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  1. @Roland I humbly apologize for accusing you of something you didn't say. I still claim tiredness for reading multiple posts and inferring an inaccurate sentiment from them. Yet, I still stand by what I said about pimps removing many enjoyable "mini games" or however you want to call it that has reduced much of what you can do in the game.
  2. Actually I take offense to what you said too @Roland The pimps have changed so many mini parts of the game that kept player busy and having fun to the drudgery that is the start of the game. Minibikes - you had to build it and upgrade the parts. There is so much more that could be done with the vehicles, but right now it's just yipped I bought the parts and put it together. separate molds for each metal you want to make ingots for. The Forge now is very dumbed down. Even the altering out of parts of guns. I wasn't the biggest fan of that, but I prefer that to what we're doing now. If my brain was fully awake at the moment I'm sure I could point out many other enjoyable parts of the game that kept you busy and having fun.. I'm sure others can point out things the pimps removed in order to make the game "easier" or "simpler". I get removing tasks that were boring and just was an added step to get a material to a state you can build items with. But seriously... much has been removed The pimps put in all those dungeon like POI's which while fun are OVERKILL on resources. The current game I'm playing is the first out of 4 or 5 starts that I bothered making cement. I made maybe 400-500 cement and that was to complete a build, or I'd just go get more from a POI. The rest you can find in the POI's. Stone, who needs to dig for stone? you just bust up the Block crate at the POI's. Cobble stone, so much of that at pretty near every POI as well. You want to know why there is less to do in the game? the pimps took it out, it's less "fun" because the pimps have removed the things we used to have to do that kept us all busy. I wasn't complaining about that, maybe someone was? maybe they were complaining it's too hard to get materials to build with? That I don't know. There WAS so much to do in the game until it was all dumbed down so much. Making it easier appeals to some crowds I guess, but then you get what you have now, there's less to do in the game.... unless you're creative and want to do it. Otherwise it is kind of a shoot and loot and regardless of what early weapons you have that's what it ends up being. I still enjoy the game, but I can't play it as vanilla, I have to mod it to make it enjoyable. So saying those of us that don't like the current loot system and want it now is ridiculous. What the pimps put in was a bad decision, taking away enjoyable game options just for the sake of change wasn't necessarily a great idea either. 3 years ago I kept arguing for zones that were more difficult to add more to the game, not take out enjoyable parts to replace it with hard areas. I guess resources and coding and optimization may make that challenging. I don't see how, it just should make the game files larger... but I'm not a programmer, and I don't know why the pimps make the decisions they do.
  3. Sorry, I don't remember being infected for any more than a few minutes in those alphas. Whenever they put that big debuff for being infected like you got scratched and BOOM 'oh lordy, I can hardly walk'. I meant that. the instant debuff effect. I didn't like that. Alpha 11-12 when I started, I did get infected and couldn't, for the life of me, find an antibiotic, I even holed up and put all my loot in containers because I thought I was going to die. But then the next stage was just a debuff. This game really was the greatest when you had no idea. Newbs just playing are in for a treat, hopefully they don't watch to many videos that spoil it all.
  4. @alanea I'm not for the debuff for infections, they did that the last two alphas it was not fun. When they had different stages of the infection, that was ok. Stage one you're sick, get antibiotics, stage 2, stam reduction, stage 3 sever stam penalty... next death. That seamed reasonable to me. But the pimps decided to change it to a few terrible decisions, and then to right now which I think is fine... mind you I haven't stayed sick for terribly long, generally was able to find something speed looting to keep it from getting to high and then finally get rid of it.
