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  1. Ive been playing for 4 years and I never reached above level 50. Just start a new game.
  2. you dont have to bet, you can watch his hundreds of youtube videos. Some playthroughs are with mods, but most are unmodded.
  3. So, saying I agree about 1 thing you say, but disagreeing about the other, which is saying a game doesnt have replayability, when theres tons of players with hundreds of hours on it in alpha stage, is beeing childish? Sure, if it makes you feel better about defending the undefendible. Sorry, but 7d2d is 101 of replayability. Does that mean you cant get bored of it? No, as in any game. But getting bored of a game doesnt mean it doesnt have huge replayability.
  4. I agree. But so is 7d2d. It's still in alpha and "some players" even have over 1k hours on it. Oh wait.
  5. forest with very short distance to desert is my all time favourite. Near snow biome is a bonus.
  6. IMO strength is a must in every game. Like many things in a18, its totally not fair for builders/crafters. For fighting, you can choose any skilltree and you get 2 or 3 weapons out of it. So its a matter of choice with what weapons you kill. But for gathering you need tools, so you need to go stregth no matter what. They put gathering vs not gathering at the same level as killing using a bat vs using machete.
  7. They are still switching things around unsuccessfully trying to make early game slower instead of creating endgame content. Since like a16. Im half joking.
  8. Altho it is an unpopular opinon in many games, I love damage numbers in any game. Yeah, I would love them in skyrim and in many games that dont have them because of immersion. For me, HUD elements, information, stats, and so on, is never bad. The more info the better. The less info, the more random looks everything. Random is bad for me in most cases. I want to know why I died fast, I want to know why Im killing fast or slow. I love stats and as much info as possible. And not because of easiness or something like that, but because it makes me enjoy my char more, the items I get and use, the enemies. Having info about all the stuff makes it more enjoyable.
  9. May be creative menus fault, but it is happening in my current game too. Usually lower quality items have higher base stat, altho worse secondary stats (duration and such) But its just 1 game so not proof enough
  10. It's a pretty common opinion. I agree completly. a16 had the perfect scope, they just needed to add content and polish the game. a17 added nice content but changed many things for the worse. A18 while clearly far superior to a17, included for some strange reason a change in attitude from the devs, which now want a more borderlands like game and damage the crafting part more and more.
  11. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Love those 3 games, but they are like the most easy games out there.
  12. Altho OP is beeing too extreme, I agree on not likeing sleepers. I prefer most zombies of the house coming to get me than them trying to surprise me on each room.
  13. After not playing for a month bc of holidays, I played horde night yesterday with a friend. Ive been playing for years, but always solo, this is my first coop game. The horde night (14) was amazing, not only did we get tons of zombies, but their pathing was awesome. They came from several directions and almost surrounded the base, like they should, not like they did in a17. But even on a18, while it was improved and they spread a bit, they still didnt have such cool pathing surrounding my base in what I remembered from a18. I was very happy with how they behave in yesterdays horde. Then today it hit me, they didnt have a much bettter pathing to surround our base, its just that they came from 2 different directions because we were 2 players. What a dissappointment. Well, it still was cool, but it wont be like this when I continue playing alone. Moral of the story: Make zombies surround our bases again, it's much more fun. Why not just make them come from all directions instead of from 1?
  14. SInce a17, the map generator is useless. Like commented above, use NITROGEN
  15. Not only that, but asking for things and complaining about other things doesnt mean you dont love the game.
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