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  1. Some of the things can be fixed with modest changes. Mule Kick is generally considered a waste of points as you can open those slots via double pocket mods for your clothing items and triple storage pocket mods for the armor pieces. A simple fix would be a 63 slot inventory instead of the 45. Give the players one more row of open slots, two slots that can be removed/negated by the mods and then the last two rows where the debuff is removed/negated by Mule Kick. For guys like me who are hoarders in-game, that slight increase would be enough to satiate most people who add packpack mods though not all since people have gone insane with them (see 200 slot inventory mod). Of course if past history teaches us anything The Fun Pimps won't make these small changes and will make a drastic change nobody saw coming.
  2. So, I will preface this with the fact that I have added a few small mods. The mods DO NOT touch spawns though. Just a vehicle storage mod, drone storage mod, stacknumber increase mod, a mod to extend loot timers so they don't despawn, and a mod that I made that added two new endgame quests. I made an Adams Family treasure quest where you get doubloons and a Treasure of Sparta treasure quest with kinda everything. Both are meant to be extreme endgame loot. Simply added two treaures, no touching of spawns, just added them to the list. Now, in regards to the weirdness I've been seeing. The forest biome doesn't have a lot of big animals during the day. Night time is slightly different as you might see one or two. My map has 4 traders in the winter biome though. That biome is like a freaking zoo. I see mountain lions, bears, and dire wolves every 30 meters or so. I don't know if this is because I just roll on past them and the game has its quirk where it just respawns the animal again in a different location or what. I do know that I've had three of the things spawned in at the same time. I had over 2500 meat at one point. I play on Nomad so the bears aren't too difficult to kill, and the others have never been that bad. They are easy enough to deal with but it does feel like the spawn rate is way high. I mean, games have their weird hiccups and who knows maybe one of the values listed in one of the mods did it. It would be weird as like I said none touch spawns but I just feel like an oversight like this wouldn't have gotten past the devs so I'm hesitant to rule it out.
  3. Dude, this comes off as whining because a game in alpha isn't finished so the player has responsibilities. If the alpha is so bad, actually say what's wrong with it. Without actually giving reasons, it's just whining for the sake of whining. Bugs are a part of games in alpha and beta stages. This is an experimental build to boot. It will likely be a while before even this alpha hits its endpoint. Then again, if all you do is whine that it's not perfect and don't provide constructive criticism, the only person to blame for the issues not being fixed is yourself. You have to actually tell them what you find wrong with it for them to know you don't like that detail/mechanic.
  4. Well, damn. Looks like the Henry even has a box magazine. Weird all the way around. Guess I gotta eat crow on that one.
  5. Most of my scares from the drone are from it bumping into walls when I have it in silent mode. Stealthing through a POI is a jump waiting to happen due to the thing being nearly ninja through half the POI and then randomly slamming against a wall.
  6. The drone's speech will. If you set it to silent mode it won't. Off course every time it bumps a wall you'll jump out of your skin though as it knows just when you think you're safe and alone.
  7. I've noticed so many things wrong with their models it's insane. You're right though, where they have it would cause ejection problems in real life. The lever action using the same 7.62 ammo as the AK is another one.
  8. I have to agree with what someone said earlier: melee weapon, silent ranged, shtf ranged, and meat harvesting item. I typically run with either the sledge or the club, a bow, a full auto rifle of some sort, and whatever blade I have at the moment. With A20, I have really started to dislike the wooden club so I tend to go sledge now. If I could get the silencer and the SMG in A19, I would drop the bow entirely. It's not a great horde night weapon and with the silencer you could stealthily clear a building without too many zombies waking. All this and dropping the bow freed up inventory slots. In A20 it makes more sense to keep the bow going forward. This might change with higher level SMGs though. No matter what everyone chooses a holy sh*t firearm though for those times when shtf. I prefer the full autos. The SMG is still boss so I absolutely prefer that one. It also frees me up to save the 7.62 rounds for horde night though I've started to rethink that. Since the 9mm in the SMG is as boss as it is, I've been thinking about making that my primary on horde night. Then there's the M60 and horde nights aren't as simple. LOL, too many good choices.
