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  1. They haven't been? So what do you think caused it? Should I just restart only on day 6? 😕
  2. That's not good. Think I'll have to start over. I'm not sure what I'm looking for to see if something is corrupt?
  3. question, i was 123 max HP. I died once and my health went down to 60 when I respawned. I thought you just drop ten HP? and it would be 113?
  4. MrSamuelAdam

    True Survival

    spider your recommend using nitrogen and combo pack for your mod or just the vanilla random gens?
  5. Is it live for A19 yet? NVM.. i see you wait for stable!
  6. Cool. Thank you for your input. I was very close to that as well! Do you play one life and game over?
  7. Hey Khaine what game settings/ loot settings and percentages/ game difficulty etc do you play and or recommend is the best way to play this mod? Thanks just wondering wanted to get the opinion of the creator.
  8. Any tips on where or how to find EVE in the burnt forest?
  9. I really can't even play vanilla anymore after playing your mod. Looking forward to the changes to A19 version! HYPE
  10. Khaine great mod. One thing.. Could you add the faster nail gun. The A16 one? Maybe as an upgrade to the slower one. A harder loot find or something. Calling it the advanced nail gun idk.
  11. Ohhh okay! Thanks I wont. But it looks like you use Combo pack 43 in your experimental anyways. So I really don't need to make a map unless i wanna be picky. Would you recommend your premade maps or nitrogen with combo pack 43? Am I missing out on anything not using your maps?
  12. Is this what Darkness Falls zones are supposed to look like with this ground texture? I'm playing on NitroGen with the Combo Pack and the red zones look like this. Is this normal or how do I fix it? Thanks! I did not get any errors when loading in.
  13. Cool thank you the only issue I had with nitrogen and combo pack with Darkness Falls when I got to the fall zones some of the textures weren't in. It was just a plain gray solid color ground
  14. So would you use Nitrogen with combo pack or just the regular DF pre-made maps?
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