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  1. Are wondering hordes also connected to your GS or is it random?
  2. My 2 cents on animal spawning!! Before this patch i had to search for animals to get meat and after the patch in one day got enough meat for the rest of the game!! I personally think animal spawn is to high i know this is still exp hopefully this will change!
  3. 7 Days to Die - Maps, Mods, Modlets, Dev Tracking
  4. Will there be any changes to Navezgane in A19?
  5. Will the knock back system going to be in A19??
  6. Steam name:HdaRosa https://steamcommunity.com/id/HdaRosa/ Hours played: 2373 Started on Alpha:A10 Discord name:Henry da Rosa Native language:English
  7. Happy New Year From the Azores!!!!
  8. MM well we be getting the knock back system? Thx for the video bud!
  9. Will you guys ever put in a push or kick action or even a shotgun but hit to the head! So we can get the zeds aways enough to shoot them in the head!
  10. Maybe TFP can make the vending machines with an option to trade!
  11. Looking AWESOME!!!! Hey MM will we get an option to select how big a wandering horde can be and how often the will come?
  12. Will we get the option to change how often we get wandering hordes and how big they are?
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