  9. Wow, the cognitive dissonance in this thread is really sad. We know for a fact this isn't balancing. They are truly responding to trends in the player base. That was the entire reason why they did away with the learn by doing mechanic. It wasn't that they couldn't balance it. It was entirely because they saw the player base taking advantage of it and couldn't be bothered to fix it. Now instead of a system that has basis in reality, your character magically learns things by spec'ing into them in a skill tree. You can make a million level 1 bows but until your character looks off into the distance and has a brain aneurism they won't make one at level 2. The digging thing wasn't even the first adjustment to how players used underground bases. Players learned that long falls would kill the zombies. They then built drop bases that went to bedrock. The Fun Pimps then adjusted the system to only cripple zombies. This still helped people too much as a fall onto log spikes would eventually kill them. Then they removed log spikes because f the players who liked using them even as simply a way to slow the zombies. They also changed the way fall damage was calculated that made falls less useful. They still are but you have to make them fall several times so it's a moot point. My biggest issue with the digging is the moronic animation they went with. Tell me, when was the last time you dug a hole with your knees? Zombies look like a bunch of children throwing a tantrum. The AI update was insane. It was much needed though. I wouldn't say it was a mistake to update it but it was definitely a work in progress. The degree from MIT wasn't too far off. They could navigate a freaking labyrinth better than the Edward Scissorhands could cut hair. Still, in A16 the zeds would run right past you it was so bad, so I'm not so upset with how it's progressed. If this was a matter of balancing though, other changes could have had the desired effect but with far less changes. Instead of magic brain aneurisms all they had to do was change the crafting time. If they gave crafting slightly higher xp and made crafting take far longer they could have stunted how much people could gain in a night of crafting and sitting in the corner. Nope too obvious a fix. Instead of making all zombies dig and also changing the AI so that they know about their damage bonus when all attacking the same block, they could have added a couple zombie types that may show up with general spawns that have digging specialties. This would allow even regular zombies to get to you but without the laser focused speed drilling. For real though, professional oil riggers and miners couldn't dig that fast if they were given the Super Digger. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration. Still, it was never about balancing. It was The Fun Pimps trying to show the player base that they were smarter than us.
  10. Nevermind, figured it out. It is on the cpu. Love the game and will be doing further testeing, lol.
  11. So, I have a solid computer but it is starting to age. The plan was always to upgrade the cpu, 1600X, to truly pair with my gpu, 1080TI. There are times where it will switch between being gpu limited to being cpu limited. The one thing I want though is to be able to handle smoother collapses. I believe that's a cpu intensive thing, but I am somewhat unsure of that. If anybody knows if that truly is on the cpu or if the gpu handles that, I'd appreciate the clarification. I won't be upgrading until the next generation of AMD cpus are released, so it's going to be a while. Just want the best understanding so I can gauge my best options: stick with what I've got, go intel, or go with the new AMD chips...or worry about the gpu if that's where the collapses are handled.
  12. So, I have my issues with the game but I deal with them. Been thinking about different ways to play and some of the changes for A20. They're adding a lot of settings for people to make their own, at least in playstyle. One thing people already do is the random horde nights. I haven't done this but I did have a thought about how to push it further. I am one of those realism types who b*tched and complained about LBD being removed as well as the current loot system. I still stand by that but I only mention it as a reference to my perspective. I got to thinking about other ways to push the game towards a real world event. The random horde night makes sense. You wouldn't know when the horde would cross your path. The random roaming hordes are lame. I'm 25 days into the current game, built up my gamestage, and my roaming hordes are still 10 or less. Yes this can be modded but it still fits the "you know basically when something will happen" same old mold. This is where the random horde night idea comes in. So, instead of simply having random horde nights, you simply have random hordes. Instead of it being a designated time of day, you get a massive horde at whatever time it is. If it's day, the horde is bigger and stronger since you have the benefit of daylight. If it's night, you get the typical horde for your gamestage. Now, you have to be on your toes. If you're out when the warning comes, or the horde if there was no warning, you may or may not be ready. Just an idea. Not sure if anybody else would go for it. Yeah, it's just a game, but I enjoy elements of realism.
