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  1. They're planning for the Public Experimental of A20 around the end of this month, October. First stable version of A20 should be within a few weeks after that depending what bugs and glitches a broader test group finds.
  2. I hope they're still in vanilla. The canvas textures were my favorite to paint interiors with.
  3. Okay, no big there. Do we still have access to the awning blocks? If so that'd work too.
  4. Are the tarps going to be craftable by players in game or are those planned to be limited to the custom poi/level designers?
  5. Thanks. It looked like it was attached to the bar just above the bolt instead of to the bolt through a slot from the image I quoted.
  6. While the one on the far left with just the grip and butt stock showing, and the one in the upper right corner with the foregrip and flashlight hanging from the barrel have me scratching my head the thing that is screaming at me in my head right now is why in the hell is there a bent screwdriver stuck to the side of the pipe mg's receiver in the upper left? If it's supposed to be a carry handle it is very redundant, much less it being in the perfect position to break the wielder's nose or knock out their left eye from the recoil when they use the sight.
  7. Account 3 hours old. Only posts are on this thread, all of which fall squarely into the mantra of one of the current hardline political factions in the US. @Roland, @meganoth, or whichever mod may be perusing this, could we please get this thread locked before it follows the inevitable rails much further.
  8. Bully Tired of being bullied by the undead? Zombies can't bite if you knock their damn teeth out! Craft quality 2 poor knuckled weapons and deal 10% more damage with fists. Punches to the head negate infection ability. Unlocks Iron Knuckles crafting. Confirmed, A20 Fortitude is the new A19 Strength! 😜
  9. The crest is too short to be Lando. Maybe Veer though.
  10. I figured that it might be something like that. Glad you were able to get help.
  11. If this isn't what pops up when you press "e" while you're reticle is on it then you're probably running one of the overhaul mods or some other mod that changes the work stations. If you are running a mod then ask on the mod maker's thread in this part of the forum here: Mods - 7 Days to Die
  12. Um Or did you mean @samljer that Vegetable Stew requires animal fat? If that is what you meant then you're incorrect.
  13. Year. 😁/obvjk "Next month" is day after tomorrow here. More seriously, I'm looking forwards to catching the stream recording (please have one up on YouTube). My ViaSat connection doesn't like live streams.
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