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  1. The OP asked if two video cards not configured in either SLI or Crossfire would help performance. This I would say would only be possible if there were other gpu intensive tasks going on while playing the game, such as rendering or playing other videos. Take my style for example. I get bored mining without music or a video, so I play videos on my second monitor. This isn't heavy on the cpu but it does add to what my gpu has to do. Considering neither monitor has freesync or g-sync, that is dependent on the gpu which kills the performance. Adding a second card to separate those tasks could help
  2. An option I'm taking advantage of is head-shot only zombie kills. There's a few mods on Nexusmods that do that. I've always thought that as long as you have a base, the horde really isn't a challenge. You make it headshots only and you realize just how easy vanilla was. The day 7 horde is always easy though.
  3. Just recently saw this. I think it happened because I shot the chicken when it was jumping. It messed up the animation, probably causing it getting stuck in the animation.
  4. The point of this thread was meant to be more about people's expectations. I only added the second question as an afterthought. It being inverted is irrelevant. The answer I'd expected was "yes" actually. If you expected anything else, you projected. This was not a leading question as you absolutely had to make an assumption to know what I'd expected. Way to take the fun out of a simple conversation.
  5. This is not something that seems accurate. I've only seen bears during the day on my current playthrough. The direwolves have come in day and night. Might just be that they spawned and didn't despawn before I ran into them, but that seems unlikely as some were in the afternoon. Did you look at the code? I haven't myself, so you could be right. I jsut know I've run into them during the day. I love this idea. It makes sense, covers the issue of balance, and scales the predators to your gamestage. Sadly how it is now predators are the easiest to get meat from as you don't have to h
  6. Usually do. Hard to avoid them when I discover they are there only after I've been bitten by them. I've also taken to climbing onto ledges that I'm safe on and peppering them with arrows. Takes a while but it works. For the most part I agree with all points made, but it's hard to pass on the meat when your only other chance for meat is a rabbit or chicken. Hogs don't show up that often. For some reason I've been seeing more wolves than boars. Haven't seen many deer at all, either. I don't know, just got the feeling that I've been expecting something unreasonable.
  7. I know that I tend to play differently than others but I got to wondering how many times people die in the beginning of a playthrough. There's the people who play one life, no respawn. There are those who play vanilla game on base settings. I don't play without respawn but I don't like dying. I like staying alive to be a challenge but that begs the question about certain aspects of the game. You have little chance of killing a bear with a blunderbuss. A pistol takes a long time to kill a bear. Dire wolves are difficult enough. I've had both of these in the first 2 days. I don't mind a challeng
  8. No that was just in frustration. For some reason the game is instantly killing me when I touch spikes. The first time should only have been barbed wire as I was crossing over the barbed wire barrier in the Shotgun Messiah factory offices above the target range and labs. Should have done minimal damage. None of my mods should do that. I'll look them over again, but I'm at a total loss as to how a backpack mod or a loot mod that does nothing to blocks would make this happen. Edit: Oops. This is a case of misdirected frustration. It was a mod. Wanted a less infected type playthro
  9. I've gotten past the other issues with the alpha. This one might be my breaking point though. How can traps be insta-kill? That makes no sense. How does a scratch end up killing you instantly? I get that the spikes were absurd in that you could land on them, essentially impaling yourself, and take minimal damage. Why is it that the UnFun Pimps always take the drastic option of swinging from one extreme to the other? I barely touched barbed wire walking over the edge of it, dead. I jumped onto spike traps after several tests, all which killed me instantly. These two scenarios are not the same.
  10. We all remember the calipers problem. The only reason I disagree as to it being stupid is the focus on the RNG rather than the low number of actual sources. RNG isn't a problem if you can get something from a bunch of sources, but when it's only available from one or two it becomes a problem. Calipers were only available from lumberjacks and Working Stiff boxes, not to mention the incredibly low probability they'd drop in the first place. You have to be able to hit up those sources enough to make it possible to efficiently find them in a given time. Treasure maps don't have high probabilities
  11. Wow, assumptive much? Where did I say that nobody enjoyed the current game? Where did I say that the current game was unanimously disliked? Here's the answer, I never did. You seem to have a serious problem with putting words into other people's mouths. I get that you like it. I just don't...and here's something that's gonna shock you, I'm not the only one. The truth is that I don't give a rat's a** if you do or don't like it. You aren't the only person playing. I know that goes both ways too. You seem to think that since you like the current state of the game that the game is perfect and ever
  12. I'm gonna have to agree with you on that one. If you think a single level 1 iron/steel tool on day 1 is OP, you and I probably won't have a productive conversation. That and the fact that you seem to think that the proper way to fix said issue is to guarantee that looting is a complete waste of time. No way I'm gonna ever agree with that one. It feels like a swing from one extreme to the opposite extreme. How does that even make sense? Even on the basis that it may be setting up a better system, its current form is terrible. Even if you play the game the opposite way I do and set it on near da
  13. Not sure what game you played but NOBODY had level 6 steel tools and firearms on DAY 1 of this game. I never did. I never had more than a single steel tool that was level 1. Now, admittedly I only played on pc since A16, but still if your argument is for version prior to that it's been a moot point for years now. Your argument is as bunk as any out there.
  14. Like I'd said before, they had it right and also had better options. They just changed it to level caps. I'd thought that that issue had been understood when the devs took the level caps out of the skill tree. I get the argument that I'm not playing vanilla but why should I be ok with it when they had it right previously? It's also not like everyone plays the game the same way. There's people who play nomad. There's people who mine and avoid the horde. There's people who play run-all-the-time. There's people who play horde-every-night. There's people who turn off horde nights and
  15. Exactly what I'm doing. That doesn't mean that I MUST keep my mouth shut about how I feel about the current alpha. "There's mods for that" isn't a reason to stifle criticism. Game can't be all things, but it can be what it already was but better. Hell, the idea that guns require gun specific parts in part kits to repair is an easy way to allow them to drop and to keep the player from moving away from low tier items too early was a much better option. My criticism of how they chose to accomplish their goal of extending the early game is not me wanting end game stuff instantly, but rather it's j
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