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  1. Yeah, I know it's not a solution for everyone, but first thing I do is mod out the demolishers, before I start playing. So many things that just screams, cheap fix to something we can't be bothered to fix, about it.
  2. Hmmm been a while.... I see only 4 topics still pending details. Nice. Haven't played A19 much as I was too hyped about the drone, that got pushed back... So now I can get hyped for the drone all over again.
  3. Just some feedback : Not a fan of the degrade system. It punish you only at the start, when there is enough things that's already challenging. Trader guards don't do their jobs. Rather return to vanilla state where traders are protected, than this where their bases simply get destroyed . Cant protect the trader and a base.
  4. Got a fresh install of new stable, AND a Darkness Falls fresh installed waiting and ready for this
  5. Yeah, I got 3 Gyros and 2 Bikes from this . Friend got a bunch of 4x4s.
  6. I see a lot of people not getting through these steps. Perhaps add a extra starter quest that will take people through the context menu usage as well ?
  7. Well, in everything you do, you get better doing it. If I make a leather belt for the first time, it will suck. If I make the 100th belt, it will be shop quality.
  8. It would require too much to change, and TFP is now more streamlining towards adding the last content. You will likely not see any large scale changes to any core system anymore. Except those specifically mentioned in the dev streams, like water mechanics etc.
  9. You start in primitive stage. Yes, some things still need to be tuned, especially traders still have stock of items from higher stages. At GS 12 you go over to the next stage, you start getting basic pistols etc At GS 52 you hit next stage , and start getting some good loot At GS 92 you get access to the entire loot table.
  10. So you picked it up the first time, without any knowledge of it, and was straight away able to pull it back without shaking . I have used several different size and types bows before, and I know it takes a lot of strength. Especially if you are not used to it or trained in it.
  11. Well, that's the problem with creating a game this good. You will always have fans that is just as passionate about the game as you, but with opposing interests and views. You should not see it as an attack, or battle that should be tiring. Appreciate the intent, and be happy of the success that is leading people to be this enthusiastic.
  12. Animal spawn is good. It is free food and leather, and bones which you need a lot of.
  13. To shoot what ? a Sponge target ? You use your own experience to justify a point, then state people should stop being logical.... The point was, you could not operate a bow without strength, at all. That don't mean you could operate it without agility either. Not effectively anyway. Which was the whole point. Things don't need to be strictly logical, but should make some sense. Im not going to push a point further on this, as I get TFP's point as well. I might not agree with it, but I get it. It had to go somewhere, and strength already had too many things in it. EDIT : This is why I am a fan of LBD. It is so much simpler. You could assign parent stats to skills. Bows, dmg increase with strength, accuracy with agility. You can assign any amount of skills with it's required parent stats, without breaking any static class paths. etc etc. Problem solved.
  14. Yeah, we not talking about the plastic bows you shoot the stick-on arrows with. That, contrary to believe, won't kill a zombie. Go try and @%$*#! a proper 75lb break power compound bow, which is probably what you need to do any serious hunting with. Unless you just want to anger a boar.
  15. Yeah, everything in the forge is gone when you pick it up.
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