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  1. Title says all.. Will 7DTD ever get official servers? I was just banned from a server for absolutely no reason, after putting so much effort there digging a pit and building a base. It's infuriating. Official servers moderated by trusted players would be fantastic.. :f
  2. What is Critical Resist on Armor? Why is it negative values? I understand that Armor Rating and Explosion Rating are positive things, and you want to get the highest possible, but what is this "Critical Resist -4%" on armor? Should I be getting the lowest possible? EG, the same armor, but with -3%?
  3. God damn can't believe it actually happened. Thank you. I guess I need to look for that symbol more often on certain blocks.
  4. From memory you used to be able to break the lock off. Now it just makes a huge exposion, quite the jump scare honestly.. and then rinse repeat. On my PvP server, you can attack the bike until it explodes, it will then move slightly.. and if you attack it again until it explodes a second time, it disappears. Real odd stuff.
  5. So I have three main pissoffs about the game which I think need to be addressed real bad.. 1: Swimming, it's unbearably slow and awkward.. I think this needs to have a speed increase. You should be able to swim 1/4th the speed of sprinting. 2: Storage, why havn't boxes got the ability to be labelled yet? It's way overdue. Slapping a sign on a box, and obscuring said box 80% of its interactable surface area is ridiculous. We need a proper labeling system. 3: Building, namely platforms. You should be able when placing a frame/block, to aim at the edge of an existing block, and the placement wraps around for when building horizontally, instead of having to stand on the razer edge and perform camera gymnastics to place the frame/block. (Will add picture to help explain.)
  6. They should bite at the air occasionally, I agree. ;x
  7. Why doesn't Sledge Hammers have a volume series? I think every weapon style in the game has a series, all except Sledge Hammers. There's Clubs, Fists, Knives (I assume also Machetes), Bats, Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, Machineguns, Spears, etc.. all have books. So what's the deal, Pimps? :f
  8. Hey thank you Ripclaw. Okay.. so what if I died 15 times? Would I be in debt to.. 1000 XP, given that is the need per level in my example.. Or would I be in debt to 1500 XP?
  9. How does XP Debt work..? If for example, each level costs 1000 XP, and I am level 100 and die.. will I go down to level 90, and I'll need to pay off 10 levels worth of XP debt (10,000) before I can start leveling back up to 91, and so on? Thanks.
  10. There certainly used to be a skill for it, however unsure if it's still in the game. Re-read all the tooltips, it's probably apart of an Agility trait.
  11. More toys would've been nice. :<
  12. Change of skin colour would be nice, too.
  13. That'd be too much PoI things to generate I think.. and would be confusing. Just Traders would be nice. ALTHOUGH.. what would be cool is a random flyer, same like a Challenge Note, but instead it would be like an Advertisement for Shamway, Shotgun Messiah etc.. and would ping a random location on your map.
  14. .. So simple.. and osom. Why not? Would love this.
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