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  1. Agreed, this is a more gnawing problem.
  2. I'd imagine you would create the random gen you like in your game, as seen on the video, then use that Seed in your config file. Video on time of RWG
  3. I play and watch games. Streamers do it for a living, and games like this has endless possible ways of doing things. So watching someone else play, I see things that sparks new ideas for my own builds etc.
  4. I think the farming changes is bit too much. So, you put a lot of work and time in building plots and gathering seeds and creating a farm. The reward being, you have a lot of food. That seems like a system working as intended. Making it ultimately unrewarding to go through the effort of making a farm, is just forcing everyone to play a different way. It is not making things more challenging, but taking fun out of the game .
  5. Yeah, I been advocating for something like this as well. It's been many years that we have enjoyed the free development of the game. Once it goes Gold, they should really add a few nice packages as paid DLC.
  6. Yes, love cave exploration..... ....on that note, to the question. If there is no cave systems planned for A20, could it be possible to use the Sewer System, to use cave tilesets and clutter and loot, to RNG some wilderness caves in the future , or are the Sewers hand made .. ?
  7. Yeah, I know it's not a solution for everyone, but first thing I do is mod out the demolishers, before I start playing. So many things that just screams, cheap fix to something we can't be bothered to fix, about it.
  8. Hmmm been a while.... I see only 4 topics still pending details. Nice. Haven't played A19 much as I was too hyped about the drone, that got pushed back... So now I can get hyped for the drone all over again.
  9. Just some feedback : Not a fan of the degrade system. It punish you only at the start, when there is enough things that's already challenging. Trader guards don't do their jobs. Rather return to vanilla state where traders are protected, than this where their bases simply get destroyed . Cant protect the trader and a base.
  10. Got a fresh install of new stable, AND a Darkness Falls fresh installed waiting and ready for this
  11. Thank you so much man ! The game needs that stash all/stack/fill buttons. They really need to add it to the main game lol. Feel kinda dirty modding my vanilla playthrough, but just can't be arsed. QoL made us lazy.
  12. Yeah, honestly the Demolisher has become a demoralizing 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' entity. I understand the reasoning, but the implementation is not working. I propose a subtle change to it's behavior. Remove the explode on death. Make it only explode when it can't path to a player. I should not lose a section of my base, because I succeeded in killing it before it kills me.
  13. Marinxar

    True Survival

    Lucky... with our slow internet its over a hour for each attempt. Will let it run again tonight. EDIT : Worked first time now, thanks man.
  14. That's awesome news ! Looking forward to it Will you do collaborations/compatibility again with Darkness Falls and perhaps True Survival ?
  15. Marinxar

    True Survival

    Is anyone else having issues downloading ? I tried 5 times now, and every time between 1gb and 1.1gb the connection is closed, and stupid gtihub does not support resume downloading. I tried 3 times through the launcher, another time directly through the browser, and once again directly using download manager. Every time get disconnected in around same place.
  16. The damage scaling is a bit off with them....or was... I think I read they changed the damage scaling a little. There were several bug reports issued about this. I'm troubled to hear that issue has not been resolved yet. I stopped playing vanilla, after I was overrun by them. I was standing on top of two layers of steel, and the explosion from one of those instantly killed me with armour and everything on. Did not destroy the steel, but the steel did nothing to reduce the damage of the explosion to me. Needless to say, the wiring and turrets also got blown up by same explosion. So the next three of them simply wrecked the rest of the place with all defenses rendered useless with a single explosion.
  17. No this was the actual mission trader ( One you have to go to once you fit your backpack. ) , with active guards and working trader. Had to kill zombies inside while the guards was shooting at them but just hitting blocks, or who knows what, and had some busy breaking down the wall. Playing on Dfalls-small3 pregen map. The normal trader without guards etc, was on the NitroGen map.
  18. I started a new game with NitroGen yesterday, and found my traders were protected without guards. So it seems that NitroGen might need an update. I did not continue to see if everything else worked though. Should probably do that, but if you don't have the time to actually test it, it would be safer to just use one of the many pregen DF maps available. Especially since the guards are pretty useless now. Found more zombies inside the whiteriver trader, than outside, on the new game I started. Guards keep shooting in to the blocks in front of them, missing the zombies. So they just break through and walk around inside until they finally walk in to a rare line of sight of one of the guards.
  19. I am running vehicle respawn, find bicycle in dumpster mods..., but must have been some weird corruption of files during download. I manually updated DMT, although I doubt that had anything to do with it, after doing another fresh install, and this time it worked. Still with those modlets in. So nothing changed, just done it a 4th time and now it worked. Reason I think it might have been with the download, is the previous 3 times there were interrupts when network went down. Las time it done the DL in one go.
  20. Might this be related ? DMT Scripts Detected. Downloading DMT... SDX Downloaded. Checking SDX Dependencies. Starting SDX Launcher: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7DaystoDieMods\Alpha18\Darkness_Falls\DF_Experimental\SDXRepos\DMTViewer.exe /Silent /ScriptOnly /GameFolder ../ /ModFolder ../Mods /EnableAllMods 0|Parsing arguments 0|Build error: Name cannot begin with the '<' character, hexadecimal value 0x3C. Line 7, position 2. SDX Exit Code: -99 Error Compiling SDX:
  21. Marinxar

    True Survival

    So hyped.... Can't wait for SP client. ( Sadly internet is way too slow to be able to assist in the testing. )
  22. I'm having related issues. Trying to play Darkness Falls, but Mod Launcher keep restarting clone process from start.
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