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  1. Hey guys, Long time no see. Quick question. I know a lot's changed since I was active in 7 Days. I was looking at the Modlet install method and it states, and maybe i'm reading this wrong, that the modlet has to be installed client side as well. If memory serves, back in the day we just installed the prefabs to the /prefabs folder on the server and updated the rwgmixer on the server to include the new prefabs as well. The files were downloaded to the client, and all was done. Is this not the case anymore? If i want something like that were clients don't have to do a mod install do I need to do Nigrogen's installation method? Sorry, really out of touch with all this these days. lol. Long story short: Looking to set up a server and avoid having clients do any installs manually.
  2. I can't believe Mag kept this up as long as he did. He did LOADS of POI fixes every time 7 days updated. I think a lot of the POI's predate volumes even. It's bananas.
  3. Honestly it's largely different now and this really should get an update. Do some searching on YouTube for creating POI's and such. There's some good videos out there and a whole tutorial. Also look up Pille's editor as he's got a great tool for creating and editing POI's.
  4. Nice. Is the map and the map pack you're making going to be two separate things? Kinda have an itch to see how vanilla RWG is doing in A19 while tossing in some extra POI's.
  5. So out of curiosity, how is this mod/map pack different from the Compo map pack? What ya shooting for in this whole thing?
  6. cool. You do a lot of work and a lot of good work too man. I know Guppy can be a little sensitive at times... which is fair. his bowel movement may be rough at the moment... just wanted to clear up the feeling of ganging up on ya.
  7. Fair enough. I may just build a stand alone client for these evaluations. That at least get's me off the hook for C++ and back to .Net.
  8. Whoa. Dude. Totally wasn't trying to talk smack about your prefabs. Guppy's right. People can take it or leave it. And yeah, you make some pretty cool stuff man. I was just trying to chat up the whole loot valuation topic how it could be used. That's all man.
  9. This is one of the reasons why I wish the XML of a prefab had a "Loot Chance" modifier. Where the odds of getting loot at all from a container either go up or go down based on the setting. So for the park, you could have simply nerfed how likely the loot would pop in a container. And in the Dungeon POI maybe boost it. Maybe two settings... LootPercentChanceAdjustment LootAbundanceMultiplier And these are added/calced after applying the base game settings and player perks. So you get a real adjustment of the POI and can fine tune the POI specifically. I would imagine Mag would probably then be able to just fix busted POI's and then have XML collections by loot quantity/quality. So you drop in the Prefab files minus the XML. Then drop in the XML files from a folder named after the type of settings you're looking for. I... wouldn't be even slightly surprised to see Pille's tool and Mag's Compo-Pack to enter a collaborated work effort. And agreed. This isn't persay an issue with Stallion or his Prefabs. I think that lots of loot in POI's is something some people drool over. Where some people... Want a splash of loot. And others... Want something in the middle.
  10. Yeah, I would compare against another prefab. Regardless the size. But with size as a consideration. And the intention of the prefab taken into account. Put this way. Raiding a house sized POI pet store should probably have e slightly different loot than a house POI, scaled by the difficulty I've built into the pet store POI. If I throw in 6 dogs into that pet store, probably be a box of loot above the house. If I throw in a zombie bear, throw in a few extra loot boxes above the house. If I build a junk yard that I made more as a base build site as opposed to a loot site, and the site is 10 House POI's in size, I may actually have less loot than that comparable house POI. If I'm building Disney Land, it's going to be huge. It's going to be tough. It's going to have all kinds of crazy stuff built in. And it's going to have a crap ton of loot. Where basically you can make a game of just that POI. Those super large scale POIs are going to likely have a larger Loot Value score. Absolutely. On the flip side. Try watching some video content of people going through some of these custom super loot heavy POIs. I watched a couple of ladies go through both of mine and felt that I almost ruined their game. They came out with so much loot that it almost seemed like they didn't need to go anywhere else for much other loot. To me, that felt game breaking. And these were POI's of roughly 2 house POI's in size. Some notably added difficulty. But still... The loot was much. So I scaled them back a little for A17. I don't think the intention of the loot value would be to say "Every POI must have a score of 500!". Rather, the scoring used to help a builder build in one of the hardest parts of a POI. Solid balance. Even if the balance you're looking for is super high. You may find you're coming in higher or lower than you anticipated overall. To me, I'd probably drop any POI that seemed like it had a game breakingly high loot value. Unless, I could literally spend a game week working through it. Loot Value is a balancing aide. Not a hard rule. And it helps not just prefabbers, but world builders too. I've talked to several people about using the CompoPack. And some won't use it because there's too much loot in the average POI. I may go back through my POI's in the next refresh and break them out into High, Avg, and Low loot variants. Would be amazing if there was an XML setting on a prefab that could nerf loot chance. So in Prefab packs, loot heavy POIs, we could just include a few different XML files.
