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  1. I believe it's just the same, but with higher health/life/damage values. My modding is quite out of date now, so perhaps one of the many mod-experts may reply, but I don't believe there's anything you can do to squeeze more zombies into POI's (but I could well be wrong on that).
  2. As Maharin said, it's in the spawning.xml file (which you'll find in the Data\Config directory beneath where you have the game installed, by default inside your Steam directory). For example in editing, it's just a simple text file, as below: <biome name="pine_forest"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="3" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="4" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesNight" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="14" time="Night" entitygroup="EnemyAnimalsForest" spawnDeadCh
  3. No, they don't need to focus "solely on RAM optimisations" in Alpha 19 (or any other Alpha for that matter). Let 'em finish the content push they want to do, get into Beta, and then, absolutely, make optimisation their highest (but not sole) concern.
  4. True that, I'm one of the latter not the former, and quickly mod any new version of the game to use 20,000 stacks for everything that can indeed safely stack. Doesn't matter what game either really (Factorio, the very first mod I made, bumped all stack sizes to 200,000).
  5. As Liesel pointed out you can quite happily click on the executable file regardless of where it is, or right-click on it copy it and paste it as a shortcut onto your desktop. I've got every version of 7dtd on my drives all the way back to A7. Steam will only ever muck with what is in the Steam directories.
  6. Oh, I so hope TFP never, ever, ever, implements a weight based inventory system. I abhor inventory tetris, and weights makes inventory tetris look like a walk in the park (to say nothing about the fact that a "realistic" inventory system would be vastly smaller than what the base game already has). The very first two things I do with each new Alpha, is mod in a larger (much) inventory, and set stacks for everything that can stack out to 20,000. Don't got me wrong - each to their own - but I sincerely hope TFP doesn't do this.
  7. You could also simply copy your current installation to anywhere else on your PC, and Steam will never again touch it.
  8. I never got to play Alpha 1. I hope one day, once the game has gone Gold, the Pimps will release the (currently) unavailable Alpha's 1 to 5 for a little nostalgia/history trip.
  9. It'll take some learning to be sure, but the new forum looks much better than the old, and (so far as I've explored) seems to have, on balance, better functionality.
  10. Roland confirms Quantum Voxels for Alpha 21!* * They'll be there, but only if you don't look at them.
  11. If it's within reach of the skylight (an unbroken* line of empty space right to the surface) it'll grow just as it would at the surface. That line of reach is - I think! - 3 or more spaces, but you could test that. * iron bars and glass won't break that line of sight to the surface So, if the "sunlight" spread out over 2 tiles say, you could do this: ooooo ooooo ooXoo ooooo ooooo ...where X is the vertical tunnel to the surface (which you could top with iron bars for example to stop zombies falling through). Everything planted in that 5x5 grid, so 25 squares in total, would
  12. As of 18.3, skylights still worked. A tunnel to the surface, which can still be covered up iron bars at the surface level (glass would probably also work), will provide light to the underground farm, directly on that square and radiating out around from that square for at least 3 more squares in all directions.
  13. As my Avatar shows (of an A11 base I built), I do tend to like to build them big (though I've also played Nomad games, and in MP we also used to build satellite bases which were basic 5x5x5 and fully functioning still).
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