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  1. Outside of the game? No. A digital representation in game? Maybe. Heck I'd volunteer my own mug if Zombie Joe wasn't already a damn near dead ringer for how I looked in High School. Last I knew this is the case, though I really don't feel like digging through the A20 and A19 dev threads to dig up the quotes.
  2. Hang out there at night in game and fire off a few unsuppressed shots.
  3. There's a clay soil layer under the rubble layer in the wasteland.
  4. Wandering hordes doing wandering horde things. One of the main reasons I play with ambient sounds turned down and game music off is so that I can hear hordes coming and prepare. Being able to clearly hear a zombie snoring the the next room is another.
  5. Now I'm imagining loading up the drone with scrap iron, wood and cobble during a salvage session, turning my back and hearing it "repair" the POI I'm scavenging in... They may just be reusing the symbol, but it shows the same grey circle with the up arrow currently both when repairing and upgrading blocks, so the game may consider both to be the same thing. It'll also might make tearing down sinks and vending machines (as examples) a pain in the ass if you happen to have the components needed to repair them stocked in the drone.
  6. This section of the wiki still holds true for the most part from what I've built in game: Structural Integrity - Official 7 Days to Die Wiki (fandom.com) Especially the bottom section...
  7. I'm going to drop this here instead of in the Dev Diary where the argument keeps coming up, but the disagreements over the balance between the different perk lines seems to be falling into a difference between those that love living by the dice (The "It's fine. Just take x, y or z rng drop dependent items with it and you're set." group) and those that don't (the "Running spec a eats x times more resources, including time, than running running spec b. And that is if I even find the items my spec works with." group).
  8. Corrugated = the upgrade line that starts with Iron frames?
  9. In the southern wasteland in A19 with the instant respawns at night in that biome? You brave fool. 😁 Personally I don't have a single "favorite" though my wife and I tend to take over the southwest most wrecked house in Diresville on Navezgane and modify it to our means in our playthroughs. Currently we've added a dry moat and chopped the roof off of it for a garden on the second floor.
  10. @madmole Is how apparel crafting is going to change with the new system something you're willing to touch on right now?
  11. y= elevation or height. X and Z are the horizontal coordinates (correspond to width and depth in a 3d graph).
  12. It'd be great in the base game too. Especially if it let us manually blend slopes like the game tries to when building the worlds.
  13. A. They still need to find a better way to handle attack volumes than they have. It makes any investment in stealth really pointless (oh hey I get a base 350% bonus to my bow and crossbow sneak damage, even more if I've invested multiple levels into it, that does absolutely @%$#ing nothing with no @%$#ing warning😠 ). No I've not changed my mind on this, I am not going to, and the "bring an "x" for back up" crowd needs to realize that this game's rng is worse than a super grind MMO (and it doesn't have a non-rng dependent crafting option currently for most of it unlike most of those MMOs, the T
  14. Knee jerk first suspicion is the game is having any player generated noise emit from all players in the group or maybe from the game host (I've run into similar, not just with trees either, and I usually host our games). Has she experienced the reverse, a noise generated by you causing a observability spike for her?
  15. It isn't something that consistently happens, but I have breaking trash while sneaking wake up an entire room (breaking them from an adjacent room helps reduce this for now till/if they alter the sound origination mechanic to have it come from what it broken/hit instead of the player). I've also had it wake up someone 3 rooms away while the ones in the room I'm in didn't flinch. Then there is the occasional wanderer on the other side of the building next door that has super hearing... Not a big deal during the day, but at night it is a little more than annoying.
  16. If you're talking vanilla, scraping is disabled on items that have mods in slots other than the cosmetic slot (where the dyes go).
  17. 1. Significant. Lop the roof off the top floor for a farm, Every work station has a dedicated room with dedicated storage, 1 or more elevated towers (really just "bird cages" on top of tall "sticks" built vertically from a structural wall of the building) for overwatch during "heat" intensive processing session to deal with screamers, wall or trench surrounding the main living area and a carport connected by a catwalk over the wall or trench. 2. Play with Blood Moons turned off (wife and I don't like having a deadline countdown for our relaxation play) but I had to select something
  18. Still have to do more than just squeeze the trigger and hold it squeezed to get it to fire unlike all 3 weapons currently affected by the Machine Gunner perk. The Marksman Rifle and Sniper Rifle both require less input from the firer than a lever or bolt action, and both of them are Dead Eye.
  19. Looks like you found the pipe rifle concept. I'm curious if it loads from the left or bottom since it looks like there is a spring where the loading gate would be if it was loaded from the right. Might be a single shot too, even with the mag tube in the image.
  20. Still are. They're an exceptionally rare, high game stage drop. It's a observability reducing variant of plant fiber clothing. It isn't armor.
  21. It isn't presenting the reward points for completing the tutorial quests... Never mind, they changed how it was presented from their A18 version. Instead of having to add levels and then spend it just calcs level based on what was spent.
  22. The steep wedges don't work anymore. It was fixed as part of the first A19 update iirc.
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