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  1. I never use it. The reload sucks. I dont do agi but I still use other guns from trees I dont use. Hell, I'd use the regular pistol over the magnum. I'd love to take some time to figure it out because with a pistol extended mag I bet the dps is way higher. The mag dont have a magazine extender does it? Cause 6 rounds aint enough.
  2. Holy ♥♥♥♥! When an ak is considered a tier 1 gun you know the game gonna be fun!
  3. I dont know how you would do it. But I'd love a walking dead setting. Like 1 shot headshots, always running. No kills unless in the head. More zombies. Maybe tougher bandits, once they are in the game. Tougher bandits would simulate the walking dead idea that humans are the real danger. But if not maybe for 7dtd 2 lol
  4. Yup. I'm always thinking of new players. I hear from them all the time. This game is HARD for most new players. When I started in alpha 1 the game was WAY easier than it is now and I loved it. The difficulty grew with me through the alphas. Was perfect. As far as the cement mixer goes. It say nerf the speed and allow it to be hooked up to electrical stuff. When powered it's much faster.
  5. Add to that only one headshot is needed. That would be cool.
  6. This is one of my favorite changes ever. It's simply brilliant to give looters a chance to get some mats whole looting. Mining will still get you far more in the long run but its nice to be able to get some mats while looting.
  7. They have been this way since the beginning. And that's a big reason why im still playing 7 days to die 7 years later. Go gold? I say never go gold. Chain mm and the rest to there desks and keep pumping out the goodness.
  8. To be fair I did walk that back. Besides I was just joking to mess with the HR fans lol. My bad. Also I never said to use the bow, that sucks too 😉 - - - Updated - - - Stating my opinion that the HR sucks is not negative in anyway. It's just one guys opinion on the interwebs. Dont make it fact. Just how I think of the weapon. Youd think I kicked someone's dog or something lol. Besides was all in good fun. I dont like the weapon but others do. That's fine. Everyone got the favorites and so on.
  9. For me it's not the HR really. My only issue, and it's really not a big dead, is they are in the same tier of the thier respective perk tree. I have never thought of the HR in the same tier as the AK and none on my friends ever did either. I guess some people do? And I guess TFP agree. We will have to agree to disagree here. That is all.
  10. Tier 1 gub craftable. The guns you need to take that first point in a tree to craft. HR, AK, shotgun, pistol and auto turret. Seems the AK is the big boy on this block lol. Hey by all means leave it that way. I love my ak. Just seems weird to me is all. And I'm much less likely to take the per tree, though I do love lock picks and higher level loot.
  11. I have been using the ak since it came out. Never run out of ammo, although I do tend to farm for it. When a a group of irradiated ferals are in your face in a closed room the ak is the gun. The HR is a death sentence. If your out in the open the HR is fine but that's no danger mode already so, meh.
  12. Yea. What are the other tier 1 craftables? Pump shotty and pistol right? And auto turret. Yea ya know what it's not the HR is weak, although I still dont like and and will never use it, it's more the AK is just so good for that tier.
  13. Oh wow. Your magical scenario where 3 zombies line up in a conga line for your mythical perfect damage shot lol. Then you woke up. - - - Updated - - - Yea zombies off in the distance is a good use for the HR over the AK I'll concede that. It's just when the going gets tough the go to gun is the AK. - - - Updated - - - Meh. I'm partially over arguing the case cause I'm bored today lol. But I still dont think the ak and hr should be on the same crafting tier. The hr just ain't umgood enough. Just my opinion.
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