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  1. I figured out farming. lol, probably works the same as it did in a18, but food was never an issue there so i didn't farm. Yes, it takes like 5 corn to make a seed, but the seed grows the plant, you chop it down and it grows again. So that's pretty awesome actually. Had my day 14 horde, I was able to get up some spikes and electric fences, it seemed to work really well. I did notice the birds were MUCH stronger than on day 7. On day 7, one pistol shot and they were down. On day 14, big difference.
  2. I've been able to spend a bit more time playing, up to day 12 now. Was down in a poi, I think it was some type of ore refinery. I kept hearing a dog growl, but couldn't find it. I finished looting the poi and headed out to find myself face to face with 3 dogs and 2 bears. OMG the bears are bullet sponges now. I emptied a clip of 9mm into one's face and it ate me. Surprisingly my 7 year old son was playing with me and out of no where he sniper shot them from so far away I couldn't see him (he had an 8x scope on his hunting rifle) and took them down. That was a lot of meat. On another day I also heard a dog outside of our base, so I headed outside to kill it and it was a pack of about 6 dire wolves. Again, I was eaten. These random animal packs are great and add a lot to the game. There really needs to be an adjustment to the hunger. I spend most of my time looking for food, I can eat can after can of food and then exert myself a little and I'm starving again. Meat takes 5 raw to make one charred. And 1 charred gives what, about 5 to hunger. I'm sure it's more useful if it's made with other things into stew or something, but at the early game it's next to useless. I may be doing something wrong with farming. I found some corn. Takes 5 corn to make 1 seed. Plant a seed and grow a crop that yields 3 corn? That part is confusing me. Wouldn't it make more sense if 1 corn made 2 or 3 seeds? Or even just 1 seed. I haven't experimented with farming much, I did max out the skill. Maybe I'll try another veggie and see, if I can find one or a seed.
  3. Graphics are much better. Even at night with the brightness up, it still feels like night. The textures are sharper, trees look better, new HD zombies look great. Overall a wonderful overhaul to the graphics. The game is more difficult so far. Using a blunderbuss, primitive tools, etc. Makes it more difficult. However this is also a negative. You have no chance of finding something good at early levels. in A18 it was way too easy to get quality 5 and 6 ak's in the first couple days. But now there is 0 chance of finding something nice because everything is locked behind gamestage. Not sure the point of the lucky looter perk now. It's feeling a little less sandbox and a little more linear with the fact that you only gain specific items as you level and increase your gamestage. The new tools are nice, a ratchet to take apart cars instead of a wrench? It's great, so much faster. I also noticed they changed mining iron, now you get scrap iron instead of iron chunks. Not a big deal, but a noticeable change. The crit's are a nice addition. Sprained arm, etc. But I don't think I've ever seen my hunger icon gone for more than a minute or so. The game is a non stop battle for food now. I thought there was going to be a hunger and thirst meter on your ui, I only get the icon that tells me when I'm hunger and thirsty, which is pretty much all the time. Overall it seems pretty good so far, but I'm only a few days into the game.
  4. Just normal settings are fine. PVE. But the only pve server I found had 120 minute days, no loot respawn, etc. Made it hard to find anything useful because everything had already been looted, and no reason to setup a base if you have to keep moving all the time to find something that hasn't already been looted.
  5. I enjoyed this mod until the newest update. The green UI is really horrible. Any easy way to fix it? And are there any servers running this mod? I found only 2 and they both had settings that I didn't like.
  6. dan

    True Survival

    I like this mod, I get killed over and over, it's great. The only thing I have an issue with is the crafting menu, there are so many craftable items that when I open it, it lags for a few seconds. I assume adding more ram would fix the problem. And the fat guys exploding makes melee too challenging.
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