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  1. Hold what ever opinion of me you want, but I suggest checking for info on the following page before assuming what a 3rd party, including Steam, posts is even in the right ballpark when it comes to versions. Specifically look for anything posted by Hated since they're the TFP staff member that handles the announcements here, though Roland also does on occasion. News & Announcements - 7 Days to Die A19.6 stable announcement:
  2. Probably because bad/inefficient code = more bits used to process/display which can contribute to playability issues on our end. @faatal going after it is a good thing.
  3. If you step away from going for a broad head you can do it without the saw and drill, and you can replace the rasp with a chunk of concrete sidewalk (the "smoothing" that is done to the face people walk on makes for a decent honing surface since it still has a texture). 2 pipes (one ends up being "fitted" into the other and then bent and shaped to form the head), a hefty rock (just below being too heavy for you to lift and pound with for any length of time), a campfire to heat the metal a bit, some twine, and a section of sidewalk to hone with would do for something more along the lines of the older styles of metal axe. They aren't great as harvesting tools, but they are decent enough to hold you over till you can get something better.
  4. How to say one doesn't know jack squat about metallurgy and what bronze itself is without directly stating it... (Admittedly I know a slight bit more than jack squat.) It is much simpler either to knock the rust off (a wet cloth, some sand or fine gravel and patience works) and cold shape it with a hammer into an improvised tool/weapon or melt rusty iron down and cast it for further forging than to try and do the research and trial/error that bronze (an alloy of copper and tin with varying grades, most of which are completely useless for tools and weapons, based on the proportion of the two metals) equipment would require. Bronze was replaced due to ease of acquisition of the needed materials and ease of converting the ores into forgeable ingots (don't have to blend 2 metals to make iron). Iron and steel are commonly available now, Bronze and it's component metals less so.
  5. Feral Sense toggled on + attack volumes existing in their current state = "Nope nope nope." from me, especially when trying to play to maximize stealth's strength (I.E. during the night in game to take advantage of the plethora of shadows and not have the inverted passive illumination shift mess with my vision). Volume trigger, player moves to adjust (at night in game mind you, so you're going to need to move fast) and everything in the neighborhood shows up.
  6. Screamers aren't that random, if at all. You spiked the heat level in the area by making allot of noise (unsuppressed gunfire, breaking metal objects and such) while you were clearing the POI. Not unusual for them to show up when that happens (wife and I get several when clearing tier 4s and 5s without suppressed weapons).
  7. Gonna need a bigger "report forum" for one of these. These won't fit through that one's grate. (The adults are about 5.5" inches long with a 5" wingspan) Might I suggest a tesla coil or large Jacob's Ladder?
  8. If it's the one I'm thinking of it is in the South Westish area of the Wasteland on Navezgane. East of the blasted "city", west of the prison, tucked into the southern hills. Edit: just realized they were asking about a military base and not a mansion. Probably referring to Red Mesa (has a dug out passage from the silo to the sleeping quarters).
  9. This is their larva. Wrath of Khan any one?
  10. If you are talking about in unmodded 7d2d, then vehicle modifications are coming in A20. Right now the slots don't have any function.
  11. @faatal Do you know if the issue I brought up here has been looked at? : From what I've come to understand from discussions elsewhere on the forum the actual effect that the full completion bonus from the Shotgun Messiah mag series is describing is an increase to the block damage done against wood and not a straight remove/downgrade wood block on hit type operation. With the change to block hp that is part of the streamlining of the block types this could become an issue of either a described completion bonus not doing what it says it does or, if the effect itself is adjusted to match the description from the completion bonus, a way to inadvertently drop a wood poi on you own head during a quest by inadvertently taking out essential vertical supports (or a troll to do it to someone else out of spiteful glee regardless of pve or pvp settings). A rewriting to the completion bonus description to reflect that it only increases damage done to wood blocks would be a good idea if they don't intend the bonus to remove wood blocks in a single hit anymore (as the supposed bonus damage currently does).
  12. Region? Never mind. Did some digging and it looks to be a male eastern dobsonfly. Corydalus cornutus - Wikipedia eastern dobsonfly at DuckDuckGo Before someone asks, I did try a google image search. Their algorithm returned nothing but images of roaches and termites.
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