  11. That's kind of the thing though. When building a prefab, I kinda shoot for a vanila level of loot. I actually nerfed loot in both of the prefabs I put out because I watched a play through and saw how nearly game breaking the amount of loot these people pulled out of especially my paintball facility. It was like... They went in, had a ton of fun killing loads of zombies. And had to make two trips out, between two people, while scrapping and eating, to clear the POI of loot. They walked out with weapons, advanced tools, etc. In fairness, they got some lucky rolls. But there were a number of opportunities for those lucky rolls. For valuing the "lootiness" of a POI, to me, it's actually pretty simple. Containers have a loot table. Containers drop X number of lootable items. So... I take the total contents of the loot container, take the top X number of the highest value lootable items it can drop, and give you a High Value. I take the total contents of the loot container, take the top X number of the lowest value lootable items it can drop, and give you a Low Value. Then I take all items of the container, average out the values of all possible items, and take X number of the avg value, and give you an Avg number. Now... I don't care what the Game Stage is. I don't care what the players perks are. What I do compare against is... I want my loot to be similarly looty to this POI. So what's this other POI's High, Low, and Avg values? Okay, am I in the ball park? I know this POI over here is freaking barren of loot. I don't want that. SO what's it's High, Low, Avg values compared to my POI? There's no need to worry yourself over Game Stage or Perks. That's TFP's job when it comes to scaling loot. All we would need to deal with is how close does the loot of my POI match others that I've actually experienced in game? Tadaaaaa... Loot values, with meaning, geared towards balance. You can add to that whole calc list some really cool stuff too. Food Loot Value: Do counts of just food available item drops from a container. Total them up. How food looty is the place? Weapon Loot Value: Do counts of just weapon item drops from a container. Total them up. How weapon looty is the place? Some loot tables have probability factors. Nerf or boost the value of an item by that probability factor. The biggest challenge I have with the whole calculating of things is understanding exactly how 7 Days rolls loot. * Does it go down the list, roll a % value, and if that item wins, it's made available to loot? If so, then one would have to assume it goes up to the max available loot for that container (i.e. if only 2 lootable items are allowed, then you actually have a higher chance in getting items at the top of the list). Is the list rolled as is, top down? Is the list sorted? * is there a calc created based on total number of items available in a loot table, maybe taking those with probability specified out of the equation and the remaining items get split up into ranges of a single percentile roll? then the roll is done X number of times? That stuff is the hard part to figure out. But just pulling out High/Low/Avg, you could get away without using a real probability and using a temp/fake probability or no probability. To me, loot value, is really a value to use as a comparison against other POIs. Not as a monitoring/live tracking value that adjusts based on a players Perks or Game Stage.
  12. Dude well done man. That's a lot of work right there. Thanks for what ya do.
  13. I'm kinda already looking forward to RWG 17.3 or, if 17.2 drags out long enough, 17.2. if they've finally dedicated a resource to nothing but RWG, that's almost a full alpha version itself. As far as how much impact it can have to the game. So if RWG becomes something stable, and functional, I'm really looking forward to it. Along with the dedicated resource, I've seen some of yours and Royal Delux's bug reports. Some clear things happening that are purely broken features of RWG. Just nice to feel the hope for RWG goodness again.
