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  1. Yeah, the first thing you notice is the slick new suits. a Lot more agile and comfortable, and SpaceX nailed it with the aesthetic as well. The capsule is just amazing. If you think of the cockpits of earlier systems, and now the astronauts can walk in to the capsule and take their seats as if taking a first class flight.....and then you can go in to the minor details, right down to little hand rails by the touch screens to hold on to, so your arms don't get too tired .
  2. Yeah, was stoked for this, but one of those things. Now we can get excited for it again the 30th.
  3. ...You should always do headshots. Regardless of weapon. Saves lives, time, ammo.... As for the balance debate, well, you basically affirmed what I said, if you need to carry 2 shotguns in the belt to compensate.
  4. Yup, save all my shotgun ammo for a turret. Never use it. It never felt balanced against the other weapons, with it's ranged penalty. Short range should have been a lot more powerful. Pistol can do a lot more damage in close range, due to it's high rate of fire.
  5. hmmmm...... I guess the Spider for sure... Considering it's stance, and still looking at you, that could be freaky as hell. If you think of Trainspotting that baby on the ceiling comes to mind. For the younger folks ( Skip to the end if you are in a hurry, but don't skip the end )
  6. I think this is all about the person. You see, what TFP is doing is not working off a template. They are literally designing systems and ideas from the ground up. I have played many voxel games, and nothing comes close to what they are doing to the Unity engine. So, with that in mind, you get two kinds of people. Those that understand that by creating something new, where there is no existing guides or examples to work from, that there will be inevitable unforeseen delays, systems that should work together, but for some reason do not. So whole new sections of code must be written to get around that small problem. Suddenly your small bug takes a month to fix, setting the whole release back by almost two months as that new code must be added and tested again from all angles. That is just some small example. Then you get the people that do not consider any of that. They look at their personal interest and time/money invested and expect the developers to do miracles, so they meet your expectations. Anyone that pops in to this forum, knows TFP is active here every single day communicating with the community on various levels. Despite all the work they are doing on the game as well. So just be patient, and give a little understanding and consideration. It will be done when it is done.
  7. I prefer a stealth play. So doing T5 missions gives me net+ ammo... Basically farm them for ammo for horde night. Sneak with modded pistol, kills everything except radiated zombies and ferals, with a single shot to the head. Even on Warrior. People greatly underestimate sneak dmg bonus. So only time you need to use some ammo is on the top floor, if you are unlucky that your silenced sniper rifle wakes more zombies than you can quickly kill with the sniper, and have to switch to the 'oh @%$*#!' backup gun...like m60 or dmg modded AK.
  8. This sounds great. Big problem has always been, having everything by day 7, and by day 60 you have your base built and everything is basically finished, so you just run T5 missions until you get bored. This change in pace should be really good for the game. That said....it certainly sounds like the game is about ready for experimental -ear-to-ear grins-
  9. The damage scaling is a bit off with them....or was... I think I read they changed the damage scaling a little. There were several bug reports issued about this. I'm troubled to hear that issue has not been resolved yet. I stopped playing vanilla, after I was overrun by them. I was standing on top of two layers of steel, and the explosion from one of those instantly killed me with armour and everything on. Did not destroy the steel, but the steel did nothing to reduce the damage of the explosion to me. Needless to say, the wiring and turrets also got blown up by same explosion. So the next three of them simply wrecked the rest of the place with all defenses rendered useless with a single explosion.
  10. I like this idea. It is always fun to have a little side objective to switch to, and what is better than hunting down collectables ?
  11. Another thing to consider is GameStage. If you are playing in a group, on a easy 'Normal' setting, it is likely that none of you died once leading up to the Horde Night. 4 Players with no deaths in same cell can give you a surprisingly tough Horde Night. Even on Day 7.
  12. Ahhh... "Rule #2: The Double Tap – Never assume a zombie is dead. Always make sure with a clean shot to the brain."
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