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  1. how do you craft the tailor station i cant find out how to learn it ive looked at all the skills i even went into dev mode and tried to find a schematic but no luck
  2. Hi how can i restore trader protection i edited the settlement trader xml and swapped trader to true and i even copied over the protection line from the base files and i can still destroy trader stuff do i need a new game after these changes for them to take effect or do i need to do something else? It worked when i started a new world
  3. I think the people talking about grinding are funny they must not have played the base game several games ago when you had to level up all the skill like crafting by making 1000 stone axes etc. lol
  4. Did the weapon parts get removed i scrapped a chainsaw part and got scrap iron instead its my first time playing since 3 came out wondering if my install just messed up
  5. frozen larry and frozen jenny are missing texures for me and frozen larry doesnt even have visible legs i deleted the mod and redownloaded it with the launcher and verified my original copy in steam to make sure it wasn't missing anything when it was copied over
  6. -Gun Parts have been removed to help us adjust and balance for A17. Now you will find whole guns and extra ammo. Is that something being done in a17? i havent kept up with what's coming out
  7. Hi when you do the random map is the red zone supposed to show on the preview because it doesnt on mine i even deleted the mod and redownloading thinking it was a bug and while playing a random map for 7 days now i havent found any burnt forest or radiation yet
  8. People are asking about updates etc. on the second post in this forum the author says hes busy with real life and the mod cant log on here all the time join the discord if you want information
  9. The ones in burned forest are called nightmares and they seem to drop gasser type loot the babies are called biters and seem to just drop poop and milk lol
  10. Found an a tiny bug or over site you can't make bacon and eggs on the big oven it says cooking pot required
  11. Hey i was just wondering what are the big highlights to look forward to in version 3? Normally pretty good stuff when the next number comes out! Keep up the awesome work
  12. Is this mod supposed to add more vehicles in the maps I thought i saw some the first time i played this mod a few days ago i had a tank i found but then it ended up dissapearing ive created a few new worlds with the cheat option on so i could fly around and look around and all i saw where generic 7 day cars and in my files i found tanks and bikes etc. i just refreshed the mod today to get the most recent update before i made a few worlds
  13. Hi i was wondering it seems like cars have dissapeared i had a tank near my home i looted it then logged out later and it's no longer there i didnt bust it apart with anything and i dont think anything should of destroyed it since i wasnt anywhere near it Also im new to this mod and only a day or two in when you tame an animal does it go into your inventory like an item or do you have to lead it into your compound somehow?
  14. the bigger backpack version seems to have the dissapearing items bug when you exit and come back
  15. seems like you almost have to exit the inventory right when the body turns into the gore block pretty hard to do ive only had it happen a handful of times
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