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  1. Games4Kickz, GrandSpartan, Kage848 ( Kage taught me how to play the game back in a14)
  2. Are they going to be of any use in MP 12k maps? They are currently just barren with nothing on them building wise
  3. It it an unoptimized experimental in an unoptimized game.
  4. I had a feral nurse after Day 2 into Day 3 morning on Warrior setting. She promptly ate the pizza and not in a good way This was after daybreak at 0400
  5. You can mod the map out or just make a new seed
  6. Food poisioning that you need to eat to get your hunger up but you can get food poisoning again? Yall are crazy
  7. Joe, Devs, Trolland: anyway yall can get rid of that space in between the plot block and the ground to fill it in to make it look more natural to the ground in 18? Talking about the space at around 3:20 in the video next to plot block/ground.
  8. Every alpha phase I swear folks complain about the kickstarter goals
  9. Pizza! You need more Pasta cans because you are removing the pasta but keeping the sauce. Corn bread pizza crust since we dont have flour in the base game. No cheese in the base game either so its mushroom chicken pasta sauce pizza /shrug Pizza Recipe: <recipe name="Pizza Pie" count="1" craft_area="campfire" craft_tool="toolCookingPot" craft_tool="cookingGrill" tags="learnable"> <ingredient name="foodCanPasta" count="4"/> <ingredient name="foodCornMeal" count="4"/> <ingredient name="foodCropMushrooms" count="2"/> <ingredient name="foodCanChicken" count="4"/> </recipe>
  10. Looking forward to seeing my favorites stream in no particular order: Kage848, Grand Spartan, GameEdged, Games4Kickz
  11. Some of the mods have bandits in them if im not mistaken, can just do those
  12. I have players that build big or build small. It's a playstyle choice.
  13. Im calling Bullsht on this. I help admin 3 servers that have almost all of the map was uncovered in each alpha version since a14 for a map that was 10k x 10k circle. Dont force #FAKENEWS down people's throats.
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