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  1. Hey guys, Long time no see. Quick question. I know a lot's changed since I was active in 7 Days. I was looking at the Modlet install method and it states, and maybe i'm reading this wrong, that the modlet has to be installed client side as well. If memory serves, back in the day we just installed the prefabs to the /prefabs folder on the server and updated the rwgmixer on the server to include the new prefabs as well. The files were downloaded to the client, and all was done. Is this not the case anymore? If i want something like that were clients don't have to do a mod install do I need to do Nigrogen's installation method? Sorry, really out of touch with all this these days. lol. Long story short: Looking to set up a server and avoid having clients do any installs manually.
  2. I can't believe Mag kept this up as long as he did. He did LOADS of POI fixes every time 7 days updated. I think a lot of the POI's predate volumes even. It's bananas.
  3. Honestly it's largely different now and this really should get an update. Do some searching on YouTube for creating POI's and such. There's some good videos out there and a whole tutorial. Also look up Pille's editor as he's got a great tool for creating and editing POI's.
  4. Nice. Is the map and the map pack you're making going to be two separate things? Kinda have an itch to see how vanilla RWG is doing in A19 while tossing in some extra POI's.
  5. oooh you're sooo right. huuuuh good call.
  6. Dang it... Forgot to fix some floating lights. Went back in and did some extra play testing... Nerfed loot a bit more. Added a few more deco lights. Fixed floating lights.
  7. So out of curiosity, how is this mod/map pack different from the Compo map pack? What ya shooting for in this whole thing?
  8. I... Can't recall if there's an espresso machine but I'd love to do a Starbucks build. Some things just make the world more realistic. Fast Food Places Varied Restaurants Pet Stores here and there A Walmart Gas stations Convenience Stores Grocery Stores - might so this... Game seems to need more actual grocery stores Stuff like that where you always find them in any town you go to. Still can't wrap my head around a chain idea from a builders perspective but yeah, McDonald's on every corner and have spawns skew to commonly spawn fat zombies. 🤣
  9. Huh. Not sure how people implement a chain style of stores. Is it just variations of the floor layout?
  10. Wouldn't that just be multiple spawned in the world? 😜 I suppose I could build a corporate office lol.
  11. Another prefab that I can't find my original thread on. Just a convenience store. But with the new assets of A18 and A19, feels like I can do it some justice as a proper little store. Enjoy. Mild loot nerf from the original. Some extra food now though... Few more zombies should spawn now. 7 End Store - A19 exp v2
  12. pfffft. V2 posted just now. Volumes weren't behaving correctly after after a few more play through tests.
  13. Can't find my original Paintball Park thread for this POI. Updated for A19 exp. Added a bit of the new assets but mostly cleanup. Decreased loot a bit as well as prior versions were too loot heavy. Also made it a bit of a harder POI. More zombies and such. Shootn Balls Paintball Park - A19 exp v2
  14. Oops. Had some missing files. Added them in. Should be good now.
  15. Been a while since I was on here. Can't find my original Fluffy Bottoms pet shop post. Feel free to let me know if you run into any issues. Fluffy Bottoms Prefab - A19 Exp - v2 (fixed missing files)
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