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  1. @meganoth I'm not saying all RPG's are perfect nor do their lore explain "everything" never once did I say that, and I don't care for online Multiplayer rpgs at all. WoW was the only one I played for a long time and I got BORED of it because after a while it's just plain boring doing linear all the same things with slightly larger mobs which are the exact same as the low level mobs. I did try Elder Scrolls online with some friends and again same thing, boring. Soooo boring it's all the same crap over and over again. So no not all lore is great for rpg games. But the truly good ones. I suppose you could put D&D in this, though I've only played the odd D&D game on the computer. They have an established lore, ,or reasonable lore or at least interesting lore. But as I said if this is a few weeks/months after the fall of the world and the zombie apocalypse is now here. A real time strategy (RTS) approach to leveling is just nonsense. Pretty near every house would have a hammer. i know there are about 10 in this house. Pretty much every house would have a shovel, again closer to 10 here. Hell we even have an anvil, a workbench, a vice, a sledgehammer, and a myriad of hunting rifles. You know what we don't have? We don't have stone axes, no primitive bows, we have a few pellet guns though. But don't think that would be effective for anything but target practice, nor would I use it for such. I don't want a simulation! You keep telling me that is what I want. What I want is a good game with reasonable decisions and a"stage" from primitive to modern weapons/tools makes no reasonable sense. A game you could consider a simulation is Stranded Deep. I play that with a buddy who is quadriplegic (guy I am employed to take care of), It used to be more simulation/survival like and then they introduced levels. You're on a dang island and have what you need to build the speargun, but you can't make it until level 5 crafting. ugh. So you have to go build a bunch of other things and wait until you get there. Same with the raft material, you can't use tires (although I still think tires is stupid, they'd sink) until you're level whatever but yet you have a bunch of tires. Yet it's to complicated to lash them together like you would sticks or the buoy balls. That makes the simulation now a game because it's gating for the sake of gating. Anyways. I'm fine with a lot of gameyness in 7d2d but when you start gating crap just because you want to slow down the start it's not enjoyable for me. If you enjoy that then congrats you have what you like. The rest of us should have a way to shut that crap off easily or like I had to do, wait until some kind soul posts a mod to return the game I enjoy. Once again, I don't care for the guns and I think the whole tool thing is balanced backwards.
  2. You are correct of course the pimps need to find what works and develop, no question, although as I said, this release of the loot wasn't fleshed out well enough and I suppose depending on how hard it is to move it to the next phases this may have been unavoidable. I still think it could have been held off. And dropped all at once. There were plenty of changes in this release to keep everyone satisfied without it. Good to hear how many are playing, that's awesome, although, how many of those people are modding the game? I am, do you count me as one of the happy A19ers? I'm not. And without the mod on nexus it would be one less. How many are playing A19? is it the 35,000? I know people are still playing A18 Darkness falls and plenty I hear/read people are still playing A16. Using a blanket statement that there are x number of people playing doesn't tell you the details which is a bit of an untruth. Kind of like how politicians use stats to prove their point but let's face it we know politicians are liars. (Please don't take it negatively, I have great respect for you and how you handle yourself, but it's just that number doesn't tell us everything). And this is the pimps game, so it's ultimately their choice that will lead to the final product whether they listen to criticism and complaints or not.