  14. That... Is really bad news... Man I hope they're not removing more blocks.
  15. Do you mean because of the RWG mixer or because the prefab/block/paint etc changes TFP did?
  16. Oh! Okay cool! That's really good to know. And I didn't mean to imply anything sideways about your process. I thought I was finding bugs in A17. lol. Awesome that makes waaay more sense now. Hm. The paintball prefab is pretty loot heavy so I reupped the zombies in the volumes. I can bring them back down to less zombies. Though I thought after watching how much loot came out of it, it needed a loot nerf and a difficulty bump.
  17. Hey Magoli? I don't know the process you go through when prepping a POI to be A17 compatible. But just FYI. Some sleeper blocks got changed and became corpse blocks. So some sleeper positions got removed by the A17 update. It seems some entity groups got tweaked too. I'm pretty sure I didn't have football volumes on the POI in A16. But there were a few that were set as football zombie groups in the POI from what I got from the compo-pack for A17. A16 I-Beam blocks got changed into Wood Blocks some how. Just stuff I'm finding based on manually fixing and updating the Paintball Arena. Thought i'd share.
  18. It seems someone went ♥♥♥♥ on the whole organizing blockIDs thing. Fine. I just hope they have a better system now that someones done it. So they don't break POI's in the future. Though what I don't understand is, why did they have to remove some of the paints all together? I can't recall which, but I definitely couldn't get a paint to match how I had my paintball place done up previously. I'm bad at interior design and painting. Don't make me do it twice! QQ
  19. Not sure if it has to change for A17 but... https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?102599-Pille-s-Prefabing-Tools&highlight=pille
  20. giving the in game editor a whirl. zomg. Did a bunch of paints just diiiiiieee in A17? QQ what... a pain. lol
  21. Do you guys know if Pille's editor still works? Thanks for keeping my prefabs up to date man. I got to see a few on Youtube recently and it was pretty awesome to see people running with your pack and them to show up.
  22. So I downloaded the ServerMod from GitHub (zip file download) and loaded it up on my bluefang server. Server kept restarting and the output log gave the following error: The file 'C:/<pathedited>/7DaysToDieServer_Data/level0' is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again! [Position out of bounds!] (Filename: Line: 223) UnloadTime: 0.812937 ms HDR Render Texture not supported, disabling HDR on reflection probe. (Filename: Line: 257) Platform assembly: C:\<pathedited>\7DaysToDieServer_Data\Managed\SDX.Payload.dll (this message is harmless) Platform assembly: C:\<pathedited>\7DaysToDieServer_Data\Managed\SDX.Core.dll (this message is harmless) SDX: SDX detected base game directory as: C:\<pathedited>\ (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 37) SDX: Could not find sdx config file: ''. Using default settings (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 37) SDX: Mod Engine Started. So I'm taking the contents of the "7DaysToDieServer_Data" folder and uploading it directly to my server. Only the files, not the sub folders. I noticed that the files in this folder aren't a part of the ServerMod download from Git. I assume they're generated. Didn't work... Here's my output log. https://www.dropbox.com/s/de66i869v9octwh/output_log_starvation.txt?dl=0 ---- UPDATE: FIXED? ---- Kind of figured it out. After several reinstalls on my hosted server, multiple trimming out installed files (deleting folders, folder contents, etc), it seems like even after updating to A16.4, with Verify Files enabled, some files aren't compatible with the mod. Whatever the case, after wiping the server, all installed files, and then reinstalling on the server, I was able to get the server started. Haven't started playing yet. That'll come later tonight. But at least I'm past this point. Hosting Provider: Bluefang Solutions
  23. I'm finally getting my server setup, and after searching the forum post, probably failing to find a prior question, I wanted to ask... Is there a recommended ServerConfig.xml setup?
  24. oh I'm so glad I waited to try and set up my server for starvation. Looks like A16.4 is gonna be the one that sticks around for a while and seems to have some nice fixes. Thanks for all your work guys!
  25. I poked around for a server installation/config portion of this and I didn't find it. I don't suppose this could be added somewhere around the original post or am I just that blind? :-/ --- EDIT --- Never mind. I'm that blind...
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