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  1. I think Screamer was already updated. Unless you mean a third (?) itiration?
  2. I was being facetious but if rumors are Summer, that'll be cool. Hopefully just before the Holidays to absolutely smash some online play and get some mega bases going with my friends. ;d
  3. a20 wen? Love the changelog so far. Can't wait for the distant renders to look true to the world. Sucks so much to see a perfectly good Skyscraper all of a sudden disappear since it got blown up.
  4. It'd be nicer if the Ghille Suit took the slots of... Mask, Shirt, Pants Instead it uses Helmet, Jacket, Pants. Making us sacrifice our helmet, and leather duster. It might even be better if we could have the Ghillie Suit as a Mod Item instead?
  5. Would be nice. And the bed would be purchaseable from the Trader or something. It's a pissoff when you're out PvP'ing or exploring, someone finds your bedroll and destroys it.. but you don't realise and die.. sending you back to Lumbridge.
  6. Don't we have a low-key 'reputation' system, the more quests you complete, the higher the tier? The infrastructure's already there, could add bartering to it, ish? ;x Or more item unlocks?
  7. SxR

    Slot Lock

    So long ago I dreamed of a dump button, and we finally have it.. yet the other half of my request still remains said dream! A lock toggle, to lock specific items in your bag, so they're not dumped when you press the dump button. Would make pack muling loot much more comfortable, I don't want to accidentally store my ammo and medical each time I dump all my gear! :<
  8. I'd love it if Shovels when right clicked, would pat the ground with the underside, smoothing the terrain where patted to look natural again, getting rid of blocky, jagged edges. It's hard filling blown up / dug dirt when you fight Zombies, it never fills properly.
  9. I would like to see Sprint in all Movement Directions to return. Not as it used to be, but a minor movement boost when holding the sprint button, would feel more normal. Locking it to forward motion does not really make sense. People argue "you cannot sprint backwards" which is a stupid rebuttal, you can, it's not really hard. :f You can't go as fast as you can moving forward, but you can still go faster than walking speed.. not to mention strafing.. Perhaps the Parkour skill can allow the player to use 'sprint' in the 5 remaning directions, allowing a faster movement speed than just 'walk speed'. 20% more at level 1, 40% at 3, and 60% at 5. If Walk = 100% and Sprint = 300%, perhaps using 'sprint' in backward motion would be 160% speed.
  10. SxR

    Damage Types

    I think we need Damage types. Piercing - Bullets from all Guns Impact - Sledge / Bats Slash - Knives, Machetes And these damage types have pros and cons vs specific block types.
  11. Sand Bags are reserved as a Dev block because stacking them would look wrong. There's no use for them other tthan aesthettic I believe.
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