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  1. More toys would've been nice. :<
  2. Change of skin colour would be nice, too.
  3. That'd be too much PoI things to generate I think.. and would be confusing. Just Traders would be nice. ALTHOUGH.. what would be cool is a random flyer, same like a Challenge Note, but instead it would be like an Advertisement for Shamway, Shotgun Messiah etc.. and would ping a random location on your map.
  4. .. So simple.. and osom. Why not? Would love this.
  5. I would like to see Sprint in all Movement Directions to return. Not as it used to be, but a minor movement boost when holding the sprint button, would feel more normal. Locking it to forward motion does not really make sense. People argue "you cannot sprint backwards" which is a stupid rebuttal, you can, it's not really hard. :f You can't go as fast as you can moving forward, but you can still go faster than walking speed.. not to mention strafing.. Perhaps the Parkour skill can allow the player to use 'sprint' in the 5 remaning directions, allowing a faster movement speed than just 'walk speed'. 20% more at level 1, 40% at 3, and 60% at 5. If Walk = 100% and Sprint = 300%, perhaps using 'sprint' in backward motion would be 160% speed.
  6. This actually existed before on Military Zombies as a bug, they had 'steel armor' all over, and had to rely on headshot decapitate to kill them lol ;d As setting it would be interesting. Shoot off legs to make them slow to a crawl. ;x
  7. SxR

    Hoes removed?!

    Removed hoes from the game. They might return in a future alpha as a landscaping tool. Farming no longer requires them, simply place a farm plot and plant a seed. WHAT!! Sheee sun, ah dun' know 'bout cha'll but ah need mah hoes.. Bring back da hoes!!! I'm serious I like hoes, compared to farm plots.
  8. Simply a button to dump everything out of your bag. And a lock toggle, to lock specific items in your bag, so they're not dumped when you press the button. Would make pack muling loot much more comfortable.
  9. It would've been special if you had the classic gore block (dead wight) on the bottom of it in the mug.
  10. They're redoing current animal skins, and they'd prefer you to run around, not have a cage to catch them for you. But we already have farming, so..
  11. I think he is complaining about the part where you can build an elaborate maze and stand at the end of it, the Zombie will (nonsensically) navigate through with flawless precognition from start to finish and kill you. If you stood on the other side of a glass pane, or on top of a wall, the Zombie should start bashing the wall, not look for the stairs to 'path' to you.. at least, that's what's EXPECTED for a Zombie. I too find it stupid, but a necessary evil. The game would not be as fun, especially if Zombies couldn't flail their meaty arms though wood, let alone cement blocks to fulfil their purpose.
  12. .. I just want the crafting timer in benches when you leave them to be fixed.. that's all I really want.. :c
  13. For all the love that is holy.. any news for crafting timer in benches fix? ;x
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