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  1. I have some friends who I think would really enjoy this mod, and I gave it a quick try out myself - it really brought back an Alpha 10 feel - bravo! They are however, real mole rats, so the fact that ores don't display in the ground would be a deal breaker for them I reckon - do you know when you're likely to have that fixed? Also, I presume this will run as a server, right?
  2. It'll take some learning to be sure, but the new forum looks much better than the old, and (so far as I've explored) seems to have, on balance, better functionality.
  3. Inventory mod. I despise inventory management, so I use a mod to make my personal inventory massively larger. I also mod the stack sizes to be 20,000 for everything.
  4. I've merged the formerly three threads into this one. A temporary redirect will remain for three days.
  5. It'd be nice if the Pimps made Alphas1-4 available this way also. That was before I knew about the game, so I haven't ever played 'em.
  6. Dust2Death, What an incredibly impressive mod. I'll definitely be trying this out when A17 gets a little more stable. :-)
  7. All, As Jax has asked for, please keep the discussions civil. Thanks. OzHawkeye.
  8. OzHawkeye

    Origin UI MOD

    Very nice mod indeed. This'll be added in to my game for sure. Weill done!
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