  5. @meganoth I'm not saying all RPG's are perfect nor do their lore explain "everything" never once did I say that, and I don't care for online Multiplayer rpgs at all. WoW was the only one I played for a long time and I got BORED of it because after a while it's just plain boring doing linear all the same things with slightly larger mobs which are the exact same as the low level mobs. I did try Elder Scrolls online with some friends and again same thing, boring. Soooo boring it's all the same crap over and over again. So no not all lore is great for rpg games. But the truly good ones. I suppose you could put D&D in this, though I've only played the odd D&D game on the computer. They have an established lore, ,or reasonable lore or at least interesting lore. But as I said if this is a few weeks/months after the fall of the world and the zombie apocalypse is now here. A real time strategy (RTS) approach to leveling is just nonsense. Pretty near every house would have a hammer. i know there are about 10 in this house. Pretty much every house would have a shovel, again closer to 10 here. Hell we even have an anvil, a workbench, a vice, a sledgehammer, and a myriad of hunting rifles. You know what we don't have? We don't have stone axes, no primitive bows, we have a few pellet guns though. But don't think that would be effective for anything but target practice, nor would I use it for such. I don't want a simulation! You keep telling me that is what I want. What I want is a good game with reasonable decisions and a"stage" from primitive to modern weapons/tools makes no reasonable sense. A game you could consider a simulation is Stranded Deep. I play that with a buddy who is quadriplegic (guy I am employed to take care of), It used to be more simulation/survival like and then they introduced levels. You're on a dang island and have what you need to build the speargun, but you can't make it until level 5 crafting. ugh. So you have to go build a bunch of other things and wait until you get there. Same with the raft material, you can't use tires (although I still think tires is stupid, they'd sink) until you're level whatever but yet you have a bunch of tires. Yet it's to complicated to lash them together like you would sticks or the buoy balls. That makes the simulation now a game because it's gating for the sake of gating. Anyways. I'm fine with a lot of gameyness in 7d2d but when you start gating crap just because you want to slow down the start it's not enjoyable for me. If you enjoy that then congrats you have what you like. The rest of us should have a way to shut that crap off easily or like I had to do, wait until some kind soul posts a mod to return the game I enjoy. Once again, I don't care for the guns and I think the whole tool thing is balanced backwards.
  6. You are correct of course the pimps need to find what works and develop, no question, although as I said, this release of the loot wasn't fleshed out well enough and I suppose depending on how hard it is to move it to the next phases this may have been unavoidable. I still think it could have been held off. And dropped all at once. There were plenty of changes in this release to keep everyone satisfied without it. Good to hear how many are playing, that's awesome, although, how many of those people are modding the game? I am, do you count me as one of the happy A19ers? I'm not. And without the mod on nexus it would be one less. How many are playing A19? is it the 35,000? I know people are still playing A18 Darkness falls and plenty I hear/read people are still playing A16. Using a blanket statement that there are x number of people playing doesn't tell you the details which is a bit of an untruth. Kind of like how politicians use stats to prove their point but let's face it we know politicians are liars. (Please don't take it negatively, I have great respect for you and how you handle yourself, but it's just that number doesn't tell us everything). And this is the pimps game, so it's ultimately their choice that will lead to the final product whether they listen to criticism and complaints or not.
  7. I'm glad you enjoy it, I think bows would be more interesting to use if sound actually mattered in this game. Sure you wake up some zombies, but using a gun should draw more, or spawn in a few more behind buildings, or in the buildings (out of player sight) so that the gun has a punishment for using. Noise draws zombies. or traditionally they do. Here firing your gun, making a huge ruckus running around and banging things has little to no impact. This would have you try to conserve your bullets or have to make a lot more since guns will always draw a crowd. Forcing people to play slower doesn't add enjoyment for many. I do agree the food after a short time isn't an issue, I like what they did do with this alpha regarding better foods give better food value, but at the same time I see why people are complaining too, a can of any food should fill us up, and eating 3 helpings of bacon and eggs to fill yourself up or 10 steaks to get your health to full is a bit much to accept. Even infections become a non threat because you can make your own antibiotics. Some of these crafting items make the game far to easy. I don't want "Gating" but maybe these types of items require far longer to create (literally a couple in day games) - I haven't researchec how long it takes in real life to make an antibiotic from scratch so perhaps the pimps got it right, but if not, then that's something that could be done. Making some of the craftable items too gamey make the game to easy. I've been infected on the first day a couple times, and then my sole focus was on finding items to get rid of it... stumps for honey, or hospitals, or zooming into house bathrooms and back out again. That panic makes the game fun. fast forward 6 days I have 6-12 antibiotics and a dozen jars of honey. infections are just an inconvenience at that point. I know some people just eat glass or whatever, I guess that's their choice but it is fun to struggle to find certain items.
