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  1. It's a caricature of a back handed slanderous insult normally directed at victims of severe physical violence who're perceived as having abnormal cognitive functions and social skills. Taken in context with the theme of the other outfits it is also jarringly inconsistent.
  2. Did you check Jen's and Rekt's? If they're going to pop up in trader inventories honey would probably pop up in both and antibiotics would pop up in Jen's (Jen is meds and medical components, Rekt is farming and food stuffs ).
  3. Don't bait snowdog unless you're looking for an off color chuckle. They're the resident raunchy bi-perv that doesn't take anything other than consent seriously.
  4. Already in game (black bears don't all have black fur). Grizzly/brown bear are much larger.
  5. I've never seen one of these in a non-EV. Every combustion engine powered vehicle I've run into uses Lead Acid.
  6. There are also probably some mod makers out there waiting for the game to stop having the models messed with before giving a go at adding something along those lines in. @LordBullFrog Check Lovers Lab several months after 7 Days 2 Die goes gold. If there isn't something in the other games section for it then it shouldn't hurt to ask there.
  7. How far down can you dig again in Days Gone?
  8. Sounds allot like old school Doom "puzzles", though all of those had visible trigger points.
  9. Oof... Someone forget where the washers go when installing a monobody on a subframe? Not an inaccurate simile though, aside from allot fewer landmines and buzzards in the gif.
  10. Damage it till you hear a rapid heartbeat coming from it and then let it chase you to where you want it to blow up at. Will probably take a few attempts since the cop zombie will only rush at you for a few seconds before stopping and exploding.
  11. You're stating that the perks make up for the difference in capability between a fully modded off spec weapon and an on spec weapon 2-3 quality levels lower, or more, and that excluding weapons you're specced into from quest rewards and, iirc, trader loot won't result in a long lasting capability disparity between the two. I'm saying, and I think @Uncle Al likely agrees, that I doubt you're correct. Even if you are correct, what is a player going to reference to be-able to accurately tell that without having to break out a pen & paper or a calculator while flipping through multiple tabs in game while eating the time to the next Blood Moon or gamestage threshold (noticeable when the zombies get harder)?
  12. "Temporary" with your suggested exclusion would be when you finally craft a quality 5 steel spear after 30+ real life hours of game play not using spears, but perking into them and some how getting better with them, and leaning on clubs or other weapons that you get of higher tier to get you through those 30+ hours because the spears you could craft won't keep up with the GS scaling.
  13. That's the one I'm thinking of. What is depicted in the image may be that or something added for A21. Block the entrance with a bit of rubble or topsoil and it should make a good temporary hideout.
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