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  1. Exactly what I'm doing. That doesn't mean that I MUST keep my mouth shut about how I feel about the current alpha. "There's mods for that" isn't a reason to stifle criticism. Game can't be all things, but it can be what it already was but better. Hell, the idea that guns require gun specific parts in part kits to repair is an easy way to allow them to drop and to keep the player from moving away from low tier items too early was a much better option. My criticism of how they chose to accomplish their goal of extending the early game is not me wanting end game stuff instantly, but rather it's just me not wanting to be forced to chop down trees with a rock when scrap metal from a random car in the hand of a brain damaged monkey would take it down faster. They forced mind numbing stupidity on the player at the expense of chance or originality. This is the result of people @%$#ing about RNG. They took the easy way out. They removed level caps in the skill trees and put it in the loot.
  2. I've gotta go with a resounding no. It's more or less the only issue I have with A19. I don't like that there is absolutely zero chance that you can find anything other than stone level items until you've killed x amount of zombies and done y amount of quests to earn z gamestage. Quests have never been my thing. I play without loot respawn as well. This makes it so my style is impossible to maintain. All they had to do was significantly reduce the probability of good loot spawning. There should still be a slight chance of getting something better than stone. The excitement in looting is the possibility and the anticipation. It doesn't have to actually happen, but without even a slight possibility of getting something better it takes all the fun out of it. I find TFP's choice of acceptable exploits to be a bit absurd as well. Spam crafting is unacceptable but lighting 20 campfires to draw in screamers is totally ok. This loot system forces screamer exploits. Not too difficult if you ever find a motorized tool. The things are insane with the heatmap when mining metals. Since killing zombies is the best way to get xp it's an inevitability. There's plenty I don't know about A19 but I've found it to be like A17, a prelude to a better following alpha. I have hopes that this will be improved for A20.
  3. I don't believe that there was a schematic for the forge, but there definitely was for the bellows. The bellows was needed for the forge.
  4. No, actually it's not. Loot progression was just fine before this looney setup. It used to be that when low level your odds of finding something good was slim. You would find trash items first. Then you might find something level 1 iron. That made sense. Lots and lots of garbage slowly becoming something desirable yet low level. You don't have to have progression locked into a narrow definition. Also, the immersion level is perspective based. Just because you find absolutely nothing to relate to and connect with means nothing to the rest of us and our experience.
  5. I freaking hate this argument. This argument has zero logical reasoning behind it. In what apocalypse would it make sense that a world that has maybe 5 or six survivors in it, somehow has a store clerk restocking absolutely every lootbox in existence? That's not a survival element. If a store had been picked clean by day 1, there wouldn't be anything good on day 50. Immersion suggests you don't find a disconnect between the in-game logic and real world logic. This line varies between players. I have trouble imagining that there's any immersion to be had in looking at a gamestage number to determine if you should loot a gun store or not. Nobody wants an easy win. They just want looting to matter. The Fun Pimps aren't fostering new ideas in gameplay. They are forcing a more linear form of gameplay into an open world game. Every game prior to this was different based on loot. I rarely use shotguns but there were playthroughs built around them due to early game looting. That doesn't mean I found them on day 1, just that I found them before day 7. People used to have drop bases. Now nobody does. Nobody looted, so they changed progression to incentivize looting....that was a few alphas ago. Then this happens and they killed looting.
  6. This game acts weird. I game on a 47" tv, not a high fps gaming monitor. Until now I was using NVidia's vertical sync to prevent screen tearing. The game kept dropping into the 30s and occasionally the high 20s when under full load. I set the horde night at 64 zombies. Then I turned off the vertical sync and set the maximum framerate at 55 fps. This does a decent job of stopping screen tearing. Oddly though my framerate doesn't drop anywhere near as much as with the vertical sync. No other game did this. On the game itself, my issues with A19 are less with graphics than they are with the new system in-game. I like the variance in the trees. It does help with looks...a little. Until this alpha I didn't see the comparison between 7D2D and Borderlands like some others did. A little in the metal doors, but now I see it more. The grass has that look. The loot system is my biggest gripe. That was the last straw for me. In some ways I do think that the new graphics aid in the overall look of the game. If you look up, it tends to look good. If you look at the ground, no. Basically, if you are a perpetual tourist you'll love the look of the game.
  7. Buying sh*t from the trader is a different system in the game. You aren't looting when buying from the trader. Who cares what you bought from the trader? This discussion is about searching the world a finding useless stuff. I like the excitement of searching for loot. It was the element of expectant surprise that kept me looting. Their new system killed that. The trader helps blunt this disappointment but it doesn't make it entirely better. I modded paintings, posters, and some cosmetic type blocks to be picked up and have value. Even with that it can be a grind to get enough to buy those nice tools and weapons. If it did hit beta, this also seems close to their final iteration. If anything has convinced me why pc is and always will be better than console is this. Mods aren't a small perk, they are an absolute must.
  8. What code are you using? I haven't attempted this one, but typically when adding ammo types you'd use a comma and the new item name. <property name="LockPickItem" value="resourceLockPick, newLockPick"/> Something like this. I don't know that that will work. If adding it like that doesn't, it would mean that it's likely hard coded to only give the single option.
