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New player tips


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Some people have been mentioning in other threads about tips and info for new players that might not be very obvious when you start.  So here is a thread we can post some of that info.


Falling from high places hurts, land on something soft and it doesn't.

Drinking dirty water or eating rotten food can make you sick.

Pretty flowers make tea.

Snow is cold.

Desert is hot.

Pigs are unfriendly if you attack one.

Roland will never get ziplines.

Make 2 bases, one for storage and crafting, one for fighting off hordes.

Always have bandages, bleeding sucks.

Destroy tents for massive amounts of cloth.

Heavy armor is heavy.  You get tired very fast wearing it.

Read every book you find.

Everything is useful.

Max out lucky looter fast.

Never stop making ammo.  

Multiple storage boxes, stay organized.

Get a vehicle, you can store stuff in it when out looting.

Vehicles don't drive under water.

Treasure will never be more than 3-4 blocks deep.

Don't feed the bears, unless you have a lot of ammo.

If you see a zombie bear, see tip above, but leave it alone anyway.

Until you get a knife, sharpen a bone to cut up animals.

Elaborate traps are a waste of time early in the game, focus on ammo instead.

Water towers have water in them, just climb up and break a hole in them.

You can learn to create some items by reading the schematic instead of using perk points.

Destroyed versions of workbenches, forges, etc can have a schematic for that item in it.

Don't destroy every vehicle around, save it for when you have raised the skill for more items from them.


And 1000's more items for the new player.  I'm sure people will add to this list.






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I would add

  • Snowballs are essentially infinite water. One hour spent digging snow will give you thousands of snowballs = thousands of murky water. One day trip to the snow biome (if you don't live there) can meet your water needs for hundreds of game days.

And I'd say, "read every book once, after that sell the duplicates"

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Some indoor fighting tips


* learn to use wood frames to block zombies on doorways

* take a close look at the rooms from the outside before you enter them, especially at the ceiling

* always secure rooms before looting (block unexplored ways and exits with wood frames; Examine the whole room, especially the closets and the ceiling)

* have a repair tool (i.e. stone axe) on your belt to repair the frames and damaged blocks where zombie threaten to break through

* have a lot of wood, small stones and plant fiber in the inventory to repair your tool and frames

* always have a bandages on your belt (not only in the inventory ;) )


If you get into a situation where there is no wood frame between you and the zombie, you are doing something wrong (slight exaggeration^^).

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Good call @dan, don't think we've had one of these for a while ☺️


1) Backpack space/slots & the perk "Pack Mule":

  - not all slots are 'fully unlocked' at first. while they are usable, anything put into those slots will 'encumber' you, which slows you down.

  - toolbelt slots are all fully unlocked so be sure to use them first instead of encumbering slots in backpack.

  - I'd recommend -not- spending points in Pack Mule in the early game, no matter how tempting, those points are far better used elsewhere.

  - there are 'Pocket Mods' (which unlock slots) for both Clothes (jacket, shirt, pants) as well as for armor.

  -  - by crafting/looting both the double pockets for clothes and the triple pockets for armor you can fully unlock all backpack slots.

  - until you unlock all slots, use drop chests (be sure to mark them on the map). gather things up once you have a vehicle.


2) Don't 'Punch' grass. Use a bone shiv or a Knife. These swing much faster than your fists so 'mowing the lawn' is quite a bit quicker.


3) Don't attempt to use Wood or even Sheet Metal Doors for a ground floor entrance to your bases. Zeds will target them & they are quite weak.

  - instead use something like pic below. a simple column with ladders and at least a two-block jump gap (three is safer) to enter your base.

  - since z's can climb ladders that go to the ground, and can use ones that come down to within one block of the ground,

    be sure to leave two blocks without ladders.

  - to make it much easier for you to consistently make the jump up to reach the ladder, add 'Plates' in the two-block gap (red blocks in pic).

  ---- @Kage848 I'm looking at you here buddy :biggrin1:




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1 hour ago, dan said:


I was thinking more for a new player, zombie bears are not worth the risk most of the time.

okay then. 😁

Left click rotates an object you're holding that you want to place clockwise by default. Tapping Reload (defaults to "R") rotates it counter clockwise.

Hold Reload to access advanced placement options (for almost all place able objects) and the shape menu (for wood/iron/rebar frames or some types of furniture) when you have an item you want to place.

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For bears, find a high place with very good visibility and no physical access. Big boulders are not enough. The bears can climb even those. Do your best to be able to see its head. Body shots take forever, especially with zombie bears. Never fight them on level ground. Fight them on hills far less. ABSOLUTELY never fight them with a hunting rifle. Always expect to be attacked. Wolves will be in the forest biome. Cougars will be in the winter biome. Coyotes will be in the desert. They all love the taste of survivor. Head shots on anything but bears can result in decapitation so go for that.


Guns are great, silencers are gold. Early game, sledge hammers do the most damage. Spears are easy to lose. Go with the iron club if you can loot one. They are the best....well, if you can tolerate the reduced reach. Once you get used to the sledgehammer they're hard to give up though.


Infection spells disaster early game. Later you'll have honey and antibiotics. Attack every stump like your life depends on it. Hit up the Shamways to get some there.


With the new AI you want your mines open to the surface. Use a ramp down to your mine. You can either just wait to hear them or use a junk turret to alert you to the zombie's presence.


Buy every mod you can. Don't worry about mod books early game. The mods themselves drop often enough. Ignore me since there's always one that doesn't.


Save your canned food. The recipes you use them in give you really good return on investment. Fish, chili, and sham are the most important. Oddly the rotten flesh still is part of a recipe that is huge for hunger and that. I guess survivors can live on hobo stew.


Don't over produce on arrows. You will likely give them up for your guns eventually. It always sucks to have 300 iron arrows that'll never get used and scrap to wood.

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- destroyed workbenches/chemstation/cementmixers can be wrenched for forged iron.  make some repair kits early.

- if you find high performance running shoes keep one pair. They are great until you get a vehicle. (swap armor out for the run, then back in for the fight/poi)

- sham/salmon/chili try to save for cookery later on  oh yes.

- try not to die.  if this means running away, by all means do so.

- falling off ladders smarts.

- keep a bunch of wood frames in inventory. (like at least a 100)

- there is no such thing as too many bullets

- until you get 4 in iron stomach, eat a vitamin before eating non-canned food. no barfing.

- buy every book you can find that you don't already know.

- once you get  the book that you can walk on mines and not set them off, you can have fun around army bases. Just don't be TOO close when the zeds go boom.

- do NOT stand in the fire, or on the red glowy coal thingies.  DIAF also smarts.

- on that topic, drinking water puts out the fire on you.


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