  13. Mine would be my first time playing solo. My friends talked me into playing. I'd always taken up the role of hunter/scavenger. I decided I wanted to play more, learn the rest of the game. I made my own save and went on my way. I built up a little iron hut as my day 7 horde base. I ended up causing a collapse that destroyed my food storage and weapon storage. Halfway through horde day and I'm in full panic. I build up the walls with iron bars since my forge has been running the whole time, lay out a sea of spikes out 10-15 deep, and reinforce that with solid boxes on the outside. This is console so I know I'm up sh*t creek with arrows as joysticks are a terrible way to aim. I still somehow have a few hundred though. I ended up doing just fine. Just remember that sheer panic as I realized my food and my weapons were all gone. Day 7 and I felt like I was back on day 1 in an instant.
  14. I'm at 2022.4 hrs counted. That's not including the time spent on console. Also, there's the time spent playing it with the EAC off, not sure if that's counted, as with A16 you had to break the anti-cheat to increase your backpack size. I'd wager I'm somewhere around 2500 total. Love the game even if I prefer to run a lot of mods.
  15. I'm using FAWK-LOOT-ALL. It basically sets everything back to it used to be. You can find it on nexusmods.com https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1004
  16. So, I admit that I am a hoarder. I find it difficult to leave most items behind. The vanilla backpack is too small for me. I believe that I am close to having the modlet done, but I'm having a problem that doesn't entirely make sense to me. I changed the window to be 8x12, giving the player a total of 96 inventory slots. The window looks to be good, at least for the grid and the border. I've got the item icons adjusted as well as the stackValue. What I cannot figure out is how to adjust the selectable area. I only dropped the cell size from 67x67 to 50x50. The items in the cells are selectable beyond the edges of the cell, roughly a ratio of 1.5:1. The image of the pack mule cells is also vanilla. I've adjusted the controls.xml as well, but simply cannot figure out what is wrong with this. Anyone have any clue as to what controls this?
  17. I don't outright hate demolishers but I definitely do not think that they are properly implemented. It just screams to me that TFP tried to implement RPG elements into the character types and mashed together two character types into one. The fast twitch sprinter who deals large scale damage quickly but can be quickly dispatched, with the slow lumbering tank that deals damage over time. It is not whining to say that this is a balancing error that is blatantly obvious. It's not even a subjective opinion. Everybody who's played RPGs knows this. Base design can fix this, but it also does limit the usable base designs. It isn't the first game mechanic that broke certain base designs, i.e. digging zombies that dig with their knees, but it does do this. I'm sure TFP are listening and are going to decide if they think it's something that needs to be fixed/adjusted. In all likelihood the demolisher is not going to change. This is why mods are king.
  18. That I believe would be a modification to a dll file. That's not going to be an xml mod, so only experienced modders are going to be able to do that. It would be nice though.
  19. One of the old problems Hollywood had with CGI was that characters movements would be jerky and non-lifelike. I do think that the current animations are reminiscent of this, but it's a pet peeve thing. You either don't care about it or it bugs you. I don't play the game for the gunplay but I'm not going to say others can't care about it. Games like CoD (about the only thing CoD gets right), Killing Floor, Doom, and a plethora of others have smooth and "comfortable" gunplay/animations. Of course CoD also gives you a 100 round AR magazine for your RPK in Black Ops III, so realism is out the window. The thing those games have in common is that they are built around the gunplay. If they failed at it nobody would play them at all. 7D2D isn't built around the gunplay. Yeah, it would be really cool if those things were smoothed out but I don't see it as a huge issue.
