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  1. EXCELLENT server mod and very quick support. If you are looking for a tool you can use to help admin your server THIS is the one. Thanks Prisma501 and your team for all the help and efforts.
  2. IMO that would be ideal, each zombie would have a range of speed... (min and max) or a factor of "up to bonus %". +1 to +5% variance would add a lot of randomness to their movement changing timings and making us on edge often rather then swing-power-step back-swing-swing routine every time.
  3. Err... not ALL roads... maybe just in cities... country roads don't have huge sewers they just have drains in RL
  4. Spoilage would suck on very active servers. Imagine planting at night going to bed and waking up to 4 days later and all spoiled crops... Some players play every few days and they would have to plan real life to manage their crops. Maybe a LONG timer for neglect, or a few hordes/animals/insects% ripping through their crops could make a crop loss situation...? Nulifying the "seed" recipe all together could make the game incredibly difficult if you could ONLY find seeds and not make them, but thats all too unrealistic. On the other hand food spoilage in general would add a serious level
  5. @faatal, Roland, MM & TFPs Is there a Trigger block or something like it "on enter" in A17? Where one could initiate a zed spawn/event/itemdrop/buff effect/verbal script/quest on the person entering it? Just wondering if this was considered or if the mechanic is already in the game? Thanks.
  6. Unless the movement calcs to get to that side of the base are more then just tearing through a closer wall/barrier. A* Pathing This video does a good job explaining..
  7. Somewhere after Steel the game gets a lot easier. (40-80th level.) Then most just stockpile and build until lvl200. I know first thing I do is sell all weapons and parts(except Sniper) to get coin to buy a machete blade or full machete and usually craft one at about 20th lvl @150quality and then even on the hardest servers melee and survival is good from there on. I know its still alpha but a smoother balance from 0 to 200 instead of 0 to 40 would help keep players from being bored so quickly on second play through. (Then again we are talking about those experts who have played through t
  8. How can you do that? I'd like to roll them when a player hits 200 level...
  9. Who said books were gone? I thought they were going to be used in recipes? Did that change?
  10. @madMole @Roland @Faatal I'm LOVING the new attributes there is one tweek that may be better to the Intellect Attribute... Instead of an EXP Gain ... How about a few bonus skill points instead? Or a Random chance to get an Extra skill point on level?? because an EXP GAIN just shortens the time to get to level 200... no real value-add for the effort. While a chance to get another Skill point on level gain would ADD to the character variety??? even 2% 3% 4% 5% 7% 8% 10% 12% 13% 15% for the tiers would add only a few extra points on the way to 200... allowing a player to luck i
  11. Thanks @madMole! Excellent! Fantastic work. You had me with the surprise at the end.. i'm like aw man he skipped one... and then BAM! Awesome surprise. From other videos and talk about fish tacos... I think fishing and under water terrain decorations may have been added but are on the hush hush. Thanks for making this game fantastic.
  12. I play on a great community server (PVE) the regulars are helpful to new comers. (look for a modded name with "Free Jeep" or "Do or Die" ) also with the advent of A17 we should see more groups teaming up from what I have read. (while A18 will promote Bosses that will most likely take a group to attack? maybe?) I'm in Texas as well PM me with more details where
  13. Heya! I was wondering about Zed AI pathing? (1) Can anyone expound a bit on it? Specifically... (2) How many blocks can a Zed "see" when determining which block to attack if they cannot reach you on a platform? if I build a square wall of 20x20 and leave a door open will they walk around the building to find the opening? Could they do a simple Maze without tearing thru a wall if all air blocks had a path to you? Can they only "read" direct path visible blocks or are the hidden blocks in the formula? Basically How smart have you made them?
  14. First, I love the changes breaking out the dev diary for DEVS only, Efficient and stuff doesnt get lost in gripes. Well Done! I'd Throw in $100 for a webcam randomly placed at a coder and workstation at The Fun Pimps HQ...
  15. Yes, IMHO... that was an update. If you guys could say something like the following occasionally would help the natives stop being so restless with the addition of maybe LIKE : "AI is finished but still polishing" "Vehicles are 90% done" "RWG Has a problem with POI's " "New items are being created and tweeked should be done in a week" "Interfacing the UI with the new engine" ETC ETC...
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