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  1. Can you show us in game the Integrated Survival System as much as possible please? With the new awesome looking zombies is FPS going to take a nosedive? Will bandits be in Alpha 20? If not then when? Thanks
  2. OMG The HYPE! If this thing actually comes outs while im still on lockdown im gonna lose my freaking mind 😮 In a good way *Edit* We gonna see a return of the green room Roland?
  3. I never use it. The reload sucks. I dont do agi but I still use other guns from trees I dont use. Hell, I'd use the regular pistol over the magnum. I'd love to take some time to figure it out because with a pistol extended mag I bet the dps is way higher. The mag dont have a magazine extender does it? Cause 6 rounds aint enough.
  4. Holy ♥♥♥♥! When an ak is considered a tier 1 gun you know the game gonna be fun!
  5. There are also mods out there for the super hardcore. I'd suggest ravenhearst. It's a great mod for the hardcore.
  6. This is my biggest annoyance as well. Missing shots we should have hit is not game difficulty, its cheating lol
  7. Better yet. If they cant get to you after 30 seconds have them dive bomb your roof for big damage.
  8. Yea. I have modded b4 but very rarely. I haven't been playing for 4k hours because of mods.
  9. Wait. 7 days to die doesn't have replayability? News to me. Coming up on 4k hours. And does not include all the time I played before alpha 5. And after that 4k+ hours I still cant wait to get home today and work in my Bloodbath and Beyond v3.0 base. Shrug
  10. I think the base I'm making now is gonna be sick and very effective. But I'm not so much arguing for myself but others.
  11. Yea. People talk ♥♥♥♥ to me for not having the zombies set at 64. But the fun pimps seem to be balancing the difficulty of the game based on 8 zombies at a time. All this seems to be accomplishing is the widespread use of exploit bases. And when demolishers are what they are I cant blame players for using them.
  12. Not only that but theres alot that can set off a demolisher. And 2 go off your steel blocks, traps and everything else is gone. They are no joke.
  13. Glad you brought this up. I have been reading your posts. And I must ask, why do you think theres so few zombies on horde night? You can raise them to 64 but you keep saying theres only, like 3. I mean 8 is the fewest you can have. What am I missing?
  14. Just going to address the end of this post. Nothing in this game has made me as scared as knowing demloisers are coming at gs 150. Maybe that's just me but it's the truth.
  15. I dont know how you would do it. But I'd love a walking dead setting. Like 1 shot headshots, always running. No kills unless in the head. More zombies. Maybe tougher bandits, once they are in the game. Tougher bandits would simulate the walking dead idea that humans are the real danger. But if not maybe for 7dtd 2 lol
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