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  1. Canadus

    True Survival

    just wana say THANK you for your hard work... its really apriciated.. love true survival,, cant waite til its done
  2. YESSS That's great news. Thank you for sharing info mate. It's really apriciated. Cheers Canadus Ps. Can't waite for RH on a17.. Yea yea I know it's a long way to go.. but still 😁😁😁.
  3. that would be SOO cool Jax. hope you can make it happen cheers Canadus
  4. Got a question. What does the deer blind do. I build the tower but I done see and feed anyway. Cheers canadus.
  5. thank you alot "the Lorax" apriciate it cheers Canadus
  6. hi there.. sorry for the semi dumb question but.. what version do i have to download if i want to,,, play a version where its just me and my daughter (so multiplayer). can i just download the single player version then choose multiplayer or do i have to download the dedicated Multiplayer version ?? cheers Canadus
  7. hi Sphereii just wanted to say a big,,,,,,, THANK YOU, for making this launcher,,,, thats it... im done.... have a good day everyone,,,,, ooo yea.. and THANK YOU again it is really apriciated cheers mate Canadus
  8. nice very impressive,, argh now i wana try it out... its YOUR fault thank you for info again. think ill download it and try it tonight cheers and thank you for making another cool mod you "modders" never cease to impress me
  9. thank you alot for info. so manney mods.... so little time. personaly i love true survival,, love it hard.. but its time for me to try something else. do you have somekind of list of whats added,,,, new weapons ?? armors ?? cheers Canadus
  10. this mod looks really cool but im finding it hard to "compare" all the diffrent large mods. like what can this mod do that starwation cant... and the other way around ? canadus
  11. Canadus

    True Survival

    why was steel armor removed ??
  12. thats just Great. thansk alot for answer ill play some more then cheers Canadus
  13. is there a manuel or something . mostly regarding the classes... and can i get more classes or are some stuff forever locked out ?` cheers Canadus
  14. Canadus

    True Survival

    thank you spider for all your hard work on this mod. it is greatly apriciated.,.,. Love your mod,,, (still have nightmares about chickens chasing me) cheers Canadus
  15. Canadus

    True Survival

    hi there. i need your help. i died in a SP game and when i respawn (may have forgotten to make a bed) everything is just black and i get this error help im trapped.. what can i do??? Nevermind... i fixed it.. had to do some Hex editing... cheers Canadus
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