  8. I voted Other. and this is why. I like how the future sounds... but I still dislike a "primitive" weapon or tool stage. 1) the pimps need to establish a proper lore. a) Are we shortly after the world toppled from a zombie virus? - if so tools and weapons would be every where b) Are we decades after the world toppled? - still weapons and tools would be every where, there are no other people in the world, and why are lights still on in so many homes and factories even without solar panels... c) I've had people try to defend the gamestage with there is magic in the world (look at the ritual satanic stuff in some houses), if you can believe it in and rpg game, then it's believable here. Which is a terrible answer. In an rpg game there is an established lore than you can work in, we don't have that, we have some bossy guy that didn't like what you did stripped you and dumped you at the edge of the city.... and? The current lore seems to suggest we're not long after the fall, and zombies are every... in houses and for some reason people made their house a maze to get to the place they holed up. 2) the current state of looting is deplorable. This should never have been released in this form. The pimps could have kept this to testing, or advance a couple stages before inflicting this on the public. Because right now it feels the pimps had to come up with a better concept since people were so miffed with the current state of looting. You can build better tools and melee weapons long before you start finding them, which makes looting them later pointless. 3) In a game like this, either we just have to forget everything we know. I started playing in alpha 10 or 11. Fell in love once I found out how to actually get things so I could craft (all I did was pick flowers because punching bushes was not an intuitive action for me - had to google how to get things). Essentially this has been the go to game for me since that. I gave up playing in the alpha the gunshot melee swing came in (17? because it was horrible. I was going to quit playing this alpha because of the loot until a buddy pointed out the loot randomize fix on nexus mods. That's how annoyed I was with it, even though I was very happy the pimps fixed melee swings. 4) I've never felt the game needed RTS stages as that's not what this game has been and I don't like it. Gamestage was implemented for multiplayer then took on a life of it's own which has led to this. Gamestage makes far more sense for zones and for minizones that could be military bases and whatever. Those zones would be the true dangers and special loot..... however, restricting most good items to those areas will then lead to many just doing those areas. At least give single players the option to shut off gamestage in the future. Leave it for zones only. Multiplayer it made sense, so if a player started on a server on day 56 they didn't all of a sudden get a seriously bad night. 5) The progression of tools currently isn't very good. Stone tools should be pretty much useless. Right now with mods they're as good as a iron tool requiring less stamina, then the modded iron tool is as good as the steel tool again steel taking up more stamina.... which is silly. Stone is far heavier and no where near as sharp, it should be the worst on stamina and steel should be the lightest and most effective with stamina. I never did understand this punishing return for better tools. The first couple alphas I was so impressed and figure the pimps could do no wrong. Then I alpha 13 and each alpha came out I was more disappointed in decisions because it felt like it was trying to be other games which it didn't need. Far too much fallout influence. Fallout 4 I think was the worst of all the fallout series, and I got so bored of it and regretted wasting money on it (never bothered with fallout 76). So when the pimps started adding a bunch of the same mechanics I just felt the game was getting worse. I started modding it and downloading overhauls just to make it playable, or I'd probably have quit and moved on to something else. So I'm at least pleased the pimps allowed for such large changes in modding. But I will say this about the current loot system, there has been several threads complaining about it, and I point them to the mod on nexus, but even the moderators are telling people to bump up the experience gain to 300% so you advance quicker through the "primitive" stage. I wouldn't be playing it anymore if it wasn't for the random loot mod because the start was so boring. I appreciate that some enjoy grindiness in their game, or they play it off as a challenge. but after the 3rd restart I had zero interest in going through that boredom again. things modded for me to enjoy the game are: 1) stamina penalty and run/swim, I lowered them slightly 2) 60 zombies during day 30 at night (I don't like empty zombie world makes it feel so artificial because they're mainly in houses) Tho we need more random zombies in the snow biome, seeing 60 lumberjacks is kind of lame. 3) Fawk_Loot_All - returns random looting 4) Fawk Wandering Hores (every wandering horde is around 60+ zombies) 5) I modded out the twitchy/tweaker zombie movement - I never liked those since the first mocap came in... such an unnatural motion for zombies (that I prefer) 6) And testing out Undead Legacy for Subquake. He's made some very interesting changes. The weight limitation he added is wonderful. (I suppose that is a fallout type system that I do like, but it was there since the start.) So I'm cautiously optimistic about the pimps plan for the future. And of course anything that I don't like I guess I'll look to mods to assist. :) I'll also point out I use melee predominately, so I don't care if I find great weapons, I just want reasonable weapons for emergency use or hunting.
