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Guppy's GeterUpper Randomizer


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Updated the entityclasses to randomize the "get up speed" when knocking down a zombie. Range is 1 second to 10 seconds.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
	<Name value="Guppycur's Random ZombieGetterUpper" />
	<Description value="Got the timing down pat for their get up speed?  Well, let's fix that!" />
	<Author value="guppycur" />
	<Version value="1.0" />




<!-- Updates the Entityclasses to randomize knockdown get up speed -->
<!-- By default, it's locked at a set .45 second value.  Screw that. -->
<set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name='KnockdownProneStunDuration']/@value">1.0,10.0</set>
<set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class/property[@name='KnockdownKneelStunDuration']/@value">1.0,10.0</set>






To install:


Make sure you have a "mods" folder under your 7 days to die folder.


Unzip this zip into it so that the folders look like:





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Was thinking about that; in a swarm, you are stepping into bodies and they might not be dead... Thinking it will be harder in some situations (when they're surrounding you and your situational awareness is crap).


Conga lining them WILL make it easier though, so my "full mod" will fix that as well.

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I've edited them, after some extensive testing, to 0.1 by 5.0 for the prone knocked down, and 0.1 by 2.0 for the kneel knocked down.


Having it that low adds a few moments where the zeds are barely knocked down (with 0.0 actually having it so you cannot knock them down at all, which was interesting but not what I wanted), and lowering it from 10.0 on the high end keeps it so you can "forget" a zombie without completely missing it accidentally.

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