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Medieval Times?


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YOu upload them to a image host such as tumblr or photobucket (photobucket is what I use since Im old school) and then include the link with image tags. Like this:






If that makes any kind of sense.

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I'm gona sneak this link in here and see who notices :)


Has the current blocks, biomes, and rwgmixer files, plus the mods folder and the prefabs used


The central hub city is my WiP castle.


I'll do a better version of the mixer soon with the prefabs from Guppy and Laz (and sorrows if I get them fixed in time) added to the wilderness.


There's still a few things to fix up on my site, but consider this a sneak preview :)

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Urgh forgot to get pics lol. Well more work done on the castle. I suck at stairs tho but it looks good and all. Will def get pics tomorrow. Just 2 more levels til i finish the first layer of each level then the second layers then the top part then all the windows entrances prison and dungeon and the skeleton of the castle will be finished ready for filling. As ya all must by now know i dont do small things lol. This is big :-D.


The towers are 90% complete as well.

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Yeh only had the roof to do to finish main skeleton of it then i bloody did a wall feature of water didnt i. Cant get into game now grrrr


- - - Updated - - -


O tried deleting water from items and blocks lol hoping to get in that way then try to replace where the water was with another block. But no red console everywhere lol


- - - Updated - - -


And that was just the castle bit. Still had to put it on top a mountain. Then add a trail down the side of it to a village which was then surrounded by a wall and moat

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Can you package the game save up in a zip along with your config folder? I could take a look at it. May not be able to do anything but I can at least try.


Hey Val ty. I got back into it i transferred the region files to another save game and removed the water that way thankfully i am able to continue. Just mental note dont use water lol altho i will be adding a moat via editor.

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Update to the blocks.xml and the icons folder.


Added a bunch of new blocks and icons to go with them.



New blocks:


Merchant Chest

Flagstone Halfblock

Sewage (will be the new container for turds)

Wooden Bowl (not sure what it will be for. Possibly just decoration in certain areas)

Offering Bowl (will contain gold or gems, found at churches or shrines)

NewWood Ramp

Clay Gable

Reinforced Cobblestone Wedge

Reinforced Cobblestone OutsideCorner

Miner Crate (will probably contain ores or stones near/inside caves)

CandleTableUnlit (a unlit candle to place on tables or blocks)


(These Merchant blocks will be future "workstations" where the player will be able to sell or buy items.

Inn Merchant

Tavern Merchant

Fisherman Merchant

General Merchant

Blacksmith Merchant

Mystic Merchant

Alchemy Merchant

Vendor Merchant


Flag Plate

Barrel of Fish

Pray Plate (this will be a block that when walked on will cure you of certain curses, meant to be found in a church shrine)

Rack of Fish

Crate of Fish

Mystical Orb (possibly will be a workstation for making magical components)

Mystical Orb2 (meant to be attached to the bottom. One of these will explode if broken. Theres a plan for this later down the line)

Stone Table

Reinforced Cobblestone Pillar

Reinforced Cobblestone Stairs

Metal Box

Metal Crate

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