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  1. I have been playing form a14 to the start of a19 and never had a bug that made me stop playing. I left for a few months after the start of a19, now Im back, and I cant play becaus of this bug. It happens to me in almost every POI
  2. Great, thanks, got an awesome map
  3. Please, Id really like to know, bc Im deciding if continuing that game. Does nitrogen add also lots of non dungeon POIs, or are they all dungeons?
  4. Does this world generator mantain the a18 change of lots of non dungeon POIs? I just started and the world looks awesome, but every POI I found (still early) was a dungeon. I loved how a18 introduced lots of non dungeon POIs again
  5. I see. It's wierd, since they still took about 6 hits to the head to kill, not much less than the 485 worth ones. They arent 5 times weaker for sure.
  6. I will, it was just late already, and I was thinking about those questions while at work. What about the low xp for some zombies, will that be answered too? Looked like a bug
  7. I only had time to play 30 min yesterday, but I have some questions: - Why are there so many middle crafting components? I mean, adding new stuff to craft is awesome.... but useful stuff. Adding a component for something you could directly craft before is just adding clicks, not content. Im not sure if those middle components add anything. Do they serve a more interesting purpose I still have to see? - I killed 10 zombies and 7 of them gave ~485 xp and 3 of them only 85. Is that a bug? - Those 10 zombies gave me only like 1/6 of a level. At level 1... Is this compensated by better crafting/gathering xp or is it really that much slower? - Since we can deploy and recover that portable workbench, what is the purpose of it? Again it seems like just needing more clicks to do the same thing without changing anything important. - Is the zombie AI touched in any way in this mod? Will the hordes still do a congaline and get stuck on ramps like in vanilla? Thanks
  8. Yesterday I tried the mod (using the launcher) and my first problem was it doesnt work with 17.2. It also doesnt tell you any error if you select to copy the game from your folder and you have the 17.2. Even worse, the menu of the game once you start it says 17.1, which is false if you had 17.2 So if you havent done this before, delete everything from the mod, on your game options switch to 17.1 on the Beta tab, after it updates, copy the game and install the mod again (everything with the launcher). After that it worked for me.
  9. I am thinking about installing the mod. Are things like this explained anywhere? Sounds impossible to figure out without any explanation.
  10. How is building a base and defending it compared to vanilla a17? Is it the same, was something changed? Is a 360؛ perimeter more useful than in a17 vanilla? Are ramps and mazes exploits still the best against broken AI? Do zombies still do the conga line? Do they still all hit the same block and with bonus damage for beeing bunched up? I have never played 7d2d modded, asking from ignorance.
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