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Subquake's Undead Legacy


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how to extend the backpack?

Here's a general tutorial on how to extend the backpack size for the default game: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?66410-TUTORIAL-Make-your-own-bigger-backpack-mod


Though I would strongly suggest not to increase it for Undead Legacy, because the user interface will get messed up.


I know many of you guys have stated, that the default inventory size is just too small to be able to handle all the additions to the game by the mod, but that's just early game. When you get to the point of having a minibike, the large cargo space for minibikes compensates that for now. Also most items can be salvaged to their base components.


Currently backpack inventory user interface looks, in my opinion, really great, however increasing the inventory space will lead to multiple compromises, among them would be smaller slot size and a totally different layout for the center area of the interface.


For me to code in a larger backpack wouldn't be hard thing to do, the problem is, that I want it to also look good and feel good, so for now please be patient. Larger backpack will be a thing, but not in the immediate future, because I have to figure out a proper layout for the UI to support larger backpack.

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I do have a serious question tho, where do I make rebar frames? I can make rebar in the smithing table, but I can't figure out where I make the frames so I can start my concrete structure.


I'm on day 8, minibike definitely helps but I find I can still only do a few houses or structures when I travel and both it and my bags are full. I suppose as I learn more there will be much I'll just scrap or leave behind, but for now I don't know what is or isn't important and with in minutes I'm packed full of stuff.


In vanilla I usually have steel by now. I'm one tier away from it, then I can make the cement mixer.



bah spoke to soon one more blacksmith tier to get gears.

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(..) minibike (..) button to order the loot (..)

Not possible with just xml edits sadly.


Not a major thing, just pointing it out. :) your whiskey is seriously watered down. It can extinguish fires.

Thanks for pointing that out. It will be fixed with the next update.


(..) where do I make rebar frames? (..)

A bunch of building blocks have been moved to Carpenters Bench

(..) for now I don't know what is or isn't important and with in minutes I'm packed full of stuff.

Yeah, I feel your pain. I'm a pack rat myself and sometimes it's very hard to let go and leave some things behind to be picked up later. Certain aspects were inspired from game called Project Zomboid, that had tons of useful and not so useful items and it was hard to choose what to keep and what to leave behind, because of the carry capacity limitations.


Also I didn't have enough time to properly make all the item descriptions, some don't even have any description, only a placeholder text "No description yet.". Over time all the blanks and incomplete descriptions will be changed, including default item descriptions, that have to be crafted at custom workstations, so that by reading the description you would have an idea where something can be crafted etc.

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That looks awesome Sub, Nice job!!

Will you be doing the skills menu also?

I will have to adjust all the windows, because they overlap with the new layout of the info panel, which by the way I hope looks decent, because I was really afraid how it would end up, because we are all so used to the "classic" layout since A13.


The game has 5 actions reserved, but I trimmed them down to 4 actions, because I haven't seen any item requiring 5 action buttons and the key bindings have only 4 action button mappings. Please post here if I have missed an item, that requires 5 action buttons when you look at it in the inventory.

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I had some time to work on something:




did you test it with buffs/debuffs?


I noticed when the words come up for leveling etc if I have buffs, which is pretty much always, the first bunch of words are hidden. and the last bunch of words are covered by crafting stuff.


Just tested, the buffs show during open backpack. So hopefully they're behind and won't interfere with the numbers on the gun parts etc.


just a thought. :)

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did you test it with buffs/debuffs? (..)

Buffs/debuffs and what you gather will be moved back to where they were on bottom left & right corners.


I'm curious, why did you reduce the size of the storage box? The one's you paint images on (and storage chests) vanilla is 8x9 your version is 7x7. That's 23 slots less.



The reason was to balance storage, so things that take up 1 block space have 2x less slots than, for example a gun safe or a refrigerator.


But in the future I have plans to have tiered storage: Deco & Wood Tier Storage, Iron Tier Storage and Titanium Tier Storage, that have different slot count, based on current tier.


Safes would be different: Iron, Steel and Titanium tier.

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Hey Sub im sorry i wanted to ask if you are going to redo the map menu not the skills menu?

The skills menu is done and look awesome!!

Over time all default UI bits will be replaced.


Hello quick question are you going to be putting in more zombies eventually?

At some point after A17 will be out, I will consider, but for now they aren't in my priority list, because they don't add that much gameplay value, just variety.


Also, guys and girls, here's an alternative concept (Let me know what you think looks the best. Item Info panel on the bottom or in the middle.):








And this is how it would look if Looting Containers would be on the right side:



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great job it would be possible that you can also modify the interface of minike


At some point I will do that.


In the middle :)

It's a hit and miss in the middle, because the Info Panel gets in the way when looting/interacting with containers.



I like the Info Panel on the bottom!

Great work :)

Glad you like it, however it does clutter up the screen, because of a lot of information is squeezed in a very tight space.



Anyway. Here's some more pics:






It's a shame, that the game doesn't support the ability to move the different UI panels around by the player and remembering their states, like many MMORPG games out there.

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That's a bug, thank you for reporting it. I forgot to add twigs to Allowed_upgrade_items list that determines if the tool is allowed to use an item to upgrade/repair stuff.


It will be fixed with the next patch, though I can't give any details when.


How do I correct this problem myself?

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How do I correct this problem myself?


In the items.xml file you need to find and change Allowed_upgrade_items for the following items:


stoneAxe, wrench:

<property name="Allowed_upgrade_items" value="wood,clayLump,dirtFragment,snowBall,scrapIron,forgedIron,forgedSteel,steelPolish,concreteMix,cobblestones,yuccaFibers,ulmPlanks,ulmTwigs" />


clawHammer, nailgun:

<property name="Allowed_upgrade_items" value="wood,clayLump,dirtFragment,snowBall,scrapIron,forgedIron,forgedSteel,steelPolish,concreteMix,cobblestones,yuccaFibers,nail,ulmPlanks,ulmTwigs" />


Also more pics on what I have been working on:





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Looks great Subquake. Are you planning for an option between a 72 and 90 slot BB? With all the cool items you've added to the mod, I'll vote for the 90 slot.

Current UI without changing scale would best fit if the backpack slot columns would not exceed 8, otherwise things might not fit into a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor. So it would best support maximum sizes of 72 (current), 80 and 88. Maybe it would be possible to squeeze in 96 slots, but that's the max the UI would handle with the current layout without it looking ridiculous.


As you can see in above pics that minibike and creative windows are almost touching the window borders so only way to go is vertically. P.S. UI Scale is at 110%, previous Undead Legacy version, that's currently available is at 120% scale.


Also for anyone, who will wish to play the mod with EAC enabled (server friendly), I will be making a 32 (vanilla) backpack size version too of the new UI.

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