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  1. Subquake, let me add my thanks for a fantastic mod! really enjoying it. was wondering if there was some way i could make the font size of the perk descriptions larger? my old eyes just aren't what they used to be.
  2. big THANK YOU to you folks for all the hard work. really does make the game so much better
  3. have never owned either console for gaming. does sony operate a publishing or developing division?
  4. MadMole has said in the recent past that his design is that the best gear should be looted, not craftable. as for the future...
  5. iirc, faatal said that zombies would do 6x damage to any block if the pathing decision determined it was stuck. poles were being discussed by others at the time so the myth was born
  6. MadMole, much respect. reading your posts help me recognize ( if not learn ) that patience is a good thing.
  7. the forum has an " Images and Videos" sub-forum. that might could work for folks to display their creations
  8. you describe house_old_bungalow_11. and i'm sure Laz Man will confirm that several areas of that poi house insta wake zeds, for those special moments.
  9. $0.02 i hope TFP makes game design decisions based on folks playing in a "survivor state-of-mind" like role playing. some of the recent posts seem to set aside that type of thinking in favor of " how can i game the game" . as Laz Man said, we'll know when we play
  10. lug

    Ravenhearst Mod

    many thanks, and much respect for your work
  11. @ Subquake, many thanks for all your work in creating this very fun mod, and your ongoing passion to see it become your vision realized i will be interested to see how you rebalance the way player level and associated skill levels act as gates to other desirable perks. my first reaction is that it will be like my first play-through of Call of Cthulhu... hope you also played that wonderful pen and paer RPG
  12. Thank you, Magoli! and thanks to all the creative folks who offered their creations for our fun!
  13. always impressed by this communities knowledge and willingness to share. @ Magoli, you continue to be a leader in this awesome army of modders. thank you ever so much @ Guppycur, let me join my voice with Jax in expressing hope that you get the prefab building bug again; yours do indeed ROCK
  14. lug

    Ravenhearst Mod

    many thanks for your quick and detailed help. and please let me join you in thanking Jax and his creative team for all their work
  15. lug

    Ravenhearst Mod

    just a little thing, but would some one tell me how to remove the overly large, brightly colored, extremely agitated, npc types? i have encountered 2 of these and they just wildly sprint from place to place within the town. the magenta one seemed to follow me for a bit. the other seems to distinctly run away from me.
  16. recently found your VERY helpful channel. Thanks for all you do
  17. Magoli, Thank you so much for your years of hard work and community support
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