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  1. Games4Kickz, GrandSpartan, Kage848 ( Kage taught me how to play the game back in a14)
  2. Food poisioning that you need to eat to get your hunger up but you can get food poisoning again? Yall are crazy
  3. Joe, Devs, Trolland: anyway yall can get rid of that space in between the plot block and the ground to fill it in to make it look more natural to the ground in 18? Talking about the space at around 3:20 in the video next to plot block/ground.
  4. Pizza! You need more Pasta cans because you are removing the pasta but keeping the sauce. Corn bread pizza crust since we dont have flour in the base game. No cheese in the base game either so its mushroom chicken pasta sauce pizza /shrug Pizza Recipe: <recipe name="Pizza Pie" count="1" craft_area="campfire" craft_tool="toolCookingPot" craft_tool="cookingGrill" tags="learnable"> <ingredient name="foodCanPasta" count="4"/> <ingredient name="foodCornMeal" count="4"/> <ingredient name="foodCropMushrooms" count="2"/> <ingredient name="foodCanChicken" count="4"/> </recipe>
  5. I have players that build big or build small. It's a playstyle choice.
  6. Im calling Bullsht on this. I help admin 3 servers that have almost all of the map was uncovered in each alpha version since a14 for a map that was 10k x 10k circle. Dont force #FAKENEWS down people's throats.
  7. have generated 2 4x4 and 1 8x8. All 3 maps do not even go out that far before you hit the radiation (it hits at like 200 blocks before it) and then the world just drops off like some flat earther conspiracy. Mountains are hills, rivers that cut through the mountains no longer exist (one the best features in a16). Bedrock number was changed into the 40s so we can no longer down deep. Some players like to live like moles, (GG everyone who complained and whined about them). Snow in the north and desert in the south with burnt forest all over the map, hardly any wasteland. What are the TFP trying to do.. smh
  8. Dont turn off the option for larger servers with larger maps. My server had over 2000 players come through a16 and new players keep joining everyday. We need the large maps, currently it is 10k x 10k.
  9. Question got lost in the shuffle: Roland or Faatal: Is there any word on player vending machines? Ill elaborate.. So at least in vanilla in a15/16 if a player was offline more than the basic 7 days not only would their LCB expire but their vending machine would bug out any other player including admins if they got too close to said vending machine and would force the player to the command console. Has this been fixed so that the player(s) do not get stuck and it just makes the machine inoperable?
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