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  1. Changelog 0.90 (Incomplete. Probably I will add to that later.) * added console command removeTraderData which removes all trader-related xml lines from all POIs in a specified directory unless the XMLs has the line '<property name="TraderArea" value="True" />' * fixed bug in nitrogen list creator which slowed down the process and caused high memory consumption * fixed false update reminder Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/6qm4s4422dyspii/Zombie_%2864_bit%29.zip/file Sorry but the autoupdater still needs to be fixed. It's always the same download link btw.
  2. Thank you for your assistance @stallionsden!
  3. This might be possible but would require the POIs to have similar sizes. I'll think about your suggestion but first I've to finish the map editor which is still highly work in progress. The development is one month behind schedule.^^
  4. Right. It's not supported by the vanilla RWG or Nitrogen. So, no not possible to use when generating, unfortunately.
  5. Yes, you even reacted to the post where I've explained the feature^^: It is a bit complicated to use when you try it for the first time... I might make a video if necessary.
  6. I hope that I can make you and myself happy. lol
  7. Yes, and of course you can also move already placed POI or remove them.
  8. The first update (scheduled for Halloween) will primarily include a world editor allowing you edit every feature of a map. It comes with additional functions for automatic prefab placement. So you can take an existing map and the editor will be able to automatically add water POIs like Ships or underground content like sewers beneath streets or caves (I'll provide a set of underground and water POIs to demonstrate how this feature works). Prefab stacking will probably also be possible (you can let the editor place a prefab depending on the position of another POI). I don't know yet if I will extend this to a map generator later.
  9. Another preview shot:
  10. Some random preview stuff. I am trying to teach the editor the file formats of the map
  11. Preview - version 0.9 Implemented: * Added hint to ALT info box. * 5000% - 10000% percent faster global block search + support for searching for block names instead of block IDs + new global block search won't close your currently loaded POI * more soon... Planned: Map post-processing feature allowing to add ships and other water related POIs to the coast + underground tunnel systems/dungeons below towns.
  12. That's now possible since we have the 'exclude quest' tag for sleeper volumes (Otherwise you would run into trouble when trying to eliminate the zombies in the air vents). So adding it requires some additional effort. I'll consider to add this type of quest. Being just a bit tired at the moment...
  13. Thanks you Stalli for replying.... I did what I could (see changelog below) without having gotten an answer to my question. My question was 'What is path and color/texture name path?'... "* added console command 'save block data' to save block information the a file (block_data.txt in the directory of the editor). Type help in the console for more information"
  14. Changelog 0.89 * added icon preview for edit tab * added randomized replacing for advanced replacing tool * added console command 'save block data' to save block information the a file (block_data.txt in the directory of the editor). Type help in the console for more information * added SleeperIsQuestExclude and ShowQuestClearCount to sleeper volume widget. * some bugfixes I can't remember Download v0.89
  15. Yes, if you click on a light you can change its settings in the edit tab. Click middle mouse button to read the setting data. However, my editor won't be able to read the data if you never touched the light (AFAIK you open the light setting menu and click ok in the ingame editor to make it readable). @cammel Sorry but I tried and it didn't work. You have to edit the light manually or at least do what is written above before using adjustLight. @ArNaLdInHo What is path and color/texture name path?
  16. I could do something like this "block name, position, rotation" if that's ok? @cammel The game doesn't store the light settings in the prefab files if you use the default values. That's why the adjustLight command doesn't touch unconfigured lights at the moment. I'll try to change this. BTW. the next update is scheduled for this weekend.
  17. @ArNaLdInHo These looks like coordinates and rotations of the models of the blocks or something like that. That's why decimal numbers are used. It seems to be unrelated to the actual block positions. I don't know where to get the corresponding data from to be honest and don't think that would help you either. If you only need the positions of the blocks, I could do that, but then the output format that you suggested makes no sense since it has nothing to do with the POI... @cammel You mean, you used the adjustLight command in the console of the editor?
  18. I will fix this in the next update. After the update I will take a longer break. What's local_offset and what would be the purpose of this function? I may consider to include such a function if you give me some more information...
  19. Yes, into the Mods folder of the game. The editor can't replace nonexisting blocks. Therefore the removed blocks have to be added back temporarily using the AAA_A18_TO_A19_CONVERSION_HELPER modlet.
  20. I'll try to fix this later. BTW. most POIs will work even without performing the conversion process. There are only 5 blocks that have been removed or renamed: treasureChest cntBuriedStashChest cntBackpackDropped toiletBlockVariantHelper woodFurnitureBlockVariantHelper If you load your POIs into the ingame editor and and don't get an error message, everything should be fine.
  21. Thanks! Fixed link.
  22. Changelog 0.86(b), 0.87, 0.88 * fixed bug in sleeper generator * auto repeat mode for export expand buttons * improved import/export box (y-offset/underground is represented by brown color) * yOffset for export function * added way to handle multiply game versions more efficiently (see 'set game directory...' dialog) * slightly faster nitrogen list creator and better indication of when process is finish * new console command 'restart' - restarts the editor * new console command 'adjustLight' - Changes light densities POI-wide * added A18 - A19 converter (see subfolder 'converter' in main directory of the editor). The following instructions apply analogously (use the AAA_A18_TO_A19_CONVERSION_HELPER instead of AAA_A17_TO_A18_CONVERSION_HELPER): A17 to A18 conversion The lights of old A18 POIs need to be adjusted. They will be too bright if you load an A18 POI into A19. So I recommend to adjust the densities using the console command (see system tab) 'adjustLight 0.33' (without the ' '). This will change the intensities of all POIs in the specified directory. Unfortunately, the autoupdater is not working ATM. So you have to download the whole program if you want to have the most recent version: Download v0.88
  23. @Cpt Krunch No no. It's a way to create one-time spawns in vanilla. You can spawn everything listed in the entityclasses.xml even vehicles.
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