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  1. I had this, because I forgot to disable EAC in the game launcher. Could also be because the test build of DF can only run on the premade DF maps supplied with the mod.
  2. love the mod, and reaaaally appreciate all the time and effort put in to it, but as a fellow victim of this, I would petition, if time permits, a look in to the possibility of toning this down, or setting the real evil @%$#ers behind a GS wall.
  3. My personal feel is, it is not Tower Defense enough.... Meaning; The zombies should only stop and start attacking anything, if their path is blocked. Not some math calculations on structural integrity vs length of path to player etc. I am pretty sure this is what is causing all the mess with AI pathing, is trying to make it too complex. It should be a very simply calculation, can I, as zombie, get to player, or not.
  4. That would make it easier to backtrack and find the ones that was not on the path you chose. It does not, however, make for a smooth clean run where you clear all zombies as you go. it still require you to search for X minutes, then hunt down one zombie, then wait around for x minutes, then hunt down one, etc etc, until you found them all. Which does not sound like a nice flow of gameplay.
  5. Might work for T1&2, but you honestly think it is realistic to expect players to search every nook and cranny of t3-5 POIs ? It would take days.
  6. As a agility player, I can definitely say that this is a annoyance . Why can't we have a sense system, similar to Animal Tracker, that is enabled on lvl 5 Hidden Strike. Not something that can be easily abused, since you have to invest heavily in to Agility to get it, but it would solve this problem.
  7. Morning Is it possible to tone down the wasp sound a tad. It blew out my ear drums with each shriek ... I know it's not a priority issue, but would be a very nice QoL change.
  8. In some things, he has a point. TFP applied a lot of quick fixes, that don't make a lot of sense. Demolisher Learn By Doing removal Farming Plot block These come to mind now, I am sure there are more, but these changes make no practical sense, but drastically changed the way the game can be played if you play vanilla.
  9. Yeah... Not so sure what I done, haha Since I am waiting for the stable release of DF, before I start making any serious long duration game plans, I just boosted the normal gameplay. So I was around 50 game stage. I did dig a moat ... so that obviously generated some heat, and had one forge running. That alone should not have warranted that response, I think... I mean, this was full on end-game apocalypse rather shoot your own brains out than try and face this, Screamer chain.... Zombie bears, radiated cops, feral mutants..... it literally looked like a 64 zombie horde night on day 49 with 200 GS . That's why I thought it was a little odd. It's not the normal, alright, so we got ourselves 6 or 7 zombies with this screamers...., no this was all 75 max zombies the whole time. You kill zombies in the kill zone, and as you kill them you see the new ones spawning in on the horizon.
  10. Top of the morning to yah, gov' So I am playing B30 on A20, and made it to day 7. Then just before horde night, I got what I now affectionately refer to as a Screamer chain. Got a screamer, and she called screamers, and it was a party. Now normally I dont mind the XP, but this was right before horde night, and it was endless. I just quit at some point, as all I could see is more zombies coming from all directions and screamers shouting everywhere. and there is no way my base will end up having enough ammo for all that love. Is that a vanilla issue, or is it possible to change that so it's not perpetual carnage ?
  11. At the moment the solution is pretty easy. Don't copy the QualityDegradationOnRepair folder with the rest in to your Mod folder.
  12. I'm going to side with Roland here. The devs can't cater for everyone, so they will stick to their design plan. It feels like they are changing a lot over time, but that is simply because the game is still under active development, and the path to their end goal is not necessarily linear. Luckily for all of us, TFP realized that they are creating a game that will have endless ways of approaching problems, and have made the game open to modders. So now, thanks to the amazing modding community, you can tailor make the game for your own play style. TLDR; There is no need for pitchforks. Use mods to make the game you want.
  13. Hi I am seeing reference to horde Boss events. I must have missed the discussion around that.... I have no idea what that is referring to ?
  14. They are more prominent in snow biome, iirc. Just walk around and look for a nitrate block on the surface, and then start mining down.
  15. Alright, so I am still fully engulfed in A20, and already the hype for the new A21 crafting systems is in full swing. I can only hope that this is LBD getting it's foot in the door for a major come back.
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