  3. I voted Other. and this is why. I like how the future sounds... but I still dislike a "primitive" weapon or tool stage. 1) the pimps need to establish a proper lore. a) Are we shortly after the world toppled from a zombie virus? - if so tools and weapons would be every where b) Are we decades after the world toppled? - still weapons and tools would be every where, there are no other people in the world, and why are lights still on in so many homes and factories even without solar panels... c) I've had people try to defend the gamestage with there is magic in the world (look at the ritual satanic stuff in some houses), if you can believe it in and rpg game, then it's believable here. Which is a terrible answer. In an rpg game there is an established lore than you can work in, we don't have that, we have some bossy guy that didn't like what you did stripped you and dumped you at the edge of the city.... and? The current lore seems to suggest we're not long after the fall, and zombies are every... in houses and for some reason people made their house a maze to get to the place they holed up. 2) the current state of looting is deplorable. This should never have been released in this form. The pimps could have kept this to testing, or advance a couple stages before inflicting this on the public. Because right now it feels the pimps had to come up with a better concept since people were so miffed with the current state of looting. You can build better tools and melee weapons long before you start finding them, which makes looting them later pointless. 3) In a game like this, either we just have to forget everything we know. I started playing in alpha 10 or 11. Fell in love once I found out how to actually get things so I could craft (all I did was pick flowers because punching bushes was not an intuitive action for me - had to google how to get things). Essentially this has been the go to game for me since that. I gave up playing in the alpha the gunshot melee swing came in (17? because it was horrible. I was going to quit playing this alpha because of the loot until a buddy pointed out the loot randomize fix on nexus mods. That's how annoyed I was with it, even though I was very happy the pimps fixed melee swings. 4) I've never felt the game needed RTS stages as that's not what this game has been and I don't like it. Gamestage was implemented for multiplayer then took on a life of it's own which has led to this. Gamestage makes far more sense for zones and for minizones that could be military bases and whatever. Those zones would be the true dangers and special loot..... however, restricting most good items to those areas will then lead to many just doing those areas. At least give single players the option to shut off gamestage in the future. Leave it for zones only. Multiplayer it made sense, so if a player started on a server on day 56 they didn't all of a sudden get a seriously bad night. 5) The progression of tools currently isn't very good. Stone tools should be pretty much useless. Right now with mods they're as good as a iron tool requiring less stamina, then the modded iron tool is as good as the steel tool again steel taking up more stamina.... which is silly. Stone is far heavier and no where near as sharp, it should be the worst on stamina and steel should be the lightest and most effective with stamina. I never did understand this punishing return for better tools. The first couple alphas I was so impressed and figure the pimps could do no wrong. Then I alpha 13 and each alpha came out I was more disappointed in decisions because it felt like it was trying to be other games which it didn't need. Far too much fallout influence. Fallout 4 I think was the worst of all the fallout series, and I got so bored of it and regretted wasting money on it (never bothered with fallout 76). So when the pimps started adding a bunch of the same mechanics I just felt the game was getting worse. I started modding it and downloading overhauls just to make it playable, or I'd probably have quit and moved on to something else. So I'm at least pleased the pimps allowed for such large changes in modding. But I will say this about the current loot system, there has been several threads complaining about it, and I point them to the mod on nexus, but even the moderators are telling people to bump up the experience gain to 300% so you advance quicker through the "primitive" stage. I wouldn't be playing it anymore if it wasn't for the random loot mod because the start was so boring. I appreciate that some enjoy grindiness in their game, or they play it off as a challenge. but after the 3rd restart I had zero interest in going through that boredom again. things modded for me to enjoy the game are: 1) stamina penalty and run/swim, I lowered them slightly 2) 60 zombies during day 30 at night (I don't like empty zombie world makes it feel so artificial because they're mainly in houses) Tho we need more random zombies in the snow biome, seeing 60 lumberjacks is kind of lame. 3) Fawk_Loot_All - returns random looting 4) Fawk Wandering Hores (every wandering horde is around 60+ zombies) 5) I modded out the twitchy/tweaker zombie movement - I never liked those since the first mocap came in... such an unnatural motion for zombies (that I prefer) 6) And testing out Undead Legacy for Subquake. He's made some very interesting changes. The weight limitation he added is wonderful. (I suppose that is a fallout type system that I do like, but it was there since the start.) So I'm cautiously optimistic about the pimps plan for the future. And of course anything that I don't like I guess I'll look to mods to assist. :) I'll also point out I use melee predominately, so I don't care if I find great weapons, I just want reasonable weapons for emergency use or hunting.
  4. Steep slopes - No one walk up them, and or have zombies attack them, see my last post. swimming zombies - I can't tread water worth crap. I can swim just fine. make it so stam drain is sensible in water so you can't just tread water all night. you might be able to float on your back - I can't dense bones, but still simple solution and doesn't require a cheesey zombie change. Digging zombies - as a developer accept that some people don't want to deal with the horde (since they removed horde night as an option) why have zombies chewing up the landscape. This just could have been left alone. and people will always find exploits... it's what they do when they're trying not to die.
  5. not allowing humans up the steep slopes would make the most sense for a fix. and have zombies attack and break them. I made one on a day 7 and they did zero damage to the wall because they figured they could climb up it. Simple solution that wouldn't look so bad.
