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Ooooo... A19 is looking sooo much nicer...


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10 hours ago, Jackelmyer said:

Any heads up tips for someone who skipped most of A17 and all of A18?


Item stats and descriptions, buff descriptions, journal tips...


This is not the game you knew.

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Ahh man... I was split between wanting to watch the dev streams and streamer weekend, opposed to staying away from the internet and jumping in fresh and blind on Monday... I would love to think I have that level of self control at least...


Really enjoyed the dev streams, and the game and changes looks amazing. Even more hyped now to start watching the streamers in a bit, and start stealing some ideas. See where they fail with their defenses hahaha.... With most of existing defense workarounds have been squashed, we will have to step up to the plate with our base designs.


All in all, just another shout out to Fun Pimps. Been a amazing 5 year journey so far, and it just keeps getting better and better nearer the end. You guys are awesome. 

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