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  1. 4 points. 2 points to get to Fort 3, 1 point each for LotL 1 and 2.
  2. There was one guy/gal a couple of years ago that did, along with complaining about how heavy armor negatively impacted sneaking since they "had to use heavy armor" due to them playing on Insane/Nightmare settings...
  3. 😆 I probably should have said as well that using single player video games as an outlet for sadistic tendencies is better than doing the same things in real life.
  4. Boss rooms are obvious before you enter them and games built around having boss room encounters have pre-encounter prep tools (like ammo and health top offs before the boss encounter), in room tools to defeat the encounter (ledges that you can knock the boss off of, reflectable attacks, toggles that mitigate something the boss is doing, etc.), and/or are built around being dealt with by pre-prepped groups with the game being up front that a group is required. In 7d2d stealth breaking isn't a "boss room" mechanic though. It is someone wanting to tell an interactive story with the POI they designed and either not considering how their set up will interact with the stealth system TFP has implemented or wanting to force the players to experience their POI exactly the way they wanted with no option to avoid their magical worlds' traps...
  5. If you're guaranteed at any time to have the core of your build not function resulting in you being attacked with an increased susceptibility to damage and crippling debuffs and you knowingly choose to build for it anyways then that is masochistic since your willfully doing something you know will result in harming you. You can append "by proxy" if you must since this is through a video game, but the same mentality applies. Now if you happen to be keeping yourself separate from the character you control, "Just a sprite in a game" instead of "They are me", then sadistic should replace masochistic since you are manipulating/forcing someone to do something that you know will cause them harm and enjoy doing so. In both of those cases you are aware of how stealth is implemented. In the case of you being unaware of how stealth is implemented, with a guarantee of being detected and attacked regardless of what you do, then naïve victim and sociopathic fit as replacements for masochistic and sadistic respectively. Your place holder 10% of encounters force breaking stealth is still a guarantee that stealth will not work.
  6. If spice is what you're after with base building there is a trailer above a gully on the east edge of the wasteland in Navezgane iirc (just over the hill east of the abandoned settlement south of Gravestown). Wandering hordes pop up in the gully and dig their way to their destination since it is 3 sheer cliff faces near the trailer and a terrain ramp up leading north away from the trailer. It's where I built my first zombie fountain thanks to their undermining of my base, though apparently that wouldn't work in A20. Something is up with ladders that have air blocks above them stopping zombie pathing the ladders.
  7. It renders building a character focused on stealth basically pointless for anyone who is not an extreme masochist.
  8. Reminds me of why my father had me tie the system time in as the "seed" when setting up a random number generator program for giggles using Basic. Without the floating starting point the resulting sequence was exactly the same every time the program was run.
  9. Read to me more like Jen, Joel, Hugh, Rekt, and Bob trade the regional currency, Dukes, for old cash which they then turn around and use the old cash to purchase things from other regions that might not use Dukes as their local currency but still place a value on old cash.
  10. Depends on what the diode is made for. There are definitely some out there that can be used to cook with.
  11. Could also tie toggling between throwing and a strong thrust to holding the reload key and selecting from a radial menu much like with ammo in the other ranged weapons.
  12. The Stealth Boots as loot? The ones unlocked separately from the military armor set by Urban Combat Vol. 1 and were crafting only in A19? I suspect people need to get their eye glasses prescription confirmed if they think they got it in loot. Military Boots and Military Stealth Boots are not the same item.
  13. They'd still be "poking the bear" that is the customer base if all they had were a hand full of bandit skins + leader's skin for both of the factions due to the same "lack of variety" that people @%$# about with the zombies.
  14. It also has a slower attack rate than the club and is tied to a different perk line than the club.
  15. Nope. Hopefully that changes.
  16. Said "closet" may not look like a closet but instead is a false panel that is painted like the rest of the wall, ceiling or cabinet it is attached to.
  17. The Health bar candy does iirc.
  18. Not enough is known about the change to the "clothing system" that TFP has planned for A21 to make a reasonable assessment about it. What I saw of it in the concept images of the new outfits that madmole showed a couple years back did peak some concerns, but we haven't seen anything more than those and it has been a couple of years so... I'm worried that the "nomad" gear, the rad resistant outfit, was tagged in the concept image for it as heavy armor. I hard focus on stealth when I play solo and if the penalties that heavy armor applies to sneaking isn't changed along with the outfit up date it'll mean that I'll probably be hard locked out of entire regions, iirc the Wasteland biome is supposed to be an irradiated area starting in A21, of the map for my solo play sessions.
  19. Yah, with the change to farming that TFP did for A20 you're not getting that out of a mixed garden of only 5 plots total. 5 plots of each and you can start to see a positive return on time and material invested with just using what you get out of the farm to maintain it, though, as @theFlu says, there is a good chance of the farm dying out. Yah, the transition between them isn't that clear so I assumed you were basing the entire thing on the parameters that @ElCabong had laid out.
  20. Um... You're thinkin 5 plots of the same crop. 5 total plots, mix of crops. Not going to be able to sustain a mixed farm that small, honestly that small it's really a decorative garden, with just planting the seeds you get back or craft from what you harvest. @ElCabong By "viable" do you mean self sustaining?
  21. Sneaking is probably going to get even worse with the clothing/character overhaul they have/had planned for A21 before they address how the changes/additions in A20 affected it.
  22. Herm.. The guys/gals over here might be able to help: General Support - 7 Days to Die I advise reading through the first post in this thread first though:
  23. Did you do what is outlined here? : Please be aware that a wipe of previous Save Data and Generated Worlds is recommended for A20 - 7 Days to Die
  24. Iirc Iron and Leather armor both can be unlocked by kicking a single point into the Heavy or Light armor perks. Heavy for Iron, Light for Leather. You don't have to invest anything into the attributes they're grouped under either since level 1 for both perks is available at attribute level 1.
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