  6. I agree with Liesel Weppen, when you say got challenge, does that include turning off horde night in a zombie game where they advertised horde night as one of the important challenges. Build a good game, let people play it the way they like. Changing it so zombies could walk up the steep slope tiles was bad. They should have just made it so the zombies attacked them like a regular block. Watching them jump up the steep slopes just looks wrong (saw it on some of the streams when they tested it). Making zombies walk fast in water and then able to swim... no Digging zombies so underground bases aren't safe... terrible. Zombies on the north side of a structure with no line of side to the back of the building shouldn't traverse around to the back to find the easiest way in. (Hopefully they fixed that from the previous alphas). A challenge in a zombie game would to have a world populated with zombies... or at least cities crawling with them. But as it is, you see one lone zombie in the wild.... but with the terrible stamina drain I guess having a city of zombies to navigate would be literally impossible, at least from a melee/stealth point of view. Modding in zombies in the wild doesn't work well apparently it's too much drain on the cpu. The good old days the cities were crawling with zombies and respawning them fairly quickly to make it look like the city is infested. I like to "claim" the town/city so the spawn locations should have 3-5 instant spawns and then have a week or so respawn to make it look like you're taking back a city. Now there's a challenge I'd enjoy. But walking slowly everywhere because of encumbrance or fast stamina drain isn't what I find challenging... at least not in an enjoyable way. Those people can turn off horde night. Which is their choice to do so, so let the rest of the people play how they like.
  7. I experienced this yesterday when in the snow biome, it started to snow and my frames when looking outside went down to 13fps but when I spun around and looked inside they're were a solid 60fps. I watched as the snow started to fall then a fog rolled over and then it got really stormy, at that point looking outside was fine again, back up to 60fps. thankfully I wasn't in combat when something like that happened, it was unplayable. ryzen 3700x 32gb Ram gtx 1070 1080 playing ultra with bloom, occlusion, and motion blur off. As for the stone age tools being found in locked tool stiffy boxes... this is possibly one of the worst ideas I've ever heard of. I opened a box and saw 3 level 2 stone axes. oh boi! If you want to level/gamestage gate something like metal tools and weapons, make it so thoey don't drop but don't give me garbage I can make. Give me metal frames, repair kits, lumber even is fine. Something usable. Right now it's just scrap stone no one wants. And the constant stam drain I hated in alpha 18 is worse in 19. I was stuck in the snow biome and did a bunch of looting and then when the environmental protection wore off it was way to cold to stay in. Surprisingly no one in the snow areas had puffer coats or reasonable clothes... anyways, so I loaded up what I wanted to bring with me and headed into the forest following the road. It was sooooooooo slow because of stam drain and encumbrance. I don't have any interest in making multiple slow trips so I made one really slow trip. It's boring. this isn't what I want to do when I play a zombie game. I'll likely be making some modifications to the gamestage loot and stam or just wait for a mod. I find this terrible as far as game play. Having a "stone age" loot is just dumb for this game. The reason you're looting containers is for something useful. There is no way a store is selling stone axes, stone spears, or stone shovels. Primitive bows, you could make an argument some stores sell them. As for graphics and the changes. Not excited about how the zombies look, the bright colors on their clothes make it look like they just turned, (which makes the stone age loot even less reasonable, but aside from that and the above there is many good changes in the game. And THANK YOU!!! for fixing the melee combat! It is sooo much better now than it was. Much praise for that! Oh, aslo, I did use khaine's 60 backpack to increase carry space. There is so much loot and different foods and drinks. To keep them in the tiny backpack we're given even with the 60 slot bag it fills up so fast. This isn't enjoyable. I'm all for bag management. I do enjoy that. but the current system is terrible. Subquake's weight based system is so much better. that way a 10 stack and 6 stack of pills doesn't put you over the encumbrance mark. But of course you can't carry a stack of 500 flagstone blocks either. So there is give and take in that but it does make way more sense.
  8. Hi Khaine, Because of the "glancing blow swing mechanic" hitting the guard. I decided to kill all the guards and move them slightly further out as I filled in that area with blocks. (initial design was too far our for them to hit). However, after I spawn in the guards, they all despawn when I reload or move out of the area. Is there a way for me to anchor them in their new spots? or am I starting over? Also, out of curiosity, same scenario, but my hit points are at 110ish rather than 150. is this wellness? and where do I see wellness on my character as I couldn't spot it in the character sheet. And how does it work? How many wellness food points do I need to get it back up to the 150?
