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  1. Start over with a new character in the same world. That way if you know the map by heart you could find your old base break in to it and "steal" your stuff back. Even better would be if your old character roams the land as a Zombie. If you kill it you will get your bag back.
  2. Are stealth builds balanced to keep up with run and gun builds? For example having xp bonuses on stealth kills. I mean it takes way longer to level if you clear a house by stealthing than going in guns blazing and molotoving everything. Btw rocks looks delicious!
  3. I'm cool with slow leveling as long as each lvl feels rewarding. A17 pre iron felt too much like a chore. But with more tire of tools and weapons and no more lvl gates this might work. I'm looking forward to se how a18 balance feels.
  4. MM Will there be a restriction in RWG so that Snow biome can't be beside or inside desert biome, and vice versa?
  5. Dont take it personally. I my self might sound toxic from time to time. But it has nothing to do with you personally. I just get engaged in the debate and the game, plus English is not my native language so the subtitle nuance might get lost in translation. I know you are breaking your back and pursuing your vision and I respect that and I'm grateful for that.
  6. Lol personally I couldn't care less about xp. If I had it my way there wouldn't be any XP just perks by book in sweet old RNG style. That's how I mod my game. So I'm perfectly fine with no hand outs. But since you always talk about risk and reward it seems logical to address it. I get the feeling that a lot of ppl here feels that other players are "getting away" easier by not playing the "intended" way. And therfor draw the conclusion that penalties should be handed out. My suggestion is to make the "intended" way more profitable. That doesn't always mean adding penalties to other options. By the way just to check your opinion on surviving. Is combat the only way of survival in your book or are you balancing for stealth non combat builds also in SP?
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing Horde specific loot. I know Gazz said that they don't want horde nights to be a loot delivery system. But i hope that they could reconsider it. The game is based on surviving the 7 day horde, now if you do that and put up a fight there should be a reward. I like the sound of a special boss sending out its minions first to damage your defense and then doing the final blow. It's a bit like he boss in "I am legend". He is much smarter than the other "zombies" and gives them commands on what to do. That's maybe how they know where you are during horde night.
  8. If you play nomad scavenger you don't really need a base, just a temporary place to drop you stuff. The problem i see is that defending your base is high risk with little reward. As I said before bump up the reward on the base defending so that players that stick to their guns actually get rewarded and progress faster. By the way Im cool with nerfing gas since there is gas in abundance, that's just the logical thing to do.
  9. Correct. Thanks for pointing it out. I edited the post. Yes first sentence was a joke. Second sentence is my opinion. If driving on you bike or in your car during horde night is a high risk because of possible engine failure then you should be rewarded. - - - Updated - - - Lol
  10. If we are brainstorming magical abilities of the storm why not just make all vehicle disappear. Problem solved! But honestly i would rather see game play being balanced for risk vs reward than putting up magical invisible walls to govern our actions. no pain no gain! Edit: words.
  11. What would stop me from adding lead to my bike or cars engine? I mean if I knew that to keep the generators going during horde night i had to add lead protection why wouldn't i do it to my car or bike?
  12. GTA motorcycle mechanics would be nice.
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