  9. The trader isn't why I said that. The fact that 7d2d keeps bringing in rpg elements just like every other game. The voxel destroy everything is awesome no question, the problem is more the continual trying to limit the player either by level gating (which met lots of opposition) skill tree gating (met lots of opposition) and several other things that drag it down and slow the progression. Again I've never thought this game needed progression or any of that since if you have an imagination, and yes I know - far too many today don't, there is no end to the kind of fun you can have. The gamestage was brought in originally to aid with multiplayer play. So players that join an already running server wouldn't all of a sudden have a day 56 horde on their hands and get frustrated. Now it's taken on a life of it's own. I'm glad they'll be moving to zonees that will be gamestage set... I'm hoping. so example you go to a large military base and the gamestage of that "zone" is 120. So it's challenging just to step on that base... but I sure hope they don't have a blind barrier that will prevent you from going in. It should be your choice if you want to go in and try and stealth it or get wrecked in the process. But if they're going to just hand you stone axes or whatever the new pointless RTS early stage weapons are, it will be seriously disappointing. As for newbies enjoying it. That's awesome. And aside from a few current annoyances I'm enjoying the game greatly... But I have to mod it so I have a zombie filled world and remove the terrible early stage loot nonsense.. I know you've said it's temporary, but seriously, that was a poor decision to release it in this state. It makes starting over (without mods) very boring.
  10. Go to nexus mods and search for FAWK-LOOT-ALL It returns the randomization to looting. That way you can enjoy playing the way you like again.
  11. I'll admit I have no idea if you just made up those names or if their for specific games I think the difference is context of the game. i've mentioned this several times in likely multiple threads. We're shortly after the end of the world otherwise most buildings wouldn't have power. Why would a store not have modern weapons? In rpg games, they're made that way and always have been, however, there are also TONNES of RPG games that you can buy on day one the uber swords if you have the money. However, you don't likely have the money nor are you going to have the money for a very long time. Although, in many rpg games you still may not have the strength or ability to wield such powerful weapons, or magics. That logic we can deal with. Also the level restriction for using the weapons is another reason I just plain got bored of rpg games. World of Warcraft was like that, specific swords having a level restriction right on it and you could just carry it around in your backpack until you finally hit the specific level. This game is different. It's you, in a world that has ended while we already have guns and what not around. We're not trying to get the latest r7-2000 Laser rifle because that's just not a thing. A shotgun is, a rifle is, and so are Ak-47's apparently since we're basing this game in the states. So if a trader didn't have firearms, they're either all sold out or not a very good trader. And using any of these weapons shouldn't be a restriction as a shotgun blast to the face of a zombie if you are 12 years old or 50 years old will have the same result... unless you miss for some bizarre reason. Your "skill" with that weapon doesn't determine the damage it does, the weapon and the shell do. As long as you're capable of aiming it and maintaining that aim the gun does the rest. Now if you go to the trader and see mainly stone weapons and tools, that's a dumb dumb game decision for this type of game. This is not a Real Time Strategy game, we're not dumping crap loads of research into a science division that will magically (or sciencely) break a barrier and allow for us to get the next tier or weapons or technology. That's just simply not a good mechanic for 7d2d. I get the pimps are trying to add all these rpg elements to the game. hell I don't even use the candy I think they're stupid. It's really moving from a survival game into the not sure how but I feel so much better at bartering with this here candy in my mouth and this cigar. To me, these elements don't make a better game, they make the game feel silly. But each to their own. I can avoid using them. You may feel you need to use it or like these elements. And 7d2d is quickly as you said "moving towards where every other game already is." And that is the problem. It's losing it's uniqueness and become lame copies of these other games that have been done to death. It was a shining example of a great game already, they just needed to flesh out some things and add content. But here we are, trying to be like everyone else. That's boring. That sucks. Go be you the best damn Barney you can be.