  9. Happened after the last update. Keep thinking my bow doesn't have an arrow and hitting r to reload.
  10. 1. I loot certain buildings as I've modded the paintings, posters, and tvs to be picked up. Just makes sense to me. 2. I now use the blunderbuss until I find a pistol since the world spawns way too many predators. Killed 4 bears, a dire wolf, and 3 mountain lions on day 22. Not by day 22, on day 22. Thank the lord I'd found a pistol by then. 3. I don't open named crates, safes, or hardened chests until my gamestage gets higher. Waste of loot as I like to play without loot respawn as an unseen store clerk restocking crates as though his job at walmart still exists is moronic to me. Also was a way to incentivize searching the entire map instead of systematically visiting different towns over and over. 4. I play far less than I did before. I used to play 3 or 4 hours at a time. Now I play maybe 1. I'm just not as interested. Looting is a waste of time as we know what we will find based on our gamestage. Kinda takes the excitement out of it. Killing zombies is fun, but it's treated as nothing more than a leveling tool that opens everything else up. 5. And so as to not be a complete downer, I'll end on a high note. I actually will be using shotguns now. I like that new drum fed shotgun. Fires a little slow but is a nice weapon. Didn't like the sawed off and was mildly interested in the regular shotgun. Mostly just used shells for the turrets. Now I likely will use that new one for horde nights. Gotta give the Fun Pimps props on that one.
  11. You did catch the part where I said "in Adventurer" right? I didn't say Nomad was still default. Nobody said Nomad was still default.
  12. Yes, they kinda are tutorial items. How does it make sense then that you are still stuck with them until day 7? It's one thing to limit gun use early game by limiting ammo. It's another to absolutely stop them from dropping. Tools don't have that kind of mechanic, but if we are to consider stone tools as tutorial items, why should they stick around far longer than any other game keeps their tutorial items?
  13. Dude, I'm on day 7 and have only now found a level 1 iron pick. F*** off with your "games don't have to be real" bullsh**. There's realistic, not that realistic, and then there's bullsh*t unrealistic. This game goes out of its way to ensure you don't get anything good. Nothing but blunderbusses in any safe? I'm an actual gun owner and the only thing a blunderbuss is good for is being used as a paperweight. They are even less useful in game. I've seriously only got 1 kill with the thing and it's only because I got the head crit. Games don't have to be realistic, but they do have to be fun. The grind is being forced so damn much it's getting difficult to find the fun in it. Food is almost as useless as it was in A17 early experimental as you eat more in game than the 800 lbs man did in real life just to survive the day without fatigue and a random concussion. Then if you increase the difficulty to Nomad or beyond, they scale it for guns and don't give you any. In my first 7 days in Adventurer I've been mauled by a dire wolf, 2 wolves, and a freaking bear. Yeah, to some degree that is "realistic" but even you have to agree that that isn't fun. People don't expect to be fully "kitted out" on day 1, but they do expect to have something before day 7.
  14. Previously I would beeline to the nearest town and loot every car. That still gives ok loot but that feels stunted in this alpha. It used to eventually give you an iron or steel axe or pick. Sometimes both, usually just one though. Now you're lucky to get anything better than a blunderbuss in the first week. In the end I looted those, hit up one of the red firehouses for the gun safes, and then continued hitting up the largest caches I could find. Aldo's Cabinet is one. I hit up a Crack a Book for the schematics and recipes. They still sell for a decent amount. With the trader, I feel the first thing anybody should buy is a weapon better than a blunderbuss. I've been hit by a dire wolf day 2, a wolf day 4, and a freaking bear day 5. The dire wolf killed me, breaking my game due to the changes with the backpack. I have a bigger backpack mod. In A18 all you needed was an xml edit. The Fun Pimps appear to have changed the size of their arraylist for the backpack so if you have more than 45 things in your backpack, broken game. The wolf nearly killed me as well as the bear. Thank the lord I was able to get a level 4 pistol and a full auto mod. Survived that encounter with single digit health.
  15. So I have a lot of issues with the game. I am a zombie freak that likes a game that feels like z's in reality. The progression system was perfect back in A15 with LBD. I am willing to mod in specific calibers...the redneck M4 should not use 7.62mm rounds...maybe 300 AAC. The unbalanced demolisher is absurd. I also hate the knee smashing form of digging...or the digging period. It's not so much that they dig, but that the digging entirely makes bunkers a waste of time as the zombies are way too efficient at it. That stuff being less than ideal, I can live with though. I've been having another issue though. I am on day 6 or 7 of my current playthrough and loot is dragging. I've bumped the loot up to level 3 in the skill tree and am still getting base stuff. I just got my first level 1 iron pick after looting 100+ vehicles, hitting 2 traders twice, and opening ~20 working stiff boxes. I've only seen 1 level 1 axe as well. I do not like to mine ore with a stone axe as it is less efficient than literally everything else in the game. It just feels like the loot is stunted. I have found a level 6 wooden club and a level 4 robot sledge, but I can't tell if that is because they are lower tier devices or if I'm just nuts. Every playthrough I've gone through before, I have found at least level 2 sledge hammers, or level 3 wrenches, or even a gun by day 6. Everything beyond stone has dropped ONLY level 1. Either my luck has gone sour or something has been done to slow down the pace of loot progression. Only firearm to drop from loot has been an overabundance of blunderbusses. I do appreciate the attempt at making them less irrelevant, but when every safe has a blunderbuss and no other firearms things are a bit off. Hell, I've only found one set of loot goggles and they were a pitiful +3. Just saying that loot feels a bit off.
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