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  1. Ambush & pursue predators with slow metabolisms and a really nasty form of rabies. 😁
  2. *flashes back to Fallout 3, NV, & 4 companions* 😖 Dammit Bethesda!!
  3. And I doubt they're going to increase the number of streetlights as was implied by the post I'd replied to.
  4. They could always change the ingot drop to forged Iron instead of forged steel. His work on them does look nice though.
  5. Outside of the game? No. A digital representation in game? Maybe. Heck I'd volunteer my own mug if Zombie Joe wasn't already a damn near dead ringer for how I looked in High School. Last I knew this is the case, though I really don't feel like digging through the A20 and A19 dev threads to dig up the quotes.
  6. Hang out there at night in game and fire off a few unsuppressed shots.
  7. There's a clay soil layer under the rubble layer in the wasteland.
  8. Wandering hordes doing wandering horde things. One of the main reasons I play with ambient sounds turned down and game music off is so that I can hear hordes coming and prepare. Being able to clearly hear a zombie snoring the the next room is another.
  9. Now I'm imagining loading up the drone with scrap iron, wood and cobble during a salvage session, turning my back and hearing it "repair" the POI I'm scavenging in... They may just be reusing the symbol, but it shows the same grey circle with the up arrow currently both when repairing and upgrading blocks, so the game may consider both to be the same thing. It'll also might make tearing down sinks and vending machines (as examples) a pain in the ass if you happen to have the components needed to repair them stocked in the drone.
  10. This section of the wiki still holds true for the most part from what I've built in game: Structural Integrity - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki (fandom.com) Especially the bottom section...
  11. I'm going to drop this here instead of in the Dev Diary where the argument keeps coming up, but the disagreements over the balance between the different perk lines seems to be falling into a difference between those that love living by the dice (The "It's fine. Just take x, y or z rng drop dependent items with it and you're set." group) and those that don't (the "Running spec a eats x times more resources, including time, than running running spec b. And that is if I even find the items my spec works with." group).
  12. Corrugated = the upgrade line that starts with Iron frames?
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