  12. Nice job :) These types of things do become personal challenges which are great. Thing is, if they hadn't put the trader in, we were busy running around looking for recipes. Then making the minibike. I still miss the old minibike, it was far more fun building it, then upgrading it as you found better batteries and engines. I think the traders make the game far to easy. I know I could just not use them, but I always end up selling the junk I don't use like crossbow parts, steel spear parts, steel sledge hammer parts. I really wish they'd let us scrap those for metal, or melt them in the forge. Otherwise, they're useless to me except to sell to the trader. Shoot, when I realized that minibikes never ran out of battery power. I had minibikes all over my towers to illuminate horde night. Mind you, I did that when the batteries would run low, I'd just keep swapping out the batteries into the minibike I drove to recharge them. So much creativity in thinking to utilize what you had back then. I guess with this many hours under the belt the "new" stuff doesn't really feel like it adds much, and often makes it feel like much has been diminished. But if loot in the trader is going to scale with gamestage I'll again be annoyed with something so silly as a game limiting mechanic. Why would the retailer just not have anything of use but stone tools to sell, or whatever the low end weapon/tools they're going to be adding. I guess if you're selling him lots of stuff they could have the trader say: "Thanks to you I've been able to upgrade my inventory". At least then you'd have a "Sense" of progression for those that need it. ;) But more likely the trader would say, "You've sold me enough crap, you're going to make me go broke, get out of here with that junk!" :) /shrug
  13. @meganoth I rarely use guns in 7d2d. I still think there should be punishing returns for using noisy items (guns, vehicles, augers, etc) there used to be, I haven't seen a screamer in some time. And I miss the 3 creepy screaming guys (current spider zombie) that if you messed up killing them would bring a small horde to you. Guns should draw larger crowds, Spawn them around the corner of a building, behind a tree or something non immersion breaking. Guns make noise, big guns make more noise. I play with that in mind and only use them for hunting, emergency situations, or trying to draw the attention of a group of zombies a bit of a ways off. I set it so I have 60 zombies roaming around during the day (I'm sure I screwed something up because there is often way, way WAY more zombies I'm killing in a single day and they tend to gravitate my direction even when in buildings) but it adds more enjoyment for me to the game. I don't like the current empty world game we're in. And the only place you find zombies are in closets and what not in buildings. I prefer the random loot so looting isn't boring, like it is now. As for the developers not making a magic pill to make end game more engaging. I agree. I'm not saying they will or even can at this point. What I don't want it a ho hum boring start because as it was I was done playing 7d2d for this alpha because the start is sooo boring now because looting is half the fun, finding all the things! But you don't, you find stone garbage tools/weapons and some mods and bullets. Which is fine other than the stone crap. I do not like a stone age/primitive weapons age/ or the fallout weapons like pipe guns and all that which it seems they're going to be bringing in. In fallout that progression makes sense, however you can also find laser weapons rather early on. But that is a lore thing. You're MANY years past the fall of the world by the time you're out prancing around in the wastelands. But this one I suppose once they do lay out their lore it will be easier to take, but as for now. With houses with lights still on it makes it seem like the world has fallen recently. So it's ridiculous to find primitive weapons in loot boxes. MM6 wasn't "level gated" in the way 7d2d was/is It was open world and yeah you could get one shot by the dragons but you had the ability to go there. Obviously an early level newb wasn't going to stand a chance but until 7d2d has areas like that. But I do admit it's been a couple years since I played it. Loaded it up and gave it another play through not terribly long ago. Your main limitations were level through training I think. You still needed experience before you could put on the better armor. Same with magic, you had to have enough experience before you could move up to stronger spells. Again it makes sense in that context. But in 7d2d it doesn't. I think we play very differently. And that's great. I play fast. I had done enough quests in my current game to buy a motorbike(not the minibike) from the trader by day 5 I think it was. Got lucky with a couple treasure chests as well to help pay for it. But that's the beauty of the random loot. It makes it a different experience every time you start, which makes it fun to start over. Remove the randomness and each start over is the same. or so similar that may as well be the same. Which again sucks the fun out of the game. I don't play very often long into a game since I find it just gets boring. Looting become stale because you've got everything. The only time I play for a very long time in a single game is if I have an ambitious build I want to make. Also, I'm playing Subquake's Undead Legacy which adds a nicer UI and has a weight system rather than the pimps limited bag. So while you can carry more items, you can't carry a lot of iron or flagstone blocks or rebar. But overall it's far more enjoyable system than this single feather just made you encumbered. Anyways, While we agree on some things, we'll disagree on others. I hope you continue to enjoy the game. and i look forward to what the pimps will do... and if I don't like it, I'll be grabbing a mod Wow, I have a real problem with the micro transactions. I get it, they're old enough to make their own decisions, most of them, but these types of micro transactions, or purchasing items to improve your game play often play into people's OCD. That's basically a company exploiting someone's disability and profiting from it. My grandmother had Alzheimer's before the family realized what was going on. Phone sales men were calling her all the time selling her pens with her name on it, wooden duck collections and all kinds of other worthless crap because they knew they could convince her to buy it. So I don't have any respect for game companies that do things like that. but that's just one salty guys opinion
  14. As Roland said, it's temporary. I have my personal doubts of the "fill" weapons for low stage, I don't care for a stone age or primitive stage of weaponry in a game based in a modern/post apocalyptic time. But I do like the idea of tougher areas and you then can gauge whether you want to go in there or wait till you're better geared. BUT, until then go to nexus mods and search for FAWK-LOOT-ALL. It puts back the good old random loot like you're used to. I posted this in a different thread. And as I said there, I am not affiliated or associated with the mod at all. I just use it. Have fun.
