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  1. Zombies being able to dig isn't bad in and of itself. It does kind of make sense. The problem is the way they do it. The zombies dig by smashing their knees into the dirt. That's got to be the goofiest way of "digging" that I've ever heard of. Then, absolutely every zombie digs. It's not just a single zombie type. On top of that, they all pile onto a single block. The devs decided to also put in a bonus that increases block damage when zombies attack the same block. In the end they dig through concrete faster than you can say "Oh @%$*#!, this was a mistake?" They built the zombies to absolutely destroy bunkers. I love bunkers. I've found a way to still kind of have those, but they're not true bunkers.
  2. It's entirely random for me. Until my current playthrough I'd never spec'ed into the skill. Just didn't see the need. I'd collect more than I'd ever use, and it rarely took more than 3 to actually open a safe. Then in my current playthrough I went through 21 lockpicks on a single safe. That drove me nuts especially since that was all of the lockpicks I'd had at the time. Not sure why that safe was so stubborn but it did open when I beat it senseless with my stone axe...love how that works. Sometimes I feel like the caveman mindset really works for this game.
  3. For bears, find a high place with very good visibility and no physical access. Big boulders are not enough. The bears can climb even those. Do your best to be able to see its head. Body shots take forever, especially with zombie bears. Never fight them on level ground. Fight them on hills far less. ABSOLUTELY never fight them with a hunting rifle. Always expect to be attacked. Wolves will be in the forest biome. Cougars will be in the winter biome. Coyotes will be in the desert. They all love the taste of survivor. Head shots on anything but bears can result in decapitation so go for that. Guns are great, silencers are gold. Early game, sledge hammers do the most damage. Spears are easy to lose. Go with the iron club if you can loot one. They are the best....well, if you can tolerate the reduced reach. Once you get used to the sledgehammer they're hard to give up though. Infection spells disaster early game. Later you'll have honey and antibiotics. Attack every stump like your life depends on it. Hit up the Shamways to get some there. With the new AI you want your mines open to the surface. Use a ramp down to your mine. You can either just wait to hear them or use a junk turret to alert you to the zombie's presence. Buy every mod you can. Don't worry about mod books early game. The mods themselves drop often enough. Ignore me since there's always one that doesn't. Save your canned food. The recipes you use them in give you really good return on investment. Fish, chili, and sham are the most important. Oddly the rotten flesh still is part of a recipe that is huge for hunger and that. I guess survivors can live on hobo stew. Don't over produce on arrows. You will likely give them up for your guns eventually. It always sucks to have 300 iron arrows that'll never get used and scrap to wood.
  4. There's no wire object to mod. I think to increase this you'd have to look into modding the dll files.
  5. True, but those flying death machines don't care about your sprint speed or stamina. On harder difficulties it's almost like they are telepathic in their ability to deviate directions when you actually take a shot at them. I go out at night, but I know that the real threat isn't on the ground.
  6. Personally I'd switch it back to the "use them to raise them" method of improving skills in a heartbeat. Yeah the spam crafting was annoying but at the same time, who's to say a person wouldn't build something, take it apart, and then put it back together again over and over until it was at a desired quality for their purpose. Yeah it kinda speeds the game up, but it's not like people don't have their way of finding iron or steel tools day one anyways. I hit up every car in a town. Usually end up with at least one metal tool. Sometimes even 1 of each. I'm also kind of that weird guy who plays fantasy games and loves an element of realism in them. There's a model for an M4 in the game already. It's just not fully implemented. There's a mod for it though. The mod uses the 7.62 ammo that's already in the game. I've switched that to new 5.56 ammo. I'm even working on expanding the boring, and absurd in my opinion, format of casings and bullet tips that are universal in size. The ability to improve with shotguns without using them is even more absurd. It just makes sense that you'd have to work with them to improve in shooting or crafting. Personally I've even thought that that method plus skill boosts from books would be the best method.
  7. I said it on the ground makes sense. I never said the backpack physics makes sense. Carrying 30k stones and 6k iron doesn't make much sense either but even without mods you can do it. Not being able to pick up a broken wood box without a quick repair does.
  8. I tend to do one of two things, all depending on loot and where I put my points. If I don't get a shovel, I tend to go into one of the apartment buildings/hotels that have the safes on the top floor. Lots of zombies in there and plenty of food and water from the cupboards. If this is my choice for the playthrough, I make sure that I have a point in Hidden Strike. Then just stealth through and headshot the zombies. If you luck into a wooden bow it's often a one-shot kill unless you are on one of the harder difficulties. If I did find a shovel I'll dig for dirt/clay. If I have a shovel and a pick, I'll dig for clay and stone. I always like to make underground tunnels anyways. If you find a junk turret they make for a good way to deal with zombies while digging. Just dig at 45 degrees for a ramp, and then level off for the main dig portion. Makes early game work for you. Both of these depend on two things. Is your gamma high or low? If you are willing to cheese it and go with a slightly higher gamma, it can still be dark but visible in the apartment building. In the mines you absolutely need a helmet. NVGs don't work unless there's ambient light. That and they are set for extremely low gamma. They get washed out very easily by raising the gamma even a little. The second question is did you find either of the NVGs or the helmet light? If yes, then you are good to go. Otherwise it's a crapshoot. Sometimes if I haven't found either of them I'll end up just killing roaming zombies, looting from cars, and harvesting wood.
  9. I've got to disagree that it makes no sense. It does make sense. Consider that the damaged wood is only in the shape of a frame but is structurally unstable. If you were to pick it up it would fall apart, or as the OP put it it would break. I do agree that it would be better if you could attempt to pick it up and it would break, but I get why they have it as it is now. Also, unless you are out of wood, you might as well just repair it and pick it up. The only time this is an issue is early game and pretty much everything can get you killed early game. Your club lasts maybe 20 hits. Your spear takes insane stamina when thrown. Your character has the endurance of a covid patient who just got put on a respirator. Easy enough to learn from the experience and change things up in the future.
  10. Yeah, I get my mods from Nexus Mods. Here's a link to the tier 6 crafting mod that I use. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/627
  11. It would take some doing and more code than xml alone, but it should be possible.
  12. Short answer, no. It's slower, if you use a vehicle storage mod you don't get the bonus there, it has far more bugs, and bounces off of practically everything. I tried the 4x4 a couple times and hated it. Also, do not log out of the game while standing on top of it. You will learn what re-entry feels like. It launches your character up into the sky and flips the vehicle. I've found more ways to try to kill myself with the 4x4 than I ever have with all of the other vehicles combined.
  13. Rules for a Gunfight #10 "Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty."
  14. That's why the 'r' key reloads the weapon. Magical isn't it?
  15. I hit up every car in whatever town I find. They usually will give you at least one tool. If I were to have only 1 tool it would be a pickaxe, iron or steel. I hate gathering materials with the stone axe. For one thing, the stone axe takes forever but that isn't even the worst part. You get less materials as you don't get the bonuses. Every time I collect materials with the stone axe that thought keeps going through my head over and over, "I'm losing too damn much by using a stone axe."
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