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  1. @Roland I humbly apologize for accusing you of something you didn't say. I still claim tiredness for reading multiple posts and inferring an inaccurate sentiment from them. Yet, I still stand by what I said about pimps removing many enjoyable "mini games" or however you want to call it that has reduced much of what you can do in the game.
  2. Actually I take offense to what you said too @Roland The pimps have changed so many mini parts of the game that kept player busy and having fun to the drudgery that is the start of the game. Minibikes - you had to build it and upgrade the parts. There is so much more that could be done with the vehicles, but right now it's just yipped I bought the parts and put it together. separate molds for each metal you want to make ingots for. The Forge now is very dumbed down. Even the altering out of parts of guns. I wasn't the biggest fan of that, but I prefer that to what we'
  3. Sorry, I don't remember being infected for any more than a few minutes in those alphas. Whenever they put that big debuff for being infected like you got scratched and BOOM 'oh lordy, I can hardly walk'. I meant that. the instant debuff effect. I didn't like that. Alpha 11-12 when I started, I did get infected and couldn't, for the life of me, find an antibiotic, I even holed up and put all my loot in containers because I thought I was going to die. But then the next stage was just a debuff. This game really was the greatest when you had no idea. Newbs just playing ar
  4. @alanea I'm not for the debuff for infections, they did that the last two alphas it was not fun. When they had different stages of the infection, that was ok. Stage one you're sick, get antibiotics, stage 2, stam reduction, stage 3 sever stam penalty... next death. That seamed reasonable to me. But the pimps decided to change it to a few terrible decisions, and then to right now which I think is fine... mind you I haven't stayed sick for terribly long, generally was able to find something speed looting to keep it from getting to high and then finally get rid of it.
  5. @meganoth I'm not saying all RPG's are perfect nor do their lore explain "everything" never once did I say that, and I don't care for online Multiplayer rpgs at all. WoW was the only one I played for a long time and I got BORED of it because after a while it's just plain boring doing linear all the same things with slightly larger mobs which are the exact same as the low level mobs. I did try Elder Scrolls online with some friends and again same thing, boring. Soooo boring it's all the same crap over and over again. So no not all lore is great for rpg games. But the truly good
  6. You are correct of course the pimps need to find what works and develop, no question, although as I said, this release of the loot wasn't fleshed out well enough and I suppose depending on how hard it is to move it to the next phases this may have been unavoidable. I still think it could have been held off. And dropped all at once. There were plenty of changes in this release to keep everyone satisfied without it. Good to hear how many are playing, that's awesome, although, how many of those people are modding the game? I am, do you count me as one of the happy A19ers? I'm not.
  7. I'm glad you enjoy it, I think bows would be more interesting to use if sound actually mattered in this game. Sure you wake up some zombies, but using a gun should draw more, or spawn in a few more behind buildings, or in the buildings (out of player sight) so that the gun has a punishment for using. Noise draws zombies. or traditionally they do. Here firing your gun, making a huge ruckus running around and banging things has little to no impact. This would have you try to conserve your bullets or have to make a lot more since guns will always draw a crowd. Forcing
  8. I voted Other. and this is why. I like how the future sounds... but I still dislike a "primitive" weapon or tool stage. 1) the pimps need to establish a proper lore. a) Are we shortly after the world toppled from a zombie virus? - if so tools and weapons would be every where b) Are we decades after the world toppled? - still weapons and tools would be every where, there are no other people in the world, and why are lights still on in so many homes and factories even without solar panels... c) I've had people try to defend the gamestage with there
  9. The trader isn't why I said that. The fact that 7d2d keeps bringing in rpg elements just like every other game. The voxel destroy everything is awesome no question, the problem is more the continual trying to limit the player either by level gating (which met lots of opposition) skill tree gating (met lots of opposition) and several other things that drag it down and slow the progression. Again I've never thought this game needed progression or any of that since if you have an imagination, and yes I know - far too many today don't, there is no end to the kind of fun you can have.
  10. Go to nexus mods and search for FAWK-LOOT-ALL It returns the randomization to looting. That way you can enjoy playing the way you like again.
