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Graphics update?! Leaked images for A17?!


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My friend and I are crazy 7 Days fans and we decided to do the heinous, the unspeakable.. we've taken remote hostage of MadMole's Potato and downloaded a secret version of 7 Days to Die which looks to be Alpha 17 or possibly 18 for when GPU's can handle this kind of game easier (Using 4xSLI GTX 1080) with a 4:3 ratio screen).


We booted up a creative server and had a play around, built a base, tested some gear, and the graphics was intense.


There's still some bugs though, some reason the Compass and Time of Day didn't progress, though the day was still passing.





Here's some painting on half blocks with a HD'ed texture, grey painted bricks. It's looking pretty realistic and nice so far. I didn't want to be too flash with Stainless Steel.






The new Workbench is F'in insane.. there's a lot of tools on it though which can't be used in the game, which makes them kind of Chekhov's Gun. But still awesome none the less.. nice modeling Pimps. Why so much Icecream though?






Here's the new wall mount system, also some Rappel and Zipline equipment that's meant to be up coming in 17.






Chests look awesome right now, the lids slide up and everything. The Coolers are also now craftable, and allow you to store meat longer. I put them up there to show them off, there's not many Stag to hunt right now since 16 A119. The benches below can now have stuff stored on them, too. Note the Duct Tape and the Shamway Crate.






Broken Glass has an awesome looking model, I was upgrading a window and accidentally hit it with the Hammer. Repair cost is a little too high.. Also the Compass is still wrong.

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Here's some digging with the new shovel model, on the new dirt texture with some Cotton growing to the side. Don't know why newly planted cotton still looks like an Agapanthus, perhaps it's a placeholder?






The Chainsaw is awesome.. so much better yet trees need an update to show branches/trunk being cut. Model work in progress I assume.






Wrenching a Car here, seems like they've added Utility Vehicles now, so no more clone colour cars (sedans) everywhere. Finally variety.






I crashed, I somehow wrenched three radiators out of the car, which progressed the day to 10:00. I'll have heaps of Brass from these no problem when I toss 'em into the forge. I hope they'll fit.




UPDATE: It seems there was some sort of ticking time bomb with the client, it has figured I'm not the Mole himself and deleted the .exe along with my system32 as consequence.


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Too bad you didn't get pictures of the new zombie models mom zombie, dad zombie and neighbor zombie.


I also feel compelled to critizise some of the new models because they don't look like their real counterparts at all.


It's still in early alpha, I think there'll be many more model updates after this.

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