  9. A word of warning to those fortifying a trader with guards. If you try to break the catwalk type rails in front of the guards. The lovely glancing blow mechanic with melee weapons (fire Axe) hit the guard. The guards don't appreciate it and return the favor by killing you. Any way to turn off friendly fire? Them dumb iceholes shot me up pretty good one time shooting through me to get to the zombies as well.
  10. Hi Khaine, I took the Survivor Eve quest, finished it, but pretty sure she died from zombie attacks. So She spawend some where else. I get pointed to a different rally point than where she is. So I abandoned the quest, when I was at her new location because she wouldn't acknowledge I did the quest. So took it again. But the old Rally point is still there. It doesn't want to go away. Anything I can do about this? 17.4 stable. Also, asking for a friend, is there any way to play without Compo pack? It just makes the game far to easy. Thanks
  11. Sounds like a big wheel with maybe a trailer! boo how do you put gifs in? https://i.imgur.com/qYMWWJa.gif
  12. I play 2 hour days. So if you're not, that limits your time to do things per day. Speed at which you loot also I guess makes a difference, I use the spiked club unless I need the gun, I'm in and out and moving on to the next one as quickly as I can. I dunno how long you've played for. me, a lot 1600ish+ hours, so other than the new terrible pinpoint melee attack, that I'm sort of used to, I move rather quickly through each building. The welding torch I actually cheated in. I couldn't find one for the longest time either. When I did find one I threw it on the ground. Have found many since that though. I don't like when you can't make the minibike within a reasonable amount of time. And with the compo pack, Those buildings can be a boon, or just take up space. And I had sooo many of the just take up space type buildings that it became to much of a pain to run around to get to new towns.
  13. Strange. I had so many mod recipes that I just scrap each one I see. I had tons of paper and very little ink. It was rather difficult to find ink, but then someone mentioned you can make ink... and well it kind of took the fun out of the whole process. The no ink was a reason to go looting. Once I could make it, it was over in a day. So shrug. Somethings should be left to RNG because otherwise it's to easy and removes much of the need to go loot. As for finding schematics, there is one in almost every bookshelf you look at, and there are several libraries and houses with them. I suppose with random world Generator it may alter how many you find. Next time I play I think I'd want to remove the compo pack. Those houses can be... neat, but soooooo much loot. That casino was a jackpot of loot and Sirilion's old folks home/research facility(I believe it was Sirilion), as cool as it was, was again an insane amount of loot. Most of it I just scrap of course, but still.
  14. Is it possible to put back the old wellness system and ignore the silliness the pimps added with the stamina system? I always thought the wellness system was genius. And with losing the 10 wellness per death it was more than enough punishment to encourage you not to be foolish with your choices in game Because at that point the food you ate did matter, and the canned food would not help you gain any wellness.
  15. Khaine, I still haven't updated to the latest version of the mod, so perhaps this is irrelevant: Food - the new system the pimps made is. well stupid, before with wellness there was a reason to eat better foods. I have the use less food/water perk maxed out and I rarely need to eat. Drink more, but still hardly anything. I just got the farmer perk maxed out, I have zero reason to make a farm because I have 8-10 stacks of 250 meat that I have no use for. I can eat the garbage food and because I have the maxed illness reduction perk, I don't get sick. So farming is pointless as well. I think the pimps made some massive errors with these changes, but some obviously like it. Day 42 (just before horde night). farming - unnecessary food - mostly unnecessary The % improvement for wrenching a car is as goofy as the food/water system. I have those maxed out as well and I'll get 2 or 3 batteries and/or engines from one vehicle and often 2 or 3 radiators as well. These aren't your fault obviously, that's the pimps error in judgement. But these make the game far to simple and utterly removes any reason to go and adventure. When I didn't realize I could make ink, each day I wasn't working on the base I was out trying to find some so that I could master all disciplines. I found a mess of farmer and mechanic mastery books, and of course was able to find the others as well before I found very much ink. But that gave me a reason to loot houses. Aside from that, as always with no end game content (again pimps' fault) we're back to other than building a base, there isn't much else to do in game. Other than use your imagination of course. I didn't think I'd like the behemoth's and those giant women people, but they pack a punch and certainly give you a spook when they come barreling in on you. So those are quite fun. I often do night runs to enjoy that. So great job. Not sure if others find the same result I do when it comes to farming, food, and wrenching. I am curious what you and others think of this.
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