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  1. Still have to do more than just squeeze the trigger and hold it squeezed to get it to fire unlike all 3 weapons currently affected by the Machine Gunner perk. The Marksman Rifle and Sniper Rifle both require less input from the firer than a lever or bolt action, and both of them are Dead Eye.
  2. Looks like you found the pipe rifle concept. I'm curious if it loads from the left or bottom since it looks like there is a spring where the loading gate would be if it was loaded from the right. Might be a single shot too, even with the mag tube in the image.
  3. Still are. They're an exceptionally rare, high game stage drop. It's a observability reducing variant of plant fiber clothing. It isn't armor.
  4. It isn't presenting the reward points for completing the tutorial quests... Never mind, they changed how it was presented from their A18 version. Instead of having to add levels and then spend it just calcs level based on what was spent.
  5. The steep wedges don't work anymore. It was fixed as part of the first A19 update iirc.
  6. I occasionally have to chase giblets up hills in Fallout 4 to get the loot off them...
  7. Might be tied to the amount of interaction in a thread, i.e. post count. The following thread has a sidebar for me, does it for you? Developer Diary Discussions - General Discussion - 7 Days to Die
  8. I had another drop in a lake, different game save, after the one I took the screen shot of. A couple of shots from any ranged weapon will work (I used a crossbow with stone bolts). Water doesn't block shots currently.
  9. 🤨 Looks like sleepers and wanderers to me. Simple enough to observe their movements and adjust accordingly without being seen or heard if you're paying attention. Not sure what there would be to rage about there... Or are you still straw manning about our hate for attack volumes that you're assuming a simple wanderer or two is somehow comparable to stepping over an invisible line and having every zombie it is tied to knowing exactly where you are at that instant and immediately moving to attack?
  10. I think you misunderstand me. I'm not disputing what it is, I'm saying they also used the pole top asset to represent the rear differential and axle of a RWD vehicle since you can also find them in home garages and car shops.
  11. I think that is supposed to be the rear differential and axle of a rwd vehicle. Ya, I don't remember seeing any power poles out there last time I hazarded the area. Haven't seen any on the ground either.
  12. Vending machines, chandeliers and the tall modern street lights can be wrenched for steel. Cars and everything else metal is scrap iron or forged iron.
  13. First aid kits do fix deep lacerations. Odd, I've run into the exact opposite. First aid bandages and aloe cream treat abrasions. Basic cloth bandages only work on active bleeding for me.
  14. You're conflating perks and skills (which are effectively "permanent" outside using a Forgettin 'Lixer for perk tree perks, the dev version for both Perk tree Perks and Mag perks) with temporary status effects... Last I recalled both negative (I.E. Infection and Fatigue) and positive (I.E. the saturation effects from being well fed and well hydrated which have a reduced decay rate from base + 1 to base + 20) status effects are reset/removed when the character dies.
  15. And get a good rng roll for them to end up in the vending machine you check. Honestly wish they'd let us do in game what we do in real life for sprains and wrap them with a bandage (the plain ones). Maybe shave 15% or 25% of the duration of the sprain when you apply the bandage. Probably shouldn't be stackable with itself or other mitigating effects though.
  16. I'd prefer a pintle mounted grenade launcher.
  17. Isn't GS/LS completely dependent on the player that opens the container?
  18. Definitely wouldn't be surprised if that was unmodded since I was having Feral Wights spawn there night 1 in A18. Still happens in A19 with the added benefit of the Wasteland at night now always spawning up to spawn cap regardless of how long it has been since the last time a zombie spawned there.
  19. Also a good chance of it being a mine instead of a plain pot.
  20. No multiplier. Just a setting for number of game days. Default is 30 days.
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