  11. I'll admit I have no idea if you just made up those names or if their for specific games I think the difference is context of the game. i've mentioned this several times in likely multiple threads. We're shortly after the end of the world otherwise most buildings wouldn't have power. Why would a store not have modern weapons? In rpg games, they're made that way and always have been, however, there are also TONNES of RPG games that you can buy on day one the uber swords if you have the money. However, you don't likely have the money nor are you going to have the mo
  12. Nice job :) These types of things do become personal challenges which are great. Thing is, if they hadn't put the trader in, we were busy running around looking for recipes. Then making the minibike. I still miss the old minibike, it was far more fun building it, then upgrading it as you found better batteries and engines. I think the traders make the game far to easy. I know I could just not use them, but I always end up selling the junk I don't use like crossbow parts, steel spear parts, steel sledge hammer parts. I really wish they'd let us scrap those for metal
  13. @meganoth I rarely use guns in 7d2d. I still think there should be punishing returns for using noisy items (guns, vehicles, augers, etc) there used to be, I haven't seen a screamer in some time. And I miss the 3 creepy screaming guys (current spider zombie) that if you messed up killing them would bring a small horde to you. Guns should draw larger crowds, Spawn them around the corner of a building, behind a tree or something non immersion breaking. Guns make noise, big guns make more noise. I play with that in mind and only use them for hunting, emergency situations, or trying to dra
  14. As Roland said, it's temporary. I have my personal doubts of the "fill" weapons for low stage, I don't care for a stone age or primitive stage of weaponry in a game based in a modern/post apocalyptic time. But I do like the idea of tougher areas and you then can gauge whether you want to go in there or wait till you're better geared. BUT, until then go to nexus mods and search for FAWK-LOOT-ALL. It puts back the good old random loot like you're used to. I posted this in a different thread. And as I said there, I am not affiliated or associated with the mod at all. I just use
  15. I suppose we can justify anything away if we really want to. Simply put a stone age other than what you craft in a game like this is just dumb. We potentially found guns on day one in all alphas except this one. Yes change for the sake of change can be upsetting to many. Change because you want to limit the start of the game hoping people won't notice the lack of end content is lazy, and detrimental to the game. Yep some people enjoy it. And goooood for them. Some people like their games with ridiculous limitations. And bless their hearts that's great if they enjoy it. If t
  16. Come on now, you're just being difficult when using that as a counter argument. M&M 6 specifically had alien artifacts because you were realizing you were on an alien world or aliens had crashed, and you're using their technology now. When I first played it, I did find it odd, but they had built that lore into the game which makes it easier to roll with. That's not the case here. As a side note, you could call down a meteor shower to crush your enemies. Knowing what we know about science, that's just stupid. Unless of course their world had a close proximity meteor belt
  17. A buddy of mine pointed me to nexusmods and some fellow there made the: "FAWK-LOOT-ALL" mod which does away with the silliness of progressive loot leveling. I despised the stone tools in every locked container when I played it the first time and after the 3rd restart I simply had no desire to start the "stone age" over again. So give that mod a roll (I am in no way affiliated with the mod or anyone associated with it) but it put the randomness back into looting. I'm enjoying the game again. Pimps need to take a long hard look at why they're trying to add RTS elements to this ga
  18. It's clearly a bug or a game mechanic to save on resources that needs some tweaking. You can see how they're not there at all until he steps on to the same floor level as they are. I've had similar experiences. I don't have logs for it, but the only weak thing in my pc is my gtx 1070. And that's more than adequate to deal with this game. My Specs: ryzen 3700x 32GB DDR 3200mhz gtx 1070 8Gb ram samsung nvme 960evo admittedly Kickz hasn't started a new world playing on b169 (at time of that recording). But considering many others are experiencing i
  19. Here this will show zombies magically appearing very well. Watch Kickz intro to his video where the zombies aren't there then pop the show up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWBvePVkvhg at 16:21 he goes on a bit of a discussion about zombies spawning in.
  20. The house where the kitchen floor (I believe) falls out and you drop into a pool of water. In the closet in the kitchen there is a ladder down. I ran into one of these houses and smashed open the closet door and climbed down the ladder quickly. ran into the room and slowed to look for zombies. I got hit from behind. Apparently a zombie spawn point is right at the bottom of those stairs. Next time I did it, I climbed down the stairs then turned around quickly and there it was. But it was not visible either time I came down the stairs. And no it didn't come down after I went
  21. I love they fixed melee combat in A19. A18 was embarrassingly bad. Hate the loot system and slow progression. Edit your xml to add zombies in the world. It makes it more enjoyable.
  22. And then what? carefully sealed up the loot container from the Shotgun Messiah? Sorry that's just ridiculous. Finding that crap loot in backpacks sure I can see that. But locked gun cases and sealed shotgun messiah containers is just wrong. IF you want to play that logic, then have two randomized loot containers that spawn with your gamestage. At low gamestages at a glance you can see an already picked through container - tool stiffy or shogun messiah container, knowing you'll likely get crap. But if you have to break into a safe or any loot container with a lock pick or smash
  23. Thanks for the tip. I changed terrain quality to low from ultra and that made a big difference in performance and nothing in regards to visuals that I can determine.
  24. I get around 60 fps generally everywhere at least in the previous a19 release, this one. 1.7.3 seems a bit worse. But what has been constant are snow storms destroying fps. I was in the snow biome yesterday doing some trader quests and a snow storm rolls in. I went from a steady 50-60fps to 11fps and even down to 7fps when I jumped on the minibike to get out of that biome as fast as I could. Once I got into the forest biome I was back up to 50-60 fps. Considering the snow storm reduces visibility to just what's in front of your face you'd think it would improve fps but it has t
  25. Well the thing is, I quit playing World of Warcraft because I was bored to death of the repetitive questing and the pointless raising of levels to fight the exact same mobs that were only marginally larger/stronger than the previous level. I tried 7d2d and found it REFRESHING that you were just tossed into a world without anything and just had to fight to survive. At that time there was no skill tree, no leveling, nothing. Just find items and learn and loot and build and try to survive. It was quickly addictive and amazing. I had so much fun for a couple alphas and then in cam
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