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  1. I think you might want to add plates above the trap doors, rotated so they're flat against the roof's overhang. Dogs can slip through a 1 block high hole iirc and the plates help mitigate that.
  2. You talking the tank top guy (aka bloated walker) or the hawaiian shirt guy (tourist)?
  3. That said, Moe strikes me less as the stereotypical "fat" and more of a tired rig worker 3/4 of the way through a 6 month layover pudge. Paunch is there but it doesn't jiggle much.
  4. No Gasser this time it seems, though iirc there was a bit more to the re-worked tourist than just a new HD model.
  5. Whoot! Looking forwards to next stable. Unless they nicked 2 slots from the backpack, this is 2 more slots till a lowbie gets encumbered (on top of everything else it helps out). Neat.
  6. Okay, for those wondering where the heck to find the bug report portion of the forum there used to be a banner at the top of the page with the link and a visible sub forum in the PC section of the main forum (not currently from what I can see). The people saying "post it to the bugs forum" probably haven't noticed the change. Workaround to get to the bug reports section is here:
  7. Agri snob much? 😜🤣 Seriously, meat (fish, beef, pork, or poultry) and gravy over toast/rice/hash browns/fries (chips to you barbaric anglophiles 🤣)/etc. is in the realm of "soup and sandwich" of god tier irl foods. Especially if it's got shredded cheese on top.
  8. Recon done, it is the one pictured. Looks like they did swap it out and I just derp my identification of it while we passed it. Nice to have independent confirmation from QA rockstars. Not all of us make use of the F1 or dm settings though. A visual for those wondering "Wtf do they mean by apartment_brick_6_flr??": That said, holy crap the Wasteland eats frame rate.
  9. I'll do some recon to double check in a bit, but iirc the one in Graves Towne is the non-dungeon, bust down every door in the building one. Wife and I puttered by that one after chasing down a Rapheal's treasure and it didn't look to have been swapped out from the one that was there in A18.
  10. The College Jacket boosts your run speed, the High Performance Running Shoes let you run longer by applying a Rule 1: Cardio style effect (increases the rate which your stam regens while you run by 20% resulting in a slower overall rate of stamina consumption). Aside from the jacket the run speed buffs come from Steroids and Mega Crush. So unless 1.1(base player run speed)= faster than nightmare speed zombies' "sprint" then no, you won't be able to out sprint them.
  11. You were either wearing Tough Guy glasses or under the effect of Sham Chowder's buff (or both at the same time) and no longer have their effects on your character. Sham Chowder.
  12. Farm Plot/Hobo Stew supply delivery. Some processing necessary (ZBears and Bears are nasty tanky).
  13. If you're referring to to where I think you are, yep.
  14. Some more feedback (positive this time): 1. Props to the Dev that reworked this POI. It is beautiful (used to be a tiny tin shack with a yard and something special underneath, completely void of enemies, not any more though). 2. My wife is enjoying the game so much that every moment she has available she's bugging me to co-op with her in it. 👍
  15. Drat. Was hoping to build some monkey bars.... 😁
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