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  1. What would be really cool is "Fortify Quests." Game picks one random POI Place a random NPC in the POI Set's a timer until the horde comes. Player needs to fortify/defend the NPC in the POI from Zombies.
  2. Making the water more muddy/dark and spawning a bunch of zombies in lakes would be egnough to think twice before I fill my bottles in lakes.
  3. I was digging around in this too to my mod which is similar to your idea. The way im planning on controlling GS is editing Gazz's spreadsheet and then bluntly just pasting it in to gamestage.xml. (Link to Gazz's GS can be found here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?56533-Gamestage-Blood-Moon-Horde-generator) In there you can change some values in the "Type_" tabs. for example: A6: Gamestage Exp: 1 (GS multiplier gives 1+ to every gamestage so you get 1,2,3,4....) A8: Random Start: 7 (When more dangerous zombies like feral starts to spawn. At day 7 seems ok?) A9: Ran
  4. Im trying to extract ALL texture resources right now. Seems easier EDIT: Found it! z_Hair. There was one hair that was black and white. You could even change the colors one in Photoshop if you would like. Anyways. This is the result. https://imgur.com/cE0ZbmD
  5. Thanks you guys for you help. I finally got it to work! But what i cant figure out is how to add the hair texture to the hair object. but other than that im pleased with the result. Let me present Frozen Marlene! (and ordinary Marelene to the left.)
  6. Thank you for your quick response! So if I understand you correctly i shall 1. add a new texture to resources.assets 2. Copy/paste a zombie in entityclasses.xml 3. replace skin in entityclasses.xml with <property name="ReplaceMaterial0" value="entities/zombies/materials???/NewSkin"/> then i have a few questions. When i add a new material does the id need to be unique and what is mono class id? Also what is the path i shall refere to in entityclasses.xml to get zombie texture2d?
  7. Ok so I have been scrolling through and searching this tread but i couldnt find a answer to my question. I want to make a copy of a zombie and do add a new texture to it. Basically for variation. I know how to export, edit and import the texture basically replace the texture. But i need help with copying a zombie so i can retexture it. Help!
  8. I know guppy. But if we get the ability to specify where biomes generates like in a16 it would be nice to be able to set spawnpoint directly. I could live with the current application. It's just a suggestion!
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe it was possible a few alphas ago back when hub cities was a thing. Not a specific spawn point but general area would be nice!
  10. Let me rephrase my question. While you guys are fixing the RGW. Can we get the ability to set spawn position through xml BEFORE a map is generated? pretty please!
  11. While you guys are fixing the RGW. Can we get the ability to set spawn position through xml? pretty please!
  12. Because it would leave a small gap when road goes from dirtblock shape to building frame shape I guess.
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