  20. I for one like some realism in my science fiction. Imagine a dude who can't forge tools stop, stare into the distance, and suddenly he just knows how to make a forge. Apparently our character is a genius who can invent everything. LbD and schematics makes the most sense to me. Yeah, I get how people abused the system, but that to me just says the crafting time was the problem. I still don't like that chance was taken out of the loot system so you are guaranteed to not find anything good early game. I don't see how 1 level 1 iron tool day one is a bad thing, but I get the desire for a more elongated progression through the stages of gameplay. I don't like those things, but I get them. As for something that's purely a pet peeve, it's that you cannot find flat ground outside of a town/city. I guess also how we went from unique city layout in A16 to the squares they are now. Just liked how each and every city was different, not just in the buildings but it the layout as well.
  21. I tend to use standard ammo first and then hollow points for general use. Since armor piercing rounds can wake sleeping zeds, I don't use them when scavenging or adventuring. I save the armor piercing rounds for horde nights. This works as demolishers and a few other zombie types have armor. Hell, doing extra damage to zeds on horde night is never a bad thing. This all depends on how much you care if zeds wake up or not. I hate searching tier 5 buildings like factories and listening for 20+ minutes to a zombie breaking things, especially if those things are lootables. I am the type of player that loots everything, can't leave anything behind, and WILL make multiple trips to keep absolutely everything.
  22. Wrong, it does work. You are arguing by changing the definition of "works". Yes, the system will run. Yes, the system will utilize SLI. Yes, it will perform better than a single slower card. It may or may not perform better than the better card alone as that entirely depends on the cards. There are definitely poorly made cards that would benefit from offloading some of that workload. It is extremely unlikely that it would work better than the one better card, but you cannot assume that without stating the cards. Is it worth it? Not at all, cost to performance isn't there. I will give you that. By most, and sometimes all, of the definitions of "works" it absolutely does work. Just because you don't see significant performance gains, does not mean something does not work. It just doesn't meet your needs. Those are two very different things.
  23. The OP asked if two video cards not configured in either SLI or Crossfire would help performance. This I would say would only be possible if there were other gpu intensive tasks going on while playing the game, such as rendering or playing other videos. Take my style for example. I get bored mining without music or a video, so I play videos on my second monitor. This isn't heavy on the cpu but it does add to what my gpu has to do. Considering neither monitor has freesync or g-sync, that is dependent on the gpu which kills the performance. Adding a second card to separate those tasks could help. Overall performance boost may not be worth the effort though, never tried it. Heard of it being done though. As to @Pichii's comment about SLI, that is incorrect. You can pair two different gpu's. Such as if you pair a 1080 with a 1060, both will run at the specs of the lesser card. You basically neuter the better card to gain SLI capability. In the end it does you little good.
  24. True, but those flying death machines don't care about your sprint speed or stamina. On harder difficulties it's almost like they are telepathic in their ability to deviate directions when you actually take a shot at them. I go out at night, but I know that the real threat isn't on the ground.
  25. I tend to do one of two things, all depending on loot and where I put my points. If I don't get a shovel, I tend to go into one of the apartment buildings/hotels that have the safes on the top floor. Lots of zombies in there and plenty of food and water from the cupboards. If this is my choice for the playthrough, I make sure that I have a point in Hidden Strike. Then just stealth through and headshot the zombies. If you luck into a wooden bow it's often a one-shot kill unless you are on one of the harder difficulties. If I did find a shovel I'll dig for dirt/clay. If I have a shovel and a pick, I'll dig for clay and stone. I always like to make underground tunnels anyways. If you find a junk turret they make for a good way to deal with zombies while digging. Just dig at 45 degrees for a ramp, and then level off for the main dig portion. Makes early game work for you. Both of these depend on two things. Is your gamma high or low? If you are willing to cheese it and go with a slightly higher gamma, it can still be dark but visible in the apartment building. In the mines you absolutely need a helmet. NVGs don't work unless there's ambient light. That and they are set for extremely low gamma. They get washed out very easily by raising the gamma even a little. The second question is did you find either of the NVGs or the helmet light? If yes, then you are good to go. Otherwise it's a crapshoot. Sometimes if I haven't found either of them I'll end up just killing roaming zombies, looting from cars, and harvesting wood.
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