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  1. @Demandred1957: i am guessing that if there had never been a 4x4 in 18.4 you would have utilized some other strategy to recover from the falling. it is a very fun vehicle and you have some fun memories attached to it, but you proved you were able to utilize what was available and overcome. time to do so again. please do share with us the story of how you make it to day 226 in a19 and how you did it.
  2. you describe house_old_bungalow_11. and i'm sure Laz Man will confirm that several areas of that poi house insta wake zeds, for those special moments.
  3. $0.02 i hope TFP makes game design decisions based on folks playing in a "survivor state-of-mind" like role playing. some of the recent posts seem to set aside that type of thinking in favor of " how can i game the game" . as Laz Man said, we'll know when we play
  4. my thought is that containers are populated upon opening since loot tables use players gamestage to determine loot rolls. hopefully someone who knows with certainty will come along before you have to decide.
  5. update for speccy: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/JKBVtl44sRYxBpL8GyrL6Cm thanks for your help
  6. SP only. game sessions last 5-30 mins before crashing. output log: https://pastebin.com/fw6dXNrT speccy: https://pastebin.com/1uvhnJaJ verify files 05112019 thanks for looking, lug
  7. @Beelzybub, thank you very much for looking at my troubles. i will follow your suggestions when next i play. i use MSI afterburner to monitor temps and i have not seen any temp over 80 on the charts during alpha 18x but i will try to watch it more closely. i will try a 4k rwg next time as well to eliminate any possible pregen01 influence
  8. Sylen Thunder, following your advice i have updated my drivers utilizing the clean install, and confirmed my direct x with dxdiag. unfortunately, my game continues to crash to desk top. here are paste bins for tonight's output log: https://pastebin.com/jvQzVXmv error: https://pastebin.com/WxxpbQuH i also used the launcher tool to clean all of 7 days files, did an uninstall, and fresh install of the game before trying to play tonight. thank you for your time
  9. just used my new ginsu hunting knife...what a difference speedy attacks makes! thank you for the update
  10. Guppycur: weaponizing "full-orsey since" 1972
  11. thank you SylenThunder. https://pastebin.com/1hLDVZA0 this is the output log. i have not captured the error log. thanks for looking.
  12. i am also seeing the same game crashes. may i post the pastebin link here? perhaps you would like a distinct thread?
  13. i think faatal said amd bugs caused world hunger and he had a fix he was going to try out
  14. perhaps its only going to change ragdoll effects proced from ranged weapons so clubs will still be gratifying? "Fixed ranged attacks defaulting to bashing damage"
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