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  1. Merry Christmas Everyone!! Hope you all are safe....
  2. Are wondering hordes also connected to your GS or is it random?
  3. My 2 cents on animal spawning!! Before this patch i had to search for animals to get meat and after the patch in one day got enough meat for the rest of the game!! I personally think animal spawn is to high i know this is still exp hopefully this will change!
  4. 7 Days to Die - Maps, Mods, Modlets, Dev Tracking
  5. Will there be any changes to Navezgane in A19?
  6. Will the knock back system going to be in A19??
  7. Steam name:HdaRosa https://steamcommunity.com/id/HdaRosa/ Hours played: 2373 Started on Alpha:A10 Discord name:Henry da Rosa Native language:English
  8. Thats looking really good Sub!! Great job!!
  9. Gold and silver items are for selling to the trader! Well thats what i have been doing!!
  10. @linda I have been playing for a while and the sirdrops are fine for me! Try to reinstall your game and reinstall the mod! Some of your files could be corrupted! But it's not the mod!!!! - - - Updated - - - Subquake is still playing around with the loot! He will get it worked out!
  11. @marcou44 First question: sorry i don't have to ask Sub!! Second question: yes! if you use the mod launcher you can keep your save!!!!
  12. Subquake did reduce the amount of gas we get from cars and the amount of gas we get from barrels (600 to 300)!
  13. Looking good Sub! Can't wait to try the new patch when it comes out!!
  14. in the console window type in weathersurvival off, but you will have to do this everytime you get in the game!
  15. Hey bud try to follow this video it may help you install the mod yourself!
  16. THX bud for the hard work looks awesome!
  17. You are awesome!! Map UI looks good! I added the zombie texture pack to my game to give it a little different look and it looks good!
  18. Hey bud did you check your moldy stuff? Some of them don't give food poison buff, not sure if that's intended!
  19. I also don't use it but i was just checking it out!!
  20. Never mind bud it's working fine it gives resources!!! Sorry thx!!
  21. I also noticed that your moldy bread and moldy bread slice doesn't give you poison when eaten is that intended? sorry to keep asking stuff i will make a bigger list and ask all at once!!
  22. Hey Sub! sledgehammer doesn't give any resources when used on bolder's is that how it's supposed to be?
  23. I have been playing a little and have some thoughts on some stuff!! Starter base quest asks for 30 wood to make 15 planks but you need 45 to make them! Pickled jars should give empty glass jar after you eat the pickles! Nests i think should break down into twigs not grass to help out with gathering of twigs!
  24. I like the Info Panel on the bottom! Great work
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