  15. I suppose we can justify anything away if we really want to. Simply put a stone age other than what you craft in a game like this is just dumb. We potentially found guns on day one in all alphas except this one. Yes change for the sake of change can be upsetting to many. Change because you want to limit the start of the game hoping people won't notice the lack of end content is lazy, and detrimental to the game. Yep some people enjoy it. And goooood for them. Some people like their games with ridiculous limitations. And bless their hearts that's great if they enjoy it. If the pimps would have came out and said, this is a stepping stone to a different loot system please bear with us as we make the adjustments over the next alpha, I think you'd have less outcry than you did. Without a simple statement like that it just looks like a horrible decision. As for a blunderbuss being a gun. Sure it is. I'd bet all 1000 people (if that) in the states that own one proudly display them in a gun case or lock them away in their safe. I'm being facetious here of course, but a blunderbuss is NOT a common firearm, nor is it a preferred firearm, nor is it a sought after by the general gun owners of any world, except collectors. They're a pointless weapon that had their time in history and everyone moved on from them to much better, more accurate, and safer weapons. So finding them with such frequency isn't enjoyable gameplay. So to say you'll find a blunderbuss at all, should be more of a specialty or a collectable in the game rather than something you would actually use. but ok, it's a game so I guess whatever. When looting becomes boring because the randomization of it is taken out, it's tough to enjoy that part of the game. Even as the game progresses the current and even all previous alphas, looting becomes some what pointless. There's only so many jars and tin cans you need to find. And when the majority of the loot becomes pointless, you start over. The lack of end game content is and has been the issue for many alphas. But it will hopefully come. Lord willing not in a download pack but in the base game. Perhaps these changes are all leading towards specific loot being found only in specific buildings/zones or whatever, I guess time will tell, but for now we mod the game to fit our enjoyment as that really is one of the greatest things about this game. I tried myself to mod the loot table within the first couple days of playing it, but I'm not good with modding, I can do some basic stuff, but this one was far more complicated, and thankfully someone on Nexusmods made one. People screamed quit level limiting us, or locking things behind levels and then we get a loot table that is essentially locked behind a level gate or gamestage gate. They had to know that wouldn't go over well. BUT again, mods are what make this game great when the devs make mistakes. And so I just directed them to the mod so they can enjoy this great game again without nonsensical limitations. As for why is it acceptable for progression in an RPG? You start out with nothing, or very little training and build from there. we'll use M&M 6/7 for examples. You could go anywhere and fight anything, and with that you would get loot well above your level (mostly gold) you had to train your skills at a trainer. I in fact argued when the skill tree came in, they should have specialized trainers you find and gain skills from them rather than the "ho boi I got a skill point to spend!!1" which I mentioned was inspired by M&M 6. anyways, You'd get your butt handed to you in some areas, or you would devise a clever plan to win. That's a good rpg. Let's take M&M 11(?) the last one they made. It was a honking piece of crap. You couldn't access some areas unless you were a certain level, level gating, and much of it was just so watered down and pointless that it became so boring to play. Let's look back at 7d2d, these gating elements crept into the game and it started to upset people. 7d2d started out with no limitations (other than finding the recipes) and from there your imagination and own goals were the limits. Now we have level limits, wait until you get more points to upgrade the one skill you want and blah blah blah. But I'm over it. Mod out the crap you don't like, or like me, wait until some kind soul does it because it's beyond your capabilities. People will defend the pimps even if they make poor decisions, and that's ok. I disagree that some changes were needed, but thankfully they were kind enough to allow you to mod out things you don't like. oh also, I used to pretty much only play rpg games, until they became so boring because you're doing the same thing always regardless of the game you're playing. So when 7d2d started adding rpg elements it was disappointing. so needless to say, this beautiful unique game is turning into copies of other games with some unique elements.... so yeah, I don't like that. Have fun, it's a game. go get the mod off nexus and enjoy the way you like to play.
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