisfying as exploring a world you've shaped. I can see it'll not be for everyone, but there's an auto-generate option for those that want it done for them. Win win!
  11. There is an entire video dedicated to water level map creation. EDIT : just checked and it's right there on page 43.
  12. Open areas for the win! Some great pictures there @paulj_3. Really nice examples of what can be done with some understanding of the software, and an artistic eye of course! As much as I dislike burnt and waste biomes; the speckles of each adds a lot to the aesthetics of woodland areas with the occasional dead tree amongst healthy ones. 'Open areas' need to stay as a mechanic. I hope it's possible.
  13. Maybe the dirt level is only half a block which is why it doesn't cover the whole map at that level?
  14. @paulj_3 I've been thinking about it too and we could use the preview kinggen makes as a template layer and drop the 43 shade over the areas of the preview rather than the whole map? If that make sense? I like the "dots and squiggles" too. I really liked the openness of the map I used in the video and think it's something other people will like to be able to do. Just don't want to give King more work if it's not something others would like to see also.
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