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  1. Not sure which one I like more gameplay wise but plots are definitely significantly better for balance purposes. The old system allowed for exponential growth of effectively free food.
  2. Alpha 14. City biome for random world gen when?
  3. Snow is my favorite because I just like snow in general. It looks and feels nice and the sound of walking through it is nice too. The Wasteland would be my least favorite if it wasn't for modding. I remove the mine spawns because they are more annoying than challenging. It's not hard to avoid them but I don't find staring at the ground 100% of the time when traveling to be a fun part of gameplay. I think the Snow biome is by far the easiest even though it shouldn't be. You have high visibility at night. Being in the snow means having access to water literally anywhere and it's not like animals are that rare so it's not particularly hard to find food. Unless you're unlucky you should find a puffer coat before your environment protection runs out. I think you could make a case for the Desert being the easiest. It used to be definitively the easiest pre A17 where you didn't need skill investment to make First Aid Bandages and Yucca Juice only needed Yucca + Jar.
  4. Whenever I play, I have to open the options menu and click controls for the game to realize that I have controller mode off. It's very annoying especially because it only saves PER vehicle. Like for example, it will be off for my bike but if I get in my friend's bike, it's on again. If I pick up my bike and place it down, it's on again. Is there any permanent fix for this?
  5. Can we get an autorun button in this game yet?
  6. I made my own mod sometime in alpha 16/17 that made the goal finding the "cure". I had made a recipe that you would craft with materials from around the map. Stuff like skin samples from zombie bears, "research notes" that you could find in offices, various chemicals from garage/tool/lab kits. I had one of the materials only spawn inside of apache chests(100% of course) to make sure you had to really explore and you needed more than 1 so you couldn't get lucky at the start of the game.
  7. Is there a mod that turns off exp display? It's a cool mod but without that it's just a massive nerf to zombies. I think in general it is a big nerf though since they can be knocked down much longer. You can also just beat them